Ventura Securities Sub Broker / Franchise / Partner Review

Ventura Securities Sub Broker Program is a well known broking franchise based out of Mumbai. The following review will be focusing on understanding how the Ventura Securities Sub Brokership works, while also giving an insight about Ventura Securities sub broker models, Ventura Securities Franchise Commission & more.

Top Business Model Sub Broker
Revenue Sharing 55% – 70%
Security Deposit Rs.50,000 – Rs.100,000
Become Sub Broker in 15 Days
Receive Payout in 31 Days
Founder Hemant Majethia
Established Year 1994

The Broking house has been serving as a stock broker since 1994 and has emerged as a company which provides a complete range of financial products and services. The Broking house has more than 1500 sub brokers under their ecosystem.

Ventura Securities Franchise Offers

Ventura Securities Sub Broker Customer Ratings

Ventura Securities Franchise
Criteria Ratings
Experience 3.2/5
Services 3.1/5
Products 3.4/5
Trading Platforms 3.2/5
Support 3.5/5
Revenue Sharing Model 3.2/5
Security Deposit 3.4/5
Offers 3.5/5
Market Share 3.1/5
Overall 3.3/5

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Types of Ventura Securities Franchise

  • Business Partner
  • Professional Referrals

Become a Sub Broker with Ventura Securities – Just Fill up the form

    Become a Sub Broker
    1. Become Sub Broker

    Ventura Securities Business Partner

    ventura securities sub brokerVentura Securities Business Partner model is similar to Sub Broker Model. Here the Business Partner has to acquire & well as support their clients. This setup can prove to be ideal for people who are more socially active and have a sound knowledge of entrepreneurship.

    It can be managed by people who are capable of investing into their own franchise office and hiring employees. One should keep in mind that this type of franchise involves dealing with clients at a large scale.

    Ventura Securities Professional Referrals

    Ventura Securities Professional Referral model is similar to remisier model used by other brokers. Here, the professional referral only supplies clients to the broking house.

    It is suitable for someone who may be practicing accounts, is an Insurance Advisor,or is engaged in a financial company one way or the other where they can convince the already existing clients to invest in the stock market.

    Ventura Securities Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

    In the Business Partner Model, the Broking House provides appreciable percentage of brokerage to the business partners, which can range from 60-70 percent and 30-40 percent to the company. The commission sharing can go upto 80% for a very large Sub Broker.

    However, when it comes to professional referrals, they can only get upto 25-35 percent of commission from revenue while the broking house gets 65-75 percent revenue sharing. This Commission can be earned for lifetime by the Professional Referral.

    The Commission Sharing depends on 1 major factor i.e.

    • High Security Deposit can provide to high Revenue Sharing
    Ventura’s Commission Sub Brokers Commission
    Ventura Securities Business Partner 30%-40% or 20% 60%-70% or 80%
    Ventura Securities Professional Referrals 65%-75% 25%-35%


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    Ventura Securities Cost or Security Deposit Amount

    The security deposit amount for becoming a Ventura Securities Business Partner is Rs.1 lakh & goes upto Rs.3 lakh which will be refunded to the partner after they make an exit from the company. A Sub Broker with high client base like 1000+ clients can get their security deposit waived off. Apart from this, the partner has to bear costs for electricity, computers, broadband, office rent, CCTV etc.  Also, the minimum required office area is 200 square meters that too should be situated in a prime location.

    For Professional Referrals, the security deposit amount is only Rs.20,000. This also gets refunded while exiting the program.

    Ventura Securities Franchise Cost
    Ventura Securities Business Partner Rs.1 Lakh – Rs.3 Lakh or No Deposit
    Ventura Securities Professional Referrals Rs.20,000

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    Ventura Securities Sub Broker Offer

    Following, is the list of all the offers provided by Ventura Securities:

    • Vast range of financial products like Equity, currency, SIP, Mutual Fund, Bond etc.
    • Low investment
    • Reduction/waver off security deposit
    • Higher credit period
    • Flexible revenue
    • Brokerage cashback

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    How to become Sub Broker of Ventura Securities?

    Follow the given steps to become a sub broker of Ventura Securities

    Step 1 – Fill in the details on the lead form.

    Step 2 – Take the call by Call Center Executive for verification of interest.

    Step 3 – Sales Representative will call for an appointment.Confirm the appointment.

    Step 4 – For details and understanding of the franchise, meet the Sales Representative.

    Step 5 – Submit the required documents and initial deposit cheque.

    Step 6 – Documents will be checked for verification.

    Step 7 – Once the documents have been verified, Account ID will be provided.

    The above process will take around 8-10 days to be completed.

    Documents Required for Ventura Securities Partner Registration

    • Educational Qualification Certificate
    • DOB verification-should be 21 years and above
    • Cancelled cheque/Bank statement
    • 2 photos
    • Rent Agreement for Office space
    • PAN card
    • Aadhar card
    • Address Proof

    Why Partner with Ventura Securities?

