Mangal Keshav Sub Broker / Franchise / Authorised Person / Partner Review

Mangal Keshav Financial Services is a key player in the stock market with hundreds of Mangal Keshav Sub Broker working under them across India.

Top Business Model Sub Broker
Revenue Sharing 60% – 80%
Security Deposit Rs.25,000 – Rs.150,000
Become Sub Broker in 3-5 Weeks
Receive Payout in 33 Days
Founder Paresh Navnitlal Bhagat
Established Year 1939

Mangal Keshav Financial Services is one of India’s oldest and foremost providers of financial services.

The Group has been expanding its domestic operations throughout the country over the past eight decades. Mangal Keshav has also established its strong international network of partners and customers in the Middle East and Africa.

Use this article, we have mentioned all details of the franchise, sub broker, authorized person and review by partners.

Mangal Keshav offers

Mangal Keshav Franchise – Customer Ratings

Find below table to know Customer Ratings of Mangal Keshav Sub Broker:

Experience 2.3/5
Services 2.4/5
Products 2.5/5
Trading Platforms 2.3/5
Support 2.4/5
Revenue Sharing Model 2.5/5
Security Deposit 2.4/5
Offers 2.4/5
Market Share 2.1/5
Overall Ratings 2.3/5
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

Customer Rating of Mangal Keshav Financial Services is over all rated average. They are rated 2.3 out of 5. Customers prefer them for their personalized and customized service.

Research and analytics are carried out in depth by their experts, ensuring you take well – informed decisions and that front and back office systems are integrated in real time with online payment gateway.

Access to training videos, product and knowledge repositories to keep you abreast with the latest technological offerings, and product innovations.

Overview of Mangal Keshav Franchise / Sub Broker

Details about Mangal Keshav Franchise is given in the below table:

Company Type Private
Broker type Full Service Broker
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Founder Paresh Navnitlal Bhagat
Established Year 1939
SB Code Activation Time 3-5 Weeks
Payout Time 33 Days

Mangal Keshav Sub BrokerMK Financial Services is founded by Paresh Navnitlal Bhagat in the year 1939. Its headquarters is Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a private full service broker firm.

Mangal Keshav Financial Services is part of the MK Group, Mangal Keshav Financial Services Ltd. That have over 315 offices and approximately 70,000 plus clients. They have branch presence at PAN India. BSE / NSE, NCDEX & MCX & Depository Participant with NSDL and CDSL is a registered member of the Mangal Keshav Financial Services Group. They are, therefore, entitled to offer their customers end to end service.

For activating SB Code it takes 3-5 weeks and 33 days of time for a payout.

Become a Sub Broker with Mangal Keshav – Just Fill up the form

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    Mangal Keshav Sub Broker – Business Models

    Find below table for details:

    Master Franchise No
    Sub Broker Yes
    Remisier No
    Referral Program Yes


    Mangal Keshav Sub Broker / Authorised Person Model

    A sub broker must register with SEBI and be an affiliate to an established stock exchange such as NSE, BSE etc. Once you have registered as a sub broker under Mangal Keshav, you can manage your business as is, purchase new customers and serve them by means of proposals submitted to Mangal Keshav Financial Services.

    A specific share is mapped to you for the corresponding brokerage generated through customer trading.

    Mangal Keshav Referral Program

    Mangal Keshav Financial Services encourages its existing customers and to new customers to provide a  referral bonus.

    Mangal Keshav Sub Broker Commission / Revenue Sharing

    Find below table to know Mangal Keshav Securities Franchise Commission Models and Revenue Sharing Models:

    Master Franchise NA
    Sub Broker 60% – 80%
    Remisier NA
    Referral Program Rs.1,500 per Refer

    The Franchise commission or the Revenue Sharing of the sub-brokers of Mangal Keshav Financial Services depends on the amount of their franchise Cost and Security deposit of the business partners.

    Franchise Commission is a way to convince sellers and commissions for achieving a sales objective known as a quota. Revenue Sharing represents a form of variable pay compensation for rendered services.

