How to become a Sub broker? & What is a Sub Broker Franchise Business?

In this article, we will learn about what is a sub broker franchise business & how to become a sub-broker. Along with this, we will also go through the eligibility criteria to become a sub-broker & registration process for sub-brokership.

What is a Sub Broker Franchise Business?

Sub Broker FranchiseSub broker is one of the all-time popular and reliable business models. One of the major reasons is that under this model, the sub-broker gets immense support from the main broker and hence the pressure of operating/running a business is split between the main broker and the sub-broker.

In this profession, the sub-broker acts as a branch office or on behalf of the main broker. While the business is built up and set up by the main broker, the sub broker is responsible to strengthen the business in his own jurisdiction or area. While the brand is built up by the main broker, the sub-broker is required to capitalize on this brand and expand the network. In other words, the sub-broker gets a settled business and is required to only expand the same in his jurisdiction.

Though the sub-broker gets a license to expand a well-settled business, his returns would depend entirely on his performance.

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    How to become a Sub Broker?

    For a person interested in the stock market, this is an enticing profession. To become a sub-broker, one needs to have an understanding and a good background in the stock and financial market. While understanding the stock market is very important and critical, having experience is a big add-on as one gets more offers/opportunities. The logic behind this is that some of the main brokers prefer having an experienced person as their representative sub-broker.

    Thus, to become a sub-broker, understanding and experiencing the stock market are two vital aspects.

    The other necessary and critical aspect is registration with the stock exchanges. The reason that this is mentioned as one of the critical aspects is that without having this registration, no main broker can appoint a person as a sub-broker and hence it becomes a pre-requisite for becoming a sub-broker.

    While the crucial aspects have been discussed above, some other relevant aspects are educational qualification, age, decent market repute, good credentials, etc.  The reason for this is that the main broker would not like a person of bad repute to represent his brand/name. Also, a person with good repute is more likely to have a reliable network and hence grow business rapidly.

    List of all Sub Broker Franchise in India

    Angel Broking Franchise Sharekhan Franchise Kotak Securities Franchise
    ICICI Direct Franchise IIFL Franchise SMC Franchise
    Nirmal Bang Franchise Sushil Finance Franchise Profitmart Franchise
    Prabhudas Lilladher Franchise  IDBI Direct Franchise Swastika Investment Franchise 
    Motilal Oswal Franchise Ventura Securities Franchise SKI Capital Franchise
    Sykes & Ray Franchise Geojit Finance Franchise Zerodha Franchise
    Tradebulls Franchise 5Paisa Franchise AasthaTrade Franchise
    Religare Securities Franchise Edelweiss Franchise Karvy Franchise
    Arihant Capital Franchise Alice Blue Franchise Narnolia Franchise
    Anand Rathi Franchise IFCI Franchise Just Trade Franchise
    Choice Broking Franchise Elite Wealth Franchise Axis Direct Franchise
    SBICAP Securities Franchise Upstox Franchise Aditya Birla Money Franchise
    Bonanza Portfolio Franchise Wisdom Capital Franchise LKP Securities Franchise
    Achiievers Equities Franchise Value Trade Franchise FYERS Franchise
    Tradeplus Online Franchise SAMCO Securities Franchise Monarch Networth Capital Franchise
    Parasram Holdings Franchise RK Global Franchise Shriram Insight Franchise
    HDFC Securities Franchise Indiabulls Ventures Franchise JM Financial Franchise
    Alankit Assignments Franchise A C Agarwal Share Franchise Reliance Securities Franchise
    Asit C Mehta Franchise Integrated Enterprises Franchise Comfort Securities Franchise
    B N Rathi Franchise Jainam Share Consultants Franchise Eureka Securities Franchise
    Coimbatore Capital Franchise Jhaveri Securities Franchise Globe Capital Franchise
    FRR Shares Franchise A G Shares Securities Franchise Nine Star Franchise
    Ganpati Securities Franchise Aasmaa Securities Franchise NJ Wealth Franchise
    GCL Securities Franchise Abhipra Capital Franchise Pace Stock Franchise
    GEPL Capital Franchise Acumen Capital Franchise Patel Wealth Franchise
    Gogia Capital Franchise Adroit Financial Franchise PCS Securities Franchise
    Goldmine Stocks Franchise Almondz Global Franchise Peerless Securities Franchise
    Goodwill Wealth Franchise Ambalal Shares Franchise Phillip Capital Franchise
    Greenbucks Securities Franchise Anugrah Stock Franchise Prabhat Finance Franchise
    Grovalue Securities Franchise Anvil Securities Franchise Pravin Ratilal Franchise
    Guiness Securities Franchise Arcadia Share Franchise Prudent Broking Franchise
    Hedge Equities Franchise Arch Finance Franchise Quantum Global Franchise
    HSE Securities Franchise Arham Share Franchise R Wadiwala Securities Franchise
    India Advantage Franchise Artha Vrddhi Securities Franchise Raghunandan Money Franchise
    Indianivesh Securities Franchise ASE Capital Franchise Ratnakar Securities Franchise
    Indira Securities Franchise Ashika Stock Franchise Rk Stockholding Franchise
    Inditrade Capital Franchise Ashlar Securities Franchise Saaketa Consultants Franchise
    Indus Portfolio Franchise ATS Share Brokers Franchise Safal Capital Franchise
    Integrated Master Franchise Bansal Finstock Franchise SATCO Capital Franchise
    Intime Equities Franchise Basan Equity Broking Franchise Shah Investors Franchise
    Inventure Growth Franchise Berkeley Securities Franchise SHCIL Services Franchise
    ISE Securities Franchise Bezel Stock Franchise Shree Bahubali Franchise
    J M Global Franchise BGSE Financials Franchise Skung Tradelink Franchise
    JK Securities Franchise Bhansali Value Franchise South Asian Stocks Franchise
    Joindre Capital Franchise Bhumika Consultancy Franchise Sri Shirdi Capital Franchise
    Kalpataru Multiplier Franchise BMA Wealth Creators Franchise SS Corporate Franchise
    Kantilal Chhaganlal Franchise BP Equities Franchise Standard Chartered Securities Franchise
    Karuna Financial Franchise C M Goenka Franchise Stewart & Mackertich WMS Franchise
    Kaynet Finance Franchise Canara Bank Securities Franchise Sumpoorna Portfolio Franchise
    Khandwala Securities Franchise CD Equisearch Franchise Sunidhi Securities Franchise
    Kifs Trade Capital Franchise Celebrus Capital Franchise Sunlight Broking Franchise
    K R Choksey Franchise Cholamandalam Securities Franchise Sunness Capital Franchise
    Kunvarji Finstock Franchise CIL Securities Franchise Suresh Rathi Securities Franchise
    Lakshmishree Investment Franchise Competent Finman Franchise Systematix Shares Franchise
    LFS Broking Franchise Composite Investments Franchise Tradejini Financial Franchise
    Maheshwari Financial Franchise Consortium Securities Franchise Trustline Securities Franchise
    Mandot Securities Franchise DBFS Securities Franchise Unlock Wealth Franchise
    Mangal Keshav Franchise Dealmoney Securities Franchise Vachana Investments Franchise
    Manubhai Mangaldas Franchise Emkay Global Franchise VCK Share Franchise
    Marfatia Stock Franchise Escorts Securities Franchise Veracity Finance Franchise
    Paytm Money Sub Broker Exclusive Securities Franchise Vertex Securities Franchise
    Mastertrust Capital Franchise Fair Intermediate Franchise VNS Finance Franchise
    Maverick Share Franchise Fairwealth Securities Franchise Vrise Securities Franchise
    Modex Securities Franchise Farsight Securities Franchise Way2Wealth Securities Franchise
    Multiplex Capital Franchise Fast Capital Franchise Wealth Discovery Securities Franchise
    Narayan Securities Franchise Findoc Investmart Franchise Yes Securities Franchise
    Navia Markets Franchise Finvasia Securities Franchise Zebu Wealth Franchise
    NG Rathi Franchise Fortune Capital Franchise ZenMoney Franchise
    Zuari Finserv Franchise

