Nirmal Bang Sub Broker / Franchise / Partner Review

Nirmal Bang Sub Broker program is a leading franchisor with more than 3000 franchisee around the country. It has launched the partner association model quite a many years ago and now has built up a strong network of sub brokers.

Top Business ModelSub Broker
Revenue Sharing50% – 70%
Security DepositRs.75,000 – Rs.200,000
Become Sub Broker in20-30 Days
Receive Payout in1 month
FounderRahul Arora, CEO
Established Year1986

Lets have a detailed Nirmal Bang Franchise Review. Along with this we will illustrate Nirmal Bang Sub broker offers, Nirmal bang Franchise revenue sharing models, Nirmal bang Partner security deposit requirement & other important elements of Nirmal bang broking franchise.

Nirmal Bang Securities Franchise Offers

Nirmal Bang Franchise Customer Ratings

Nirmal Bang Franchise
Trading Platforms2.80
Revenue Sharing Model3.80
Security Deposit3.80
Market Share2.50

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Type of Nirmal Bang Franchise

Nirmal Bang has only one business association model which is the most basic and simple association model. It is like a typical partnership wherein the sub-broker/franchise get into a partnership agreement with Nirmal Bang.

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    Nirmal Bang Sub Broker / Authorised Person

    Since it offers a partnership, it expects the candidate to have a good experience in the field of financial market – be it stock market, mutual funds, bank, insurance, assurance etc.

    In other words, it can be said that it is relevant only for the well- versed and well-established candidates who wish to get associated with this brand name.

    A beginner might not be preferred by Nirmal Bang house as it will not have the expertise to do justice to the partnership firm and might not be deserving of the revenue ratio that Nirmal Bang offers.

    Nirmal Bang Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

    nirmal bang sub brokerAs mentioned above, this broking house only offers partnership model, hence the revenue ratio is always close to 50:50.

    This is because it expects the candidate to get the expertise whereas the brand is lent by it.

    It appreciates the value addition that the expert would make to the business and hence shares 50% of the revenue unlike in case of any other sub-broker wherein there is no partnership but just an association.

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    Nirmal Bang Franchise Cost or Security Deposit Amount

    Being a part of partnership venture, one will obviously have to fetch in the requisite initial investment. Though it does not prescribe any minimum investment amount, however, the same may range from INR 50,000 to INR 2.5 lacs.

    Further, certain part of this investment is towards the refundable security deposit. This deposit is generally refunded in case where the sub-broker shuts the business association. The balance amount can be used by the sub-broker to set up its front office which again is a mandate from Nirmal Bang.

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    Nirmal Bang Sub Broker Offers

    Nirmal Bang provides the following offers to its sub-brokers:

    • Reduced brokerage rates;
    • Cashback on brokerages;
    • Increased credit limit;
    • Increased credit period;
    • Reduced margin money;
    • Reduced deposits

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    How to become Sub Broker of Nirmal Bang?

    One needs to follow these steps for becoming a sub-broker with Nirmal Bang:

    1st Step – Fill in the lead form available here

    2nd Step – Accept call from our executive for verification of details and interest in sub-brokership

    3rd Step – call from the Sales representative of Nirmal Bang for a personal meet

    4th Step – Meet with Sales Representative for detailed discussion, understanding the expectations, agreeing to the terms and resolving other concerns

    5th Step – Submit the requisite Documents & Initial Investment proofs

    6th Step – Verification of documents by ICICI Direct

    7th Step – Activation of account

    This may take up 3-6 working days depending upon the turnaround time taken by each party.

    Documents Required for Nirmal Bang sub broker registration

    • Identity Proof
    • DOB proof
    • Address proof
    • Academic Certificate
    • Employment/experience proof
    • Cancelled cheque or Bank statement
    • Registration certificate with SEBI/Stock exchnage
    • Passport size photos
    • Infrastructure proof
    • PAN Card
    • Aadhaar Card

    Why Partner with Nirmal Bang?

    Key highlights of Nirmal Bang are:

    • Brand Name
    • Trusted organization
    • Part of pioneer group
    • Growing organization
    • Large product profile
    • Selective sub-brokers implying higher revenue

    Support provided by Nirmal Bang Partner Program

    • Assistance in setting up front office
    • Dedicated onboarding manager
    • Assistance in client acquisition
    • Training sessions to access the trading platforms
    • Access to research reports
    • Assistance in advising the clients
    • Aggressive customer support team

    Become a Sub Broker with Angel Broking – Just Fill up the form

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      List of Top Nirmal Bang Partners / Business Partners