    • In the case of a sharing of 60% –80%, the Mangal Keshav Financial Services assign sub-brokers.
    • Mangal Keshav Financial Services provides the opportunity to be partners through 1,500 per refer share in revenues by referral program.

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    Mangal Keshav Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

    Below Tables gives a good understanding of Mangal Keshav Securities Franchise Cost:

    Master Franchise NA
    Sub Broker Rs.25,000 – Rs.150,000
    Remisier NA
    Referral Program Zero

    Mangal Keshav Stock Broking Securities provides the franchisee with ongoing support in areas such as business transactions, marketing, and financing. In return, Franchise pays with an initial amount as the security deposit.

    • Sub Broker pay the franchise cost by 25,000 to Rs.150,000 security deposit.
    • Referral Program does not require to pay any security deposit. They can start with ZERO deposit.

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    Mangal Keshav Partner Infrastructure Requirement

    Check the table to know Mangal Keshav Partner Infrastructure Requirement:

    Office Area Minimum 100 Sq Ft
    Employee Strength Minimum 1
    Research Services No
    Internet Connection No
    Trading Terminals Yes
    Telephone Lines No

    To provide the licensee with Mangal Keshav Securities and ongoing training in the establishment and operations and to license the business partner use Mangal Keshav Securities brand name and systems. Mangal Keshav Financial Services Partnership infrastructure requirements are mentioned in the table. Mangal Keshav Financial Services has little fundamental partner requirement.

    • Business partners must have a minimum of 100 Sq Ft in their own office space
    • A minimum one employee is required.
    • Sub-broker Mangal Keshav should be prepared to invest in a basic start-up to keep its business growing
    • The provision of trade terminals is obligatory.
    • Facilities such as Internet and Phone Lines are not obligatory; they are optional as required.

    Mangal Keshav Sub Broker Offers

    Find below various Mangal Keshav Capital Sub Broker Offers:

    Zero Deposit Yes
    10k Initial Deposit Yes
    Flexible Revenue Sharing Yes
    Flat Revenue Sharing No
    Zero Revenue Sharing with Prepaid No
    • Mangal Keshav Financial Services Securities guarantees zero deposit and frees cash since the customer does not have to pay the expensive deposit.
    • Initial Deposit of Rs 10,000 is necessitated.
    • They allow using revenue sharing to implement flexible prices.
    • Sharing zero income with pre payment is not permitted.
    • Flat fee model is not allowed to sub brokers.

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    Mangal Keshav Franchise Support

    Below table consist of various support provided by Mangal Keshav Authorised Person program:

    Marketing Support No
    Back-Office Support Yes
    Trading Support No
    Advisory Support No
    Dealing Training Yes
    Acquisition Training No
    Product Training No

    Provide the licensee with initial and continuous training in setting up and running the business and licensing it to use the franchiser brand name and systems. They help to grow quickly and at a limited cost

    • Mangal Keshav Financial Services incur the back support for the business.
    • They help the franchisee to focus on developing systems and growing the business without the time and cost.
    • Mangal Keshav Financial Services provide a robust trading platform and lineup of free research, charting, data and analytical tools make it a good choice for active traders.
    • They offer high-quality customer service, robust research and low fees.
    • They provide trading support by providing research and trading platform.

    Mangal Keshav Authorised Person – Brokerage Charges to Clients

    The table gives proper information of Mangal Keshav Brokerage charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    Equity Delivery 0.25%
    Equity Intraday 0.03%
    Equity Futures 0.03%
    Equity Options Rs.25 per Lot
    Currency Futures 0.03%
    Currency Options Rs.15 per Lot
    Commodity 0.03%

    In return for offering investment advice and/or handling purchases or sales of security, a Brokerage Charges is a service charge to clients.

    • Mangal Keshav franchise charge 0.25% for trading in equity delivery.
    • Its sub broker charge brokerage of 0.03% for the intraday trading of the equities and also the same for trading in equity futures.
    • For trading in equity options, the charge of brokerage is Rs 25 per Lot.
    • Brokerage for trading in currency options is Rs. 15 per lot.
    • For trading in currency and commodity, 0.03% of brokerage is charged.

