Stock Broking Franchise / Sub Broker Program – A Trending Business Model

A Sub Broker Program or a business partner program or a stock broking franchise is a three-different name but they are the same. A sub broker program is run by all registered stock brokers in the country. Each of these broking houses have acquired broking licenses.

Stock Broking FranchiseThese large stock broking house like angel broking, sharekhan etc. have started this broking franchise program where they can provide service to those who are not eligible to get a broking licence.

A stock broking licence comes at a very high cost & not every business owner can afford it, this has given rise to the practice of business partner or sub brokership.

In Sub broker program, a large broking house can provide their franchise to a small business owner who aspire to become a stock broker themselves.

There is a set of agreement which are regulated by SEBI that takes place between the broking house & the sub broker. A sub broker or broking business partner can start his/her own broking business upon completion of this agreement.

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    Who is a Sub Broker / Business Partner?

    A Sub Broker is an individual or a business who has entered into an agreement with the stock broking house to act as a franchise owner of stock broker. For Eg – ABC enterprise has entered into an agreement with Angel broking to run Angel broking’s Franchise, then in this case ABC enterprise is a sub broker or broking franchisee of angel broking.

    A business partner could be an individual or can be a business too. Every broking house has different eligibility criteria for a sub broker. Some of the common criteria are:

    • Age of the owner
    • Qualification of the owner
    • Premise of the business
    • Stock broking experience
    • Security deposit amount

    There are the 5 common criteria, other than this every broking company has their own eligibility criteria set.

    The business model of sub brokership is very simple. A sub broker has to create clients under them, the brokerage generated by these clients are shared between the sub broker & the broking company. In majority of the agreement, sub broker takes the larger pie of the revenue.

