Kotak Securities Sub Broker / Franchise / Partner Review

Kotak Securities Sub Broker program is one of foremost broking franchise to have business partnership in form of sub-brokership.

Top Business ModelSub Broker
Revenue Sharing50% – 70%
Security DepositRs.100,000 – Rs.300,000
Become Sub Broker in21 Days
Receive Payout in35 Days
FounderUday Raj Kotak
Established Year1994

It gauged the potential that retail outlets and local/communal merchant posses and to capitalize on the same, Kotak Securities launched sub-brokership programmes.

Herein, one will get to read about Kotak Securities Franchise Review & also get in-depth understanding on revenue models, the eligibility criteria for each of partner program, the quantum of investment required and other relevant aspects.

Kotak Securities Franchise Offers

Kotak Securities Franchise Customer Ratings

Kotak Securities Franchise
Trading Platforms4.00
Revenue Sharing Model3.40
Security Deposit3.20
Market Share2.50

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Types of partnership models

  • Sub-broker model
  • NetInvest Ace
  • NetInvest Direct

Become a Sub Broker with Kotak Securities – Just Fill up the form

Become a Sub Broker
  1. Become Sub Broker

Kotak Securities Sub-broker model

This is a typical sub-broker business model wherein the person ties-up with Kotak Securities. Kotak Secrities will provide its brand tag and support to the sub-broker and in return the sub-broker is required to increase the customer base and assist the existing customers with their investment/trading activities.

Kotak Securities NetInvest Ace model

This business model is brought out for the sub-brokers that wish to expand their customer offerings from mutual funds and IPOs to equities.

Kotak Securities NetInvest Direct model

This is an entirely different business mode that Kotak Securities offers – under this model, the sub-broker is only required to increase the customer base.

It does not require the partner to assist the clients with their investing/trading activities, rather their scope is limited to connect customers with the Kotak Securities network and thereafter it is the main broker that will take care of the customer.

The Netinvest Direct broker’s role ends at the point of connecting the customer with Kotak network.

Kotak Securities Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

Kotak Securities Sub BrokerKotak Securities offers a competitive revenue sharing ratio i.e. more or less at par with the other major market players.

Though it has standardised revenue sharing ratios but in actual the ratios may be negotiable depending upon the terms of agreement with the sub-broker.

The typical revenue ratio varies from 30% to 50% but it may go upto 70% as well if the sub-broker has a very strong market command and fetches large chunk of business.

The ratio that Kotak Securities offers is based on various parameters, some of which are listed below:

  • Experience of the sub-broker;
  • Expertise;
  • Networking skills;
  • Security deposit offered;
  • Trade volume generated;
  • Existing client base; etc.

As mentioned above, the sharing ratio may differ depending upon the case to case.

For each individual case, Kotak Securities would assess the above mentioned criteria and other relevant criteria and then offer a revenue sharing ratio such that it results in a win-win situation for both the sides of arrangement.

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Kotak Securities Initial investment/ Franchise Cost or Security Deposit Amount

Kotak Securities, while appointing sub-brokers, ensures that the candidate is capable enough of setting up a decent front office with workstations and trading terminals.

Apart from this, it requires the candidate to deposit a security amount ranging from 1 Lac to 3 Lac. This amount is refundable provided there are no dues of the sub-broker. Thus, this deposit is only as an insurance towards the default risk that sub-broker may pass on to Kotak Securities.

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Kotak Securities Sub Broker Offers

Since Kotak Securities recognizes the business potential that this model carries, it floats variety of offers for its sub-brokers. Some of these are listed below:

  • Negotiable revenue sharing ratio;
  • Performance awards & rewards;
  • Flexible deposit policy;
  • Technology support;
  • Lucrative offers to attract customer base;
  • Free Demat account for client;
  • Discounts on brokerage charges (depending upon performance)

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How to become Sub Broker with Kotak Securities?

One needs to adopt a very plain and simple process for registering with Kotak Securities. To begin with, the candidate needs to visit the website. The next steps are:

1st Step – Fill up the applicable and relevant form on the website. Ensure that correct details are provided.

2nd Step – Kotak Securities’ executive will connect over call for verification of details

3rd Step – Fix up an appointment with the Kotak Securities Team (the Kotak team would connect for the same)

4th Step – Exchanging the business ideas over the table and understanding what is expected by both the parties

5th Step – Furnishing all the requisite documents and making necessary payments

6th Step –Verification of documents

7th Step –  Receiving Account ID and activation of the same

The process takes 2 to 7 days depending upon the turnaround from the candidate.

Documents Required for associating with Kotak Securities –

  • Academic certificates and marksheets;
  • Identity proof;
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Date of birth proof;
  • Address proof;
  • Passport size photographs;
  • Cancelled cheque or Bank statement
  • Office space set up verification;

Why partner with Kotak Securities?

Few pros of associating with Kotak Securities are listed below:

  • A pioneer in Stock Broking;
  • Well reputed Broking Company of the nation;
  • Multiple asset classes offered;
  • Excellent trading platforms;
  • Advanced Technology;
  • Attractive revenue sharing mode;
  • Low initial investment;
  • Negotiable initial investment;
  • Easy & quick procedure
  • Launches attractive offers for customers;

Support provided by Kotak Securities Partner Program

  • Marketing Support
  • Client acquisition support
  • Technology Support
  • Educating on the technical skills of investing/trading
  • 24*7 Customer Support

Become a Sub Broker with Kotak Securities – Just Fill up the form

Become a Sub Broker
  1. Become Sub Broker

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