    Mangal Keshav Partner – Account Opening Charges to Clients

    The table gives proper information of Mangal Keshav Account opening charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    Demat AMC Rs.300 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Account Opening Charges Zero
    Transaction Charges 0.00300%
    Margin Money Zero Margin

    The following is mentioned in relation to Account Opening Targets and Account Customer Fees for products and services, including Transaction Fee, account Opening Fee, etc.

    • The opening charge for Mangal Keshav Financial Services Share Demat is as nominal as Rs. 300 for customers annually.
    • The trading account is free to open for the Demat account.
    • Account Opening Charges is Zero.
    • The fee for the transaction is 00300%.
    • The customer can retain zero balance as a minimum margin.

    Benefits of Mangal Keshav Partner Program

    The Mangal Keshav Sub-brokers program is beneficial for the sub-brokers as –

    • Strong customer Support
    • PAN India presence
    • Tips and recommendation
    • NRI trading
    • Broker member of Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange(DGCX)
    • No Mobile Base trading
    • No Clear trading plans on-line.

    Become a Sub Broker with Mangal Keshav – Just Fill up the form

      Become a Sub Broker
      1. Become Sub Broker

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      List of Top Mangal Keshav Partners/ Business Partners

      Company List Remisiers Name Trade Name Remisiers Registration No.
      MANGAL KESHAV Amit V. Katkoria Amit V. Katkoria R/0491/13878/27/02/2007
      MANGAL KESHAV Ankur K. Kanadia Ankur K. Kanadia R/0491/14023/09/03/2007
      MANGAL KESHAV Apeksha Atul Shah Apeksha Atul Shah R/0491/41240/11/11/2011
      MANGAL KESHAV Bhanumati N. Satodiya Bhanumati N. Satodiya R/0491/15881/11/07/2007
      MANGAL KESHAV Kadam V. Vaishnavi Kadam Vaishnavi V. R/0491/14416/12/04/2007
      MANGAL KESHAV Manojkumar N. Sheth Manojkumar N. Sheth R/0491/14192/19/03/2007
      MANGAL KESHAV Medhavini K. Chinai Medhavini K. Chinai R/0491/09417/02/02/2006
      MANGAL KESHAV Mitankumar R Patel Mitankumar R Patel R/0491/41145/29/09/2011
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Anil J. Kela Anil J. Kela R/0491/01085/04/11/2003
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Anil V. Joshi Anil V. Joshi R/0491/03187/15/07/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Arvind Goyal Arvind Goyal R/0491/01083/04/11/2003
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Ashok D. Chawla ASHOK D CHAWLA R/0491/00344/14/12/2000
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Ashwin Shah Ashwin Shah R/0491/02627/07/05/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Atul Balmukund Oza Atul Balmukund Oza R/0491/03191/15/07/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Basavraj Shivasharanappa Sajjanshetty Basavraj Shivasharanappa Sajjanshetty R/0491/02433/13/04/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Chandrakant A. Chheda Chandrakant A. Chheda R/0491/01385/29/12/2003
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Christopher Hartnett Money Line R/0491/03427/03/08/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Daxesh Nagindas Sanghvi Daxesh Nagindas Sanghvi R/0491/01388/29/12/2003
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Deepak Lad Deepak Lad R/0491/02441/13/04/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Hemant Sharma Hemant Sharma R/0491/03818/14/09/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Hitesh C. Patel Hitesh C. Patel R/0491/03815/14/09/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Kantilal H. Jariwala Kantilal H. Jariwala R/0491/03193/15/07/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Kishan Singh Udawat Kishan Singh Udawat R/0491/01697/30/01/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Kishore N. Kothari Kishore N. Kothari R/0491/00942/16/09/2003
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Kunal L. Doshi Kunal L. Doshi R/0491/03194/15/07/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Lakshman Prasad Garodia Lakshman Prasad Garodia R/0491/01386/29/12/2003
