Bonanza Portfolio Sub Broker / Franchisee / Authorised Person / Partner Review

Bonanza Portfolio Sub Broker Program is doing good in the market with about 500 odd broking franchise. Lets get into detailed review of Bonanza Portfolio Franchise along with its deep understanding of their Revenue Sharing Models, Authorised Person offers, business partner cost & more.

Bonanza Portfolio Ltd has lived up to its name in the true sense and has become a Financial Powerhouse. Since its inception in 1994, it has had a sprint-racing journey and has expanded with tremendous speed. Today, it is the fastest growing financial services provider with 5 mega group companies under its umbrella.

Top Business ModelSub Broker
Revenue Sharing65% – 80%
Security DepositRs.75,000 – Rs.200,000
Become Sub Broker in20-30 Days
Receive Payout in1 month
FounderShiv Kumar Goel
Established Year1994

Backed by a strong & experience leadership team and constant effort to excel, Bonanza has grown its arms all across the country with more than 1784 outlets in over 560 cities.

Living up to the customers’ expectations, Bonanza offers a buffet of Financial services in its platter ranging from Equity Stock broking to Advisory Services, Mutual Funds, Insurance as well as multiple Depository services.

Bonanza believes in the power of Technology and hence it offers an integrated platform where customers can trade online as well as offline.

The Broking house has collaborated with nearly all the Stock Exchanges of the country namely NSE, BSE, NSDL, MCX ICEX , CDSL and NCDEX.

Bonanza Portfolio Franchise Offers

Bonanza Portfolio Sub Broker Customer Ratings:

Bonanza Portfolio Franchise
Trading Platforms3.00
Revenue Sharing Model2.80
Security Deposit3.10
Market Share2.20

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Types of Bonanza Sub Broker Business

Bonanza Portfolio Sub BrokerWith Bonanza, you can have a very flexible and tailor made partnering Business Model. You can work as a Business Associate or a Franchise or Sub Broking Partner as per your business and growth requirements.

In each of the models, the Bonanza Portfolio team will support you completely till the time you understand the business and run it on your own.

Become a Sub Broker with Bonanza Portfolio – Just fill up the form

    Become a Sub Broker
    1. Become Sub Broker

    Bonanza Portfolio Sub Broker or Bonanza Portfolio Franchise

    Bonanza Portfolio Franchise Program started in the year 2006 & the broking house has expanded to around 500 franchise outlet across the country. The Bonanza Portfolio Sub Brokership provides a lot of flexibility to the owner of the franchise. The company is not providing multiple models but they customize based on requirement.

    If a client has a requirement of Franchise, then he gets customized plan for franchise, if the client has the requirement of remisier then the same can be customized aswell. Based on the past experience of the client they provide revenue sharing models & not on the security deposit requirement.

    The broking house generally looks for clients having good experience in the Stock market industry. Clients with no experience in this stock market are asked to 1st understand the market via Trading for an year & then start a franchise or Remisier.

    Bonanza Portfolio Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

    Bonanza offers a dual earning opportunity to its partners. You get paid a commission for each New Account opened and also a share on the brokerage revenue generated when the client trades.

    So every time a new customer enrolls through you, you get the commission for Account Opening and simultaneously, whenever he trades, you get a share of the earned brokerage. You can earn in the range of 20%-70% of the revenue generated with Bonanza Portfolio. The range is very high because you can opt for any type of models like a franchise model or remisier model.

    Business modelBonanza Portfolio CommissionSub Broker Commission
    Sub broker/ Business Partner30% – 80%70% – 20%


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    Bonanza Portfolio Franchise cost or Security Deposit

    Unlike most other Financial Services companies, Bonanza Portfolio Ltd will not ask you to deposit a Security amount to safeguard on its investments and strategies. Instead they will check your credentials thoroughly and your intention to get into the business will be gauged before signing off a deal.

    One of the prerequisites to tie up with Bonanza Portfolio Sub Broker is to have an existing DSA setup of other financial services and products. Which means that you need to have an office space and  a team of people working for you who could sell your products and grow your business.

    Business modelBonanza Portfolio Deposit required
    Sub broker/ Business PartnerNIL

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    Bonanza Portfolio Sub Broker Offers

    Bonanza Portfolio’s motto is “Together we grow, together we achieve”. Hence this company would leave no stone unturned to ensure you turn around to be successful in your business; only then they would be profitable. Bonanza Portfolio Authorised Person has multiple service offerings for its partners, however big or small they are:

    • The biggest advantage with Bonanza Portfolio Franchise is that it is a reputed and Award winning brand, known by all. Bonanza is a well known player in the retail broking sector.
    • An array of products and services to sell:
      • Equity & Derivatives
      • Wealth Management
      • Commodity
      • investment Banking
      • Portfolio Management Services
      • E-Broking
      • Depository Services
      • Loans
      • Real Estate
      • Healthcare
      • Mutual Funds and IPO
    • A dedicated back-end Operations team available for support 24*7
    • Strong market research team that gives you insights of the market and speculations. You don’t need to worry, the experienced team of researchers will cull out valuable information time and again and give you tips to trade effectively
    • Bonanza arranges regular Training and Seminars for its Business Partners to groom them.
    • Bonanza also has an exclusive HNI and NRI Desk which is available for complete in case of sensitive client handling
    • High end World class technology support which has also devised the platform to trade online as well as offline

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    How to become a Bonanza Portfolio Sub Broker?

    If you are already running a financial services business with a team of people and have a flair to sell. If you have the niche to add on more to your kitty and expand your horizon. Then Bonanza offers you the relevant platform to grow and Sky is the limit with Bonanza.