    • Catering to different client needs by one solution
    • Better Trade execution than other companies
    • Updating partners on latest market trends.
    • Flexible Revenue Sharing plan
    • Analysis tool like Pointer
    • Outstanding Research Support
    • Feature rich Trading App Ventura Wealth

    Support Provided by Ventura Securities Partner Proogram

    • Training related to business ethics & processes
    • Back office support/Technical Support involving in-house software,online fund transfer etc.
    • Market Advisory support through calls, mails and messages.
    • Marketing Support
    • Taxation reports

    Become a Sub Broker with Ventura Securities – Just Fill up the form

      Become a Sub Broker
      1. Become Sub Broker

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      List of Top Ventura Securities Partners/ Business Partners

      Company List Remisiers Name Trade Name Remisiers Registration No.
      Ventura Securities Dilip Mujibhai Soni Dilip Mujibhai Soni R/0307/01802/21/02/2004
      Ventura Securities Maa Sarvamangla Portfolio Maa Sarvamangla Portfolio R/0307/02404/13/04/2004
      Ventura Securities M/s. Shyam Consultants & Services (Pfirm) Shyam Consultants & Services (Pfirm) R/0307/03024/19/06/2004
      Ventura Securities Kumar K. Patel Kumar K. Patel R/0307/06499/08/07/2005
      Ventura Securities Jeet Singh Jeet Singh R/0307/07830/06/10/2005
      Ventura Securities Bharat Bhushan Khemani Bharat Bhushan Khemani R/0307/07967/15/10/2005
      Ventura Securities Laxmichand V Gala Laxmichand V Gala R/0307/08192/08/11/2005
      Ventura Securities Rajiv Agarwal Rajiv Agarwal R/0307/08420/18/11/2005
      Ventura Securities Kum Kum Jain Kum Kum Jain R/0307/08590/29/11/2005
      Ventura Securities Kanaiya T. Halvawala Kanaiya T. Halvawala R/0307/08832/27/12/2005
      Ventura Securities Ashok K. Jain Ashok K. Jain R/0307/09061/06/01/2006
      Ventura Securities Chetan T. Halvawala Chetan T. Halvawala R/0307/10146/04/04/2006
      Ventura Securities Ashok P. Khetia Ashok P. Khetia R/0307/10148/04/04/2006
      Ventura Securities Arvind O. Kamdar Arvind O. Kamdar R/0307/10181/04/04/2006
      Ventura Securities S.K.Investment S.K.Investment R/0307/10674/23/05/2006
      Ventura Securities Pritesh Pandya Pritesh Pandya R/0307/10970/19/06/2006
      Ventura Securities Pravinbhai M. Patel Pravinbhai M. Patel R/0307/10972/19/06/2006
      Ventura Securities Jahar L. Khatua Jahar L. Khatua R/0307/11024/19/06/2006
      Ventura Securities Rakesh K. Babariya Rakesh K. Babariya R/0307/11373/11/07/2006
      Ventura Securities Jayantilal A. Shah Jayantilal A. Shah R/0307/11652/16/08/2006
      Ventura Securities Vaibhav V. Sahasrabudhe Vaibhav V. Sahasrabudhe R/0307/11703/16/08/2006
      Ventura Securities Urvashi D. Achharya Urvashi D. Achharya R/0307/11704/16/08/2006
      Ventura Securities Kantilal M. Pavani Kantilal M. Pavani R/0307/11836/29/08/2006
      Ventura Securities S.R. Securities S.R. Securities R/0307/12282/05/10/2006
      Ventura Securities Mangalam Investments Mangalam Investments R/0307/12915/12/12/2006
      Ventura Securities Vishal Chand Vishal Chand R/0307/13314/08/01/2007
      Ventura Securities Sunil P. Shenoy Sunil P. Shenoy R/0307/13381/16/01/2007
      Ventura Securities Ravindra D. Gupta Ravindra D. Gupta R/0307/13688/13/02/2007
      Ventura Securities Ajit Jadhav Ajit Jadhav R/0307/13849/27/02/2007
      Ventura Securities Ram B. Gupta Ram B. Gupta R/0307/13853/27/02/2007
      Ventura Securities Raju Ramaiya Raju Ramaiya R/0307/13901/27/02/2007
      Ventura Securities R.M. Securities R.M. Securities R/0307/13962/09/03/2007
      Ventura Securities Sunil Punjaram Gaikwad Sunil Punjaram Gaikwad R/0307/14671/23/04/2007
      Ventura Securities Harshad Hasmukhlal Kothari Harshad Hasmukhlal Kothari R/0307/15578/27/06/2007
      Ventura Securities Ben Hur Securities Ben Hur Securities R/0307/15579/27/06/2007
      Ventura Securities Jagdish H. Thacker Jagdish H. Thacker R/0307/15816/06/07/2007
      Ventura Securities Suvidha Securities Suvidha Securities R/0307/15817/06/07/2007
      Ventura Securities Rajshree Consultant Rajshree Consultant R/0307/16023/19/07/2007
      Ventura Securities Deorao N Yelmule Deorao N Yelmule R/0307/16376/13/08/2007
      Ventura Securities Priti Haresh Poladia Priti Haresh Poladia R/0307/16422/13/08/2007
      Ventura Securities Vandana Pal Vandana Pal R/0307/16548/29/08/2007
      Ventura Securities Vishal Gupta Vishal Gupta R/0307/16638/29/08/2007