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Madhukar Baban Taware Madhukar Baban Taware R/0491/02437/13/04/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Madhukar Muravne Madhukar Muravne R/0491/03319/15/07/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Mitesh N. Shah Mitesh N. Shah R/0491/03522/16/08/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV MR. Narayan Muljibhai Vora MR. Narayan Muljibhai Vora R/0491/01985/05/03/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Narendra M. Thacker Narendra M. Thacker R/0491/03422/03/08/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Paresh Bansilal Shah Paresh Bansilal Shah R/0491/01699/30/01/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Prakash G. Mehta Prakash G. Mehta R/0491/03425/03/08/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Rajiv Sharma Rajiv Sharma R/0491/03189/15/07/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Ravindra P. Jurigal Ravindra P. Jurigal R/0491/02118/18/03/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Shriniwas Gupta Shriniwas Gupta R/0491/03426/03/08/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Sudhir Vrajlal Madlani Sudhir Vrajlal Madlani R/0491/01695/30/01/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Sunil Bhatia Sunil Bhatia R/0491/01086/04/11/2003
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Sunil Srivastava Sunil Srivastava R/0491/03734/06/09/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Sunilkumar Jain Gentleman Securities R/0491/03816/14/09/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Sushil Kumar Gupta S.K.Enterprises R/0491/01383/29/12/2003
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Suvesh Saharan Suvesh Saharan R/0491/03817/14/09/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Tejas Jagdish Gandhi Tejas Jagdish Gandhi R/0491/03423/03/08/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Umesh Gupta Umesh Gupta R/0491/01082/04/11/2003
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr. Vaibhav Saraf Vaibhav Saraf R/0491/04386/30/11/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mr.Mohamad Yusuf Salebhai Mohamad Yusuf Salebhai R/0491/02304/01/04/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mrs. Parul Mehta Parul Mehta R/0491/02127/18/03/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Mrs. Sanjivani K. Patange Sanjivani K. Patange R/0491/02122/18/03/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Ms. Avani Samir Shah Avani Samir Shah R/0491/03421/03/08/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Ms. Bhavana Hamesh Trivedi Bhavana Hamesh Trivedi R/0491/03732/06/09/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Ms. Heena K. Shastri Heena K. Shastri R/0491/05911/28/04/2005
      MANGAL KESHAV Ms. Khanna Rashmi Govindram Khanna Rashmi Govindram R/0491/03524/16/08/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Ms. Madhu Parekh Madhu Parekh R/0491/02432/13/04/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Ms. Manju Gangwal Manju Gangwal R/0491/03056/19/06/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Ms. Prabha Sahu Prabha Sahu R/0491/03736/06/09/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Ms. Shilpa Lad Shilpa Lad R/0491/02436/13/04/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Ms. Smita V. Dalvi Smita V. Dalvi R/0491/03052/19/06/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Ms. Sonal Mehta Sonal Mehta R/0491/01982/05/03/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Ms. Sunita Agarwal Sunita Agarwal R/0491/03051/19/06/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Ms.Jayshree Kirti Patel Jayshree Kirti Patel R/0491/02120/18/03/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Ms.Reshama Y. Shah Reshama Y. Shah R/0491/02305/01/04/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Neeta Shantilal Purohit Neeta Shantilal Purohit R/0491/20874/27/03/2008
      MANGAL KESHAV Nitin Chimanlal Jain Nitin Chimanlal Jain R/0491/01832/21/02/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Perkin Dhrij Gala Perkin Dhrij Gala R/0491/02763/13/05/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Ravi Prakash Sharma Ravi Prakash Sharma R/0491/21505/02/05/2008
      MANGAL KESHAV Shobhna Shantilal Purohit Shobhna Shantilal Purohit R/0491/20875/27/03/2008
      MANGAL KESHAV Shri Niwas Gupta Shri Niwas Gupta R/0491/08779/12/12/2005
      MANGAL KESHAV Shyam K. Agarwal Balmukand Sharma R/0491/09744/03/03/2006
      MANGAL KESHAV Sunita S. Joshi Geeta Finance Corpn. R/0491/02764/13/05/2004
      MANGAL KESHAV Sushma Deepak Jadhav Sushma Deepak Jadhav R/0491/17584/29/10/2007