      Company ListRemisiers NameTrade NameRemisiers Registration No.
      Nirmal BangRadhey Shyam YadavRadhey Shyam YadavR/0498/31551/31/08/2009
      Nirmal BangUday A ChhedaUday A ChhedaR/0498/31555/31/08/2009
      Nirmal BangBanwari LalBanwari LalR/0498/33268/19/11/2009
      Nirmal BangMaharukh Cherag GandhiMaharukh Cherag GandhiR/0498/33269/19/11/2009
      Nirmal BangTejashwi RajTejashwi RajR/0498/33270/19/11/2009
      Nirmal BangD Sree Rama MurthyD Sree Rama MurthyR/0498/37653/08/07/2010
      Nirmal BangPradeep PatelPradeep PatelR/0498/37656/08/07/2010
      Nirmal BangJakhotia Hemant MohanlalJakhotia Hemant MohanlalR/0498/37694/08/07/2010
      Nirmal BangDeepali DubeyDeepali DubeyR/0498/37695/08/07/2010
      Nirmal BangBalwant S JainBalwant S JainR/0498/37814/19/07/2010
      Nirmal BangShalini KumariShalini KumariR/0498/37840/19/07/2010
      Nirmal BangAmol Deepak ChuttarAmol Deepak ChuttarR/0498/37912/26/07/2010
      Nirmal BangPoonam PeriwalPoonam PeriwalR/0498/37946/26/07/2010
      Nirmal BangPrerit GargPrerit GargR/0498/38033/30/07/2010
      Nirmal BangManoj Kumar BalaManoj Kumar BalaR/0498/38372/06/09/2010
      Nirmal BangShivdas ChudaleShivdas GhudaleR/0498/38455/13/09/2010
      Nirmal BangR SaravananR SaravananR/0498/38529/13/09/2010
      Nirmal BangKalyan Rao TKalyan Rao TR/0498/38531/13/09/2010
      Nirmal BangJaydev Bawalal ThummarJaydev Bawalal ThummarR/0498/38536/21/09/2010
      Nirmal BangD John Raj D NadarD John Raj D NadarR/0498/38537/21/09/2010
      Nirmal BangDevenderDevenderR/0498/38538/21/09/2010
      Nirmal BangK JeevaK JeevaR/0498/38539/21/09/2010
      Nirmal BangManoj H MistryManoj H MistryR/0498/38547/21/09/2010
      Nirmal BangNilesh P SupeNilesh P SupeR/0498/38549/21/09/2010
      Nirmal BangMalyadri SirivellaMalyadri SirivellaR/0498/38550/21/09/2010
      Nirmal BangBalkeshwar J PandeyBalkeshwar J PandeyR/0498/38572/21/09/2010
      Nirmal BangSandhya VishwakarmaSandhya VishwakarmaR/0498/38578/21/09/2010
      Nirmal BangAmit KhannaAmit KhannaR/0498/38610/30/09/2010
      Nirmal BangMehjabeenMehjabeenR/0498/38630/30/09/2010
      Nirmal BangJayesh S ShahJayesh S ShahR/0498/38644/30/09/2010
      Nirmal BangCajetan DiasCajetan DiasR/0498/38666/30/09/2010
      Nirmal BangBhandari MohansingBhandari MohansingR/0498/38667/30/09/2010
      Nirmal BangPradip DasPradip DasR/0498/38685/30/09/2010
      Nirmal BangVijay Madhavrao PatilVijay Madhavrao PatilR/0498/38691/13/10/2010
      Nirmal BangJebaarulraj AJebaarulraj AR/0498/38692/13/10/2010
      Nirmal BangMd AnsarMd AnsarR/0498/38784/13/10/2010
      Nirmal BangVijay Raja SinghVijay Raja SinghR/0498/38826/21/10/2010
      Nirmal BangVikrant NigamVikrant NigamR/0498/38871/21/10/2010
      Nirmal BangRajendra Prakash AgrawalRajendra Prakash AgrawalR/0498/38899/01/11/2010
      Nirmal BangAtanu SenAtanu SenR/0498/38956/12/11/2010
      Nirmal BangMalvika Anil BhatiaMalvika Anil BhatiaR/0498/39043/22/11/2010
      Nirmal BangD PrabhakaranD PrabhakaranR/0498/39470/05/01/2011
      Nirmal BangYogesh Govind KultheYogesh Govind KultheR/0498/39491/05/01/2011
      Nirmal BangShivani S KinlekarShivani S KinlekarR/0498/39492/05/01/2011
      Nirmal BangPradeep Kumar jainPradeep Kumar jainR/0498/39494/05/01/2011
      Nirmal BangAnil shridhar DhatrakAnil shridhar DhatrakR/0498/39495/05/01/2011
      Nirmal BangVinay Kumar SomaniVinay Kumar SomaniR/0498/39635/31/01/2011
      Nirmal BangAditya KediaAditya KediaR/0498/39893/24/02/2011