Finvasia Securities Sub Broker / Franchise / Authorised Person / Partner Review

Finvasia Securities is a key player in the stock market with hundreds of Finvasia Securities Sub Brokers working under them across India. Around 2,597 active customers are actually active by Finvasia Securities in the current year.

Top Business Model Sub Broker
Revenue Sharing 50% – 70%
Security Deposit Rs.25,000 – Rs.100,000
Become Sub Broker in 28 Days
Receive Payout in 30 Days
Founder Sarvjeet Singh Virk
Established Year 2003

There are absolutely no charges as AMC for trading is Zero, the Account opening is Free, call and trade charges are free and as they don’t charge commission so the GST charged on commission is also Zero. Compared with other brokers, Finvasia Securities is relatively new.

We discussed sub broker, franchise, authorized person, partner Review and many more details about Finvasia securities in the following article.

Finvasia offers

Finvasia Securities Sub Broker – Customer Ratings

Finvasia Securities stockbroker is rated good by its customer. Overall ratings on the basis of experience, offers, etc are 2.4 out of 5.

The essential factor customer select Finvasia Securities stockbroker is their lower brokerage, better customer service, high leverage, and robust trading platforms.

They are backed with average customer support service, a security deposit, and minimum exposure.

About Finvasia Securities Franchise

Finvasia Securities Sub BrokerFinvasia is a discount broker, which was launched in 2003 and is based in Chandigarh, Punjab.  It was established by Sarvjeet Singh Virk.

Finvasia is new in the stockbroking discount block. Their proposal is easy–nil brokerage through all of the segments, and fixed payment for the trading platforms (more about that later). Customers and users are not subject to the “technology cost” model on the basis of the number or quantity of stock markets traded.

It takes 28 Days for activating the SB code and 30 days for the Payout time.

Offer customers for trading in the following segments:

  • Equity
  • Currency Trading
  • Derivative Trading
  • Commodities Trading
  • IPO
  • Bonds
  • NRI Trading

Become a Sub Broker with Finvasia Securities – Just Fill up the form

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    Finvasia Securities Sub Broker – Business Models

    Below business model of Finvasia securities is discussed.



    As per the business, modelFinvasiasecurities gives the franchisee a license entitling the franchisee to use their methods, trademarks, and brand.

    In return, the franchisee pays an initial license fee and an ongoing business fee.

    The franchisor provides Finvasiawith a support package and operating manual that cover things like induction, training, business development advice, marketing, and so on.

    This means Finvasia’sbusiness partner can run and develop the business, even if they have no prior experience in this field.

    Following the business model, Finvasia securities follow:

    • Sub Broker
    • Remisier

    Sub Broker: A Sub Broker is a business relationship where they allow sub-broker to operate clones of a proven business model in return for initial and ongoing fees. A Sub Broker should be a SEBI registrant.

    Remisier:Remisier is an agent for a stock broking company and receives a commission for each transaction. The remisier is responsible for losses arising from any securities transaction transacted through him by a stock broking company.

    Finvasia Securities Franchise Commission Models / Revenue Sharing Models

    The Finvasia securities revenue sharing model is explained below.

    The Finvasia Securities Franchise appoints-

    • Sub Broker on a variant range of minimum 50% to 70% sharing model
    • Remisier on flat 30% sharing model

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    Finvasia Securities Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

    The franchise security deposit is explained below:

    Finvasia securities offer others the chance to run a successful, profitable business with their support.

    • Franchisees can run a top-quality business with the added reassurance of our extensive franchise support package for an initial investment in the deposit amount.
    • Sub Broker has to deposit an amount of Rs.25, 000 to Rs.100, 000.
    • Remisier has to deposit an amount of Rs.1, 000.

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    Finvasia Securities Partner Infrastructure Requirement

    Below infrastructure requirements for partners are explained.

    • Finvasia securities do not enforce the requirement of office premises.
    • Finvasia securities provide research services to clients, which help the trader to save time and money. It is mandatory to provide clients.
    • They send their reports to clients, if a customer uses these reports; they should look at the recommendations they have given in the past and try to assess their accuracy.
    • The TheFinvasia securities discount stock broker offers different trading platforms to its clients and is looking to launch 4-5 new trading and analysis-based platforms.
    • Providing trading terminals is not compulsory for clients.
    • High-Speed Internet connection should be facilitated.

    Finvasia Securities Sub Broker Offers

    In the following table offer of Finvasia sub-broker is mentioned.

    There are various offers available for the Sub-brokers of Finvasia Securities which are as follows –

    • Zero deposit is offered for the Sub-brokers of the Finvasia securities.
    • The initial deposit of Rs 10,000 is not obtained.
    • Finvasia securities allow Flexible Revenue Sharing to Sub Broker.
    • A flat revenue share is not necessitated by a sub-broker.
    • Zero Revenue Sharing with Prepaid is not permitted.

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    Finvasia Securities Franchise Support

    Franchise Support by Finvasia securities is discussed-

    Finvasia securities support franchise in many ways to retain their customer and grow their business following ways.

    • Rentable back office solutions free your ability to focus on the customers.
    • Offer to use SCALPERT which is free of cost and is just about the right fit for customer trading requirements.
    • Finvasia securities do charge some technology costs for software like NEST.
    • Every month RM Team calls and takes feedback.
    • Detailed Trading report forwarded through SMS and email at the end of the day.
    • Since it’s a discount stock broker, thus, most of the communication channels are online in nature.
    • As far as the turnaround time is concerned, it is relatively quick and able to get the solution of your concern within a stipulated time period. The quality of the resolution can be unsatisfying at times.

    Finvasia Securities Franchise – Brokerage Charges to Clients

    Below Brokerage Charges to Clients are discussed.

    Finvasia securities charge a fixed fee for using their trading platform.

    • Finvasiasecurities sub-broker charges annual maintenance charges, call & trade charges, etc.
    • They charge a fixed amount per order traded: In this plan, the broker charges a fixed amount per traded order.
    • Finvasia securities brokers charge flat 10/- per executed order for trading on every segment.

    Finvasia Securities Sub Broker – Account Opening Charges to Clients

    Know how to open accounts for customers with the table below.

    • The trade account is used to place orders on the stock market to buy or sell them.  The trading AMC is free.
    • The demat account is used for the purpose of transferring stocks and collecting stocks sold. It cost 300 per annum for demat AMC
    • Finvasiasecurities sub-broker charges for account opening charges are zero.
    • The trader is obliged to pay transaction charges for every transaction, and it is 0.00275%.
    • The margin is the difference between the value of an investor’s total securities and a broker’s loan, for trading with Finvasiasecurities sub broker margin money is ZERO.

    Benefits of Finvasia Securities Partner Program

    The Finvasia Securities Sub-brokers program is beneficial for the sub-brokers as –

    1. Robust trading platforms (NEST, NOW, Presto)
    2. 10x Leverage in MIS
    3. No clearing indicts.
    4. Many automated (algo) trading resolutions.
    5. Decent customer service
    6. Intraday Square off time of 3:15 pm in cash equities.
    7. Zero brokerage/ Zero account opening charges/ Zero clearing charges.
    8. Charge Zero for the platform (mostly use NOW and Scalpert for trading).
    9. Back office reports & EOD SMS trade reports.
    10. Client support, most customers’ problems are solved in 24 hours.
    11. Nearlyinstantaneousfinance transfers

    Become a Sub Broker with Finvasia Securities – Just Fill up the form

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