    List of all Stock Broking Franchise in India

    Angel Broking FranchiseSharekhan FranchiseKotak Securities Franchise
    ICICI Direct FranchiseIIFL FranchiseSMC Franchise
    Nirmal Bang FranchiseSushil Finance FranchiseProfitmart Franchise
    Prabhudas Lilladher Franchise IDBI Direct FranchiseSwastika Investment Franchise 
    Motilal Oswal FranchiseVentura Securities FranchiseSKI Capital Franchise
    Sykes & Ray FranchiseGeojit Finance FranchiseZerodha Franchise
    Tradebulls Franchise5Paisa FranchiseAasthaTrade Franchise
    Religare Securities FranchiseEdelweiss FranchiseKarvy Franchise
    Arihant Capital FranchiseAlice Blue FranchiseNarnolia Franchise
    Anand Rathi FranchiseIFCI FranchiseJust Trade Franchise
    Choice Broking FranchiseElite Wealth FranchiseAxis Direct Franchise
    SBICAP Securities FranchiseUpstox FranchiseAditya Birla Money Franchise
    Bonanza Portfolio FranchiseWisdom Capital FranchiseLKP Securities Franchise
    Achiievers Equities FranchiseValue Trade FranchiseFYERS Franchise
    Tradeplus Online FranchiseSAMCO Securities FranchiseMonarch Networth Capital Franchise
    Parasram Holdings FranchiseRK Global FranchiseShriram Insight Franchise
    HDFC Securities FranchiseIndiabulls Ventures FranchiseJM Financial Franchise
    Alankit Assignments FranchiseA C Agarwal Share FranchiseReliance Securities Franchise
    Asit C Mehta FranchiseIntegrated Enterprises FranchiseComfort Securities Franchise
    B N Rathi FranchiseJainam Share Consultants FranchiseEureka Securities Franchise
    Coimbatore Capital FranchiseJhaveri Securities FranchiseGlobe Capital Franchise
    FRR Shares FranchiseA G Shares Securities FranchiseNine Star Franchise
    Ganpati Securities FranchiseAasmaa Securities FranchiseNJ Wealth Franchise
    GCL Securities FranchiseAbhipra Capital FranchisePace Stock Franchise
    GEPL Capital FranchiseAcumen Capital FranchisePatel Wealth Franchise
    Gogia Capital FranchiseAdroit Financial FranchisePCS Securities Franchise
    Goldmine Stocks FranchiseAlmondz Global FranchisePeerless Securities Franchise
    Goodwill Wealth FranchiseAmbalal Shares FranchisePhillip Capital Franchise
    Greenbucks Securities FranchiseAnugrah Stock FranchisePrabhat Finance Franchise
    Grovalue Securities FranchiseAnvil Securities FranchisePravin Ratilal Franchise
    Guiness Securities FranchiseArcadia Share FranchisePrudent Broking Franchise
    Hedge Equities FranchiseArch Finance FranchiseQuantum Global Franchise
    HSE Securities FranchiseArham Share FranchiseR Wadiwala Securities Franchise
    India Advantage FranchiseArtha Vrddhi Securities FranchiseRaghunandan Money Franchise
    Indianivesh Securities FranchiseASE Capital FranchiseRatnakar Securities Franchise
    Indira Securities FranchiseAshika Stock FranchiseRk Stockholding Franchise
    Inditrade Capital FranchiseAshlar Securities FranchiseSaaketa Consultants Franchise
    Indus Portfolio FranchiseATS Share Brokers FranchiseSafal Capital Franchise
    Integrated Master FranchiseBansal Finstock FranchiseSATCO Capital Franchise
    Intime Equities FranchiseBasan Equity Broking FranchiseShah Investors Franchise
    Inventure Growth FranchiseBerkeley Securities FranchiseSHCIL Services Franchise
    ISE Securities FranchiseBezel Stock FranchiseShree Bahubali Franchise
    J M Global FranchiseBGSE Financials FranchiseSkung Tradelink Franchise
    JK Securities FranchiseBhansali Value FranchiseSouth Asian Stocks Franchise
    Joindre Capital FranchiseBhumika Consultancy FranchiseSri Shirdi Capital Franchise
    Kalpataru Multiplier FranchiseBMA Wealth Creators FranchiseSS Corporate Franchise
    Kantilal Chhaganlal FranchiseBP Equities FranchiseStandard Chartered Securities Franchise
    Karuna Financial FranchiseC M Goenka FranchiseStewart & Mackertich WMS Franchise
    Kaynet Finance FranchiseCanara Bank Securities FranchiseSumpoorna Portfolio Franchise
    Khandwala Securities FranchiseCD Equisearch FranchiseSunidhi Securities Franchise
    Kifs Trade Capital FranchiseCelebrus Capital FranchiseSunlight Broking Franchise
    K R Choksey FranchiseCholamandalam Securities FranchiseSunness Capital Franchise
    Kunvarji Finstock FranchiseCIL Securities FranchiseSuresh Rathi Securities Franchise
    Lakshmishree Investment FranchiseCompetent Finman FranchiseSystematix Shares Franchise
    LFS Broking FranchiseComposite Investments FranchiseTradejini Financial Franchise
    Maheshwari Financial FranchiseConsortium Securities FranchiseTrustline Securities Franchise
    Mandot Securities FranchiseDBFS Securities FranchiseUnlock Wealth Franchise
    Mangal Keshav FranchiseDealmoney Securities FranchiseVachana Investments Franchise
    Manubhai Mangaldas FranchiseEmkay Global FranchiseVCK Share Franchise
    Marfatia Stock FranchiseEscorts Securities FranchiseVeracity Finance Franchise
    Paytm Money FranchiseExclusive Securities FranchiseVertex Securities Franchise
    Mastertrust Capital FranchiseFair Intermediate FranchiseVNS Finance Franchise
    Maverick Share FranchiseFairwealth Securities FranchiseVrise Securities Franchise
    Modex Securities FranchiseFarsight Securities FranchiseWay2Wealth Securities Franchise
    Multiplex Capital FranchiseFast Capital FranchiseWealth Discovery Securities Franchise
    Narayan Securities FranchiseFindoc Investmart FranchiseYes Securities Franchise
    Navia Markets FranchiseFinvasia Securities FranchiseZebu Wealth Franchise
    NG Rathi FranchiseFortune Capital FranchiseZenMoney Franchise
    Zuari Finserv Franchise

    What are the benefits of becoming a sub broker / stock broking franchise?

    To own a stock broking franchise is a very big responsibility. A sub broker has to create client under them but they have to make sure that their client’s investment is earning them good returns instead of incurring them losses. So, choosing a right broking house becomes extremely critical for these business partners.

    Here is the list of benefits a sub broker gets:

    Sub Broker business requires very low Investment:

    To become a sub broker onc needs to invest in the range of Rs.10,000 to Rs.3 lakh initial investment amount. The stock broking house retains this amount to cover any kind of fraud committed by sub broker. This range varies from broking house to broking house. No business of this scale can start at such small investment.

    Holistic Support provided by Stock broker:

    There is no product creation or service creation needed by the business partner. Everything is provided by the stock broker from demat account opening forms, marketing materials like flex, banners etc., some cases digital client acquisition programs to advisory services, stock recommendations, market training, trading platforms etc.

    Mojor broking house also provides a platform where the sub broker can see details of their client & their portfolios.

    High Revenue Share:

    The franchisee or the sub broker if negotiated well with the broking house & also if their performance is really good they can get upto 80% of the revenue share. This percentage is extremely high vis-a-vis any other business. Revenue share generally depends on 2 main factors: a) High security deposit b) High revenue generation – in both the cases a sub broker can negotiate upto 80% commission.

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