    Registration Process to start Sub Broker Franchise

    The potential candidate can fill up a short form available herein which requires the candidate to provide name, number, email ID and the area of interest. This would help us in connecting the potential candidate with the preferable main broker.

    Post analyzing the information shared, we will connect with the potential sub-broker to confirm the interest and details provided. We will also connect with the candidate’s preferred broker and understand their interest and pass on the candidate’s details.

    Thereafter, the candidate and the main broker take the process ahead. Before proceeding to the next step, the main broker conducts a detailed background check of the potential candidate so as to confirm that there are no adverse consequences of making this person a representative of the broking house.

    Typically, after this, a representative of the main broker fixes an appointment with the candidate to understand his interest and expectations from this venture. During this meeting, the main broker also conveys/explains the expectations that the broking house has from the sub-broker.

    During this meeting, other aspects like the product that the sub-broker is interested in, the initial investments, the infrastructure required, the security deposit, approx. revenue expectations, sales targets, revenue sharing ratio, margin money, credit period, break-even period, etc.

    This is the most critical step of the procedure as the main elements of the business are all agreed upon in this step. This step might have a few rounds of meetings as it involves a lot of negotiations as well.

    Documents Required to setup Sub Broker Business

    Upon agreeing to the terms, the sub-broker is required to submit various requisite documents (listed below) to the main broker. The representative of the main broker verifies these documents and stores copies of the same for their own records.

    The documents that one requires would typically include the following:

    • Identity proof;
    • Address proof;
    • Proof of date of birth;
    • Academic qualification certificates – 10th, 12th, graduation, and post-graduation (if any) degrees.
    • Registration certificates from stock exchanges
    • Passing certificates of any stock market related exams
    • PAN
    • Aadhar card

    And now comes another important aspect of a sub-broker business i.e. the quantum of investment that one needs to make to become a sub-broker.

    Eligibility Criteria to become a Sub Broker

    Typically, the broking houses expect the sub-brokers to have a decent workspace and office wherein one can have a reasonable number of workstations and also have appropriate seating arrangements for its staff and for customers. This infrastructure space may be owned, rented or leased by the sub-broker. Either way, the outflows are to be accounted for by the sub-broker itself.

    Apart from this, the sub-brokers are expected to maintain a security deposit as the main broker. This deposit is required by the main broker as a cover against the default that the sub-broker or his customers might incur. Also, this deposit is generally refundable in nature and is returned to the sub-broker on termination of the business arrangement.

    With this, the readers would now be educated about the eligibility criteria of a sub-broker, the procedure to become a sub-broker and the capital investment that one needs to make for becoming a sub-broker.

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