    The company follows a motto – you grow, we grow. As partners, you can leverage with Bonanza’s expertise and efficiency and scale up to an unimaginable level. All you need to do is Signup an online form below and send in your details as to why you would want to be a partner.

    Someone from the team Bonanza will contact you and understand further details, post which further documentation will be done if selected. An interview or interaction may also be conducted with the Marketing team to check more about your reason and requirements of tying up with Bonanza.

    Documents required for Bonanza Portfolio Sub broker Registration:

    General documents are required for registering yourself as a Sub Broker or Partner with Bonanza:

    • Passport size photographs (4-5)
    • One ID proof which could be either your Adhaar Card or Pan Card, Passport or Driving License as well
    • Age proof- you can submit either PAN card or passport for this.
    • Address proof like: Passport, Driving License, Adhaar Card, any utility bill of the house etc.
    • You need to also show your business related documents as a proof of Infrastructure
    • A cancelled cheque for bank details
    • Registration certificate of SEBI / Stock Exchange.

    Why Partner with Bonanza Portfolio?

    • Bonanza Portfolio offers personalized and tailor made services to its customers
    • This company is ranked as one among the top 5 Stock Broking houses of India
    • The business expands upto 1784 outlets in over 560 cities, thus giving our partners a very approachable access
    • Bonanza has been Awarded as ‘Major Volume Driver’ by BSE for several years in 2004-05, 2006-07 & then again in 2007-08

    And a lot of other benefits are being provided by Bonanza Portfolio, so join and grow.

    Start your business with Bonanza Portfolio Sub Broker – Just Fill up the form

      Become a Sub Broker
      1. Become Sub Broker

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      List of Top Bonanza Portfolio Partners/ Business Partners

      Company ListRemisiers NameTrade NameRemisiers Registration No.
      Bonanza PortfolioM/s. Rajendra InvestmentsRajendra InvestmentsR/0235/01054/04/11/2003
      Bonanza PortfolioLokesh GoyalLokesh GoyalR/0235/02731/13/05/2004
      Bonanza PortfolioChetan Ravilal ShahChetan Ravilal ShahR/0235/02732/13/05/2004
      Bonanza PortfolioJatin Chunilal ShahJatin Chunilal ShahR/0235/02733/13/05/2004
      Bonanza PortfolioM/s. Bihani Associates & Fin. Con. (Pfirm)Bihani Associates & Fin. Con. (PfirmR/0235/03282/15/07/2004
      Bonanza PortfolioM/s. B. I Securities (Pfirm)B. I Securities (Pfirm)R/0235/03583/28/08/2004
      Bonanza PortfolioM/s.Gee Capital Services (P. Firm)Gee Capital Services (P. Firm)R/0235/05585/31/03/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioM/s. Anand InvesmentsAnand InvesmentsR/0235/06255/31/05/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioRajan Kumar A. DaliaRajan Kumar A. DaliaR/0235/06490/08/07/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioChander T. MakhijaniChander T. MakhijaniR/0235/06840/29/07/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioTukaram Vjthal GharalTukaram Vithal GharalR/0235/07209/03/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioVivek MalpaniVivek MalpaniR/0235/07210/03/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioA.LalithaA.LalithaR/0235/07249/03/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioDani AshishDani AshishR/0235/07253/03/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioDhiren modiDhiren modiR/0235/07254/03/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioRajeev A. VoraRajeev A. VoraR/0235/07573/21/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioAnil K. MittalAnil K. MittalR/0235/07575/21/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioAlpesh N. MehtaAlpesh N. MehtaR/0235/07577/21/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioGeeta D. VyasGeeta D. VyasR/0235/07581/21/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioChandra P. SomaniChandra P. SomaniR/0235/07582/21/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioG. S MuruganG. S MuruganR/0235/07584/21/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioTrade MartTrade MartR/0235/07586/21/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioBipin B. ShahBipin B. ShahR/0235/07589/21/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioRajan E.Rajan E.R/0235/07595/21/09/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioRajan S. PatelRajan S. PatelR/0235/07753/05/10/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioVijay B. ShahVijay B. ShahR/0235/07754/05/10/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioAmit R. TrivediAmit R. TrivediR/0235/07759/05/10/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioVinod K. ChauhanVinod K. ChauhanR/0235/07829/06/10/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioDhiraj BasiaAnamica ConsultantsR/0235/07839/06/10/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioGita D. RathiGita D. RathiR/0235/07851/06/10/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioJalpa J. JaganiJalpa J. JaganiR/0235/07852/06/10/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioAnand BansalAnand BansalR/0235/08002/20/10/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioSangita U. Wani.Sangita U. Wani.R/0235/08004/20/10/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioLata SingrodiaLata SingrodiaR/0235/08006/20/10/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioVandana GulatiVandana GulatiR/0235/08243/08/11/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioPushpa SingrodiaBhavesh J. GoradiaR/0235/08561/29/11/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioGanga Devi SodhaniGanga Devi SodhaniR/0235/08563/29/11/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioSarita Devi DidwaniaSarita Devi DidwaniaR/0235/08564/29/11/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioDeepak InvestmentsDeepak InvestmentsR/0235/08567/29/11/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioA .SarithaA .SarithaR/0235/08568/29/11/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioAmit JainAmit JainR/0235/08571/29/11/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioMahendra K.KhaitanMahendra K.KhaitanR/0235/08572/29/11/2005
      Bonanza PortfolioPushpa SingrodiaPushpa SingrodiaR/0235/09037/06/01/2006
      Bonanza PortfolioGeeta H. ShahGeeta H. ShahR/0235/12277/05/10/2006