Jhaveri Securities Sub Broker / Franchise / Authorized Person / Partner Review

Jhaveri Securities Sub Broker Program is quite old & re-known. Here, you will get to know about Jhaveri Securities Franchise, its revenue sharing, cost, offers & more.

Top Business ModelSub Broker
Revenue Sharing50% – 70%
Security DepositRs.50,000 – Rs.300,000
Become Sub Broker in27 Days
Receive Payout in30 Days
FounderKamlesh Jitendra Jhaveri
Established Year1992

Along with this you will find all the information on Jhaveri Securities such as offers, advantages, brokerage charges etc.

Jhaveri Securities Franchise Offers

Jhaveri Securities Sub Broker – Customer Ratings

Find below Jhaveri Securities Sub broker Ratings:

Customer Ratings
Trading Platforms2.1/5
Revenue Sharing Model2.7/5
Security Deposit2.4/5
Market Share2.6/5
Overll Ratings2.4/5
Star Ratings★★★☆☆

Jhaveri Securities Franchise is worth trying out. They provide the Online Trading Platform and provide good customer support but there are areas that can be improved for enhancing service. They are best known for the Revenue Sharing Model.

It is ranked as average on the basis of customer experience, services, products, revenue sharing model and offers. Taking all other ratings into account, the overall rating of the company is around 2.4 points out of 5 points.

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    About Jhaveri Securities Franchise

    Below table provides info about Jhaveri Securities Sub broker business:

    Company TypePrivate
    Broker typeFull Service Broker
    HeadquartersVadodara, Gujrat
    FounderKamlesh Jitendra Jhaveri
    Established Year1992
    SB Code Activation Time27 Days
    Payout Time30 Days

    Jhaveri Securities was established back in the year 1992 as Jhaveri Securities by Kamlesh Jitendra Jhaveri. It now serves over 100,000 customers in a similar sector. They provide exclusive research tools and required resources to their clients.

    Jhaveri Securities Sub brokerJhaveri Securities Franchise business is certainly one of the lucrative partnership offerings out there in the stock broking space.

    When it comes to the full-service broking, Jhaveri Securities Franchise is one of the oldest and largest stockbrokers in Vadodara, Gujrat. SB Code takes 27 Days of Activation Time and takes 30 Days for Payout.

    Jhaveri Securities Sub Broker – Business Models

    Business Models
    Master FranchiseNo
    Sub BrokerYes
    Referral ProgramNo

    There are two different business models available with Jhaveri Securities Share Sub Broker which are –

    • Sub Broker Model
    • Remisier Program

    Jhaveri Securities Sub Broker Model

    Jhaveri Securities provides business opportunities to an individual by registering them as Sub Brokers / Authorized Person. The broking house provides trading terminals through which the Sub broker can offer a range of financial.

    Sub Brokers / Authorized Person acts as a business catalyst for Jhaveri Securities

    Jhaveri Securities Remisier Program

    In the Remisier Program of Jhaveri Securities provide acquire, develop & nurture clients. Remisier is more of a merchant than Dealers as their income depends on their trades.

    Jhaveri Securities Sub Broker Commission / Revenue Sharing

    Find the below table to know Jhaveri Securities Franchise Commission model:

    Revenue Sharing
    Master FranchiseNA
    Sub Broker50% – 70%
    Referral ProgramNA

    The Jhaveri Securities appoints Sub brokers on 50%–70% and Remisier  on 20% sharing model

    The Jhaveri Securities offers the opportunity to be partners in profits as a token of appreciation of trading with Jhaveri Securities.

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    Jhaveri Securities Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

    Below Tables gives a good understanding of Jhaveri Securities Franchise Cost:

    Security Deposit
    Master FranchiseNA
    Sub BrokerRs.50,000 – Rs.300,000
    Referral ProgramNA

    For the Franchise Cost or the Security deposit, you need to have to take franchise ownership or Sub brokership of Jhaveri Securities is discussed here.

    Jhaveri Securities Franchise Cost for Sub Broker is Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 300,000 as a security Deposit.  And Rs. 20,000 Security Deposit for Remisier.

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    Jhaveri Securities Partner Infrastructure Requirement

    Check the table to know Jhaveri Securities Partner Infrastructure Requirement:

    Infrastructure Requirement
    Office AreaMinimum 150 Sq Ft
    Employee StrengthMinimum 2
    Research ServicesNo
    Internet ConnectionYes
    Trading TerminalsYes
    Telephone LinesYes

    The Jhaveri Securities Franchise infrastructure requirement is as detailed below.

    • Minimum 150 Sq Ft of Office Area is required and nothing smaller then this will be applicable.
    • It is important to have Minimum 2 Employees to manage.
    • Internet Connection and Telephone Lines are mandatory to provide in premises.
    • Terminal need to be present in the office.
    • Technical and Fundamental Research with daily calls.
    • Online Back office access Quality of Calls on email and text massage.

    Jhaveri Securities Sub Broker Offers

    Find below various Jhaveri Securities Sub Broker Offers:

    Zero DepositYes
    10k Initial DepositNo
    Flexible Revenue SharingYes
    Flat Revenue SharingNo
    Zero Revenue Sharing with PrepaidNo

    There are various offers available for the Sub brokers of the Jhaveri Securities which are as follows –

    • Zero deposit is offered for the Sub brokers of the Jhaveri Securities
    • The initial deposit of Rs 10,000 is not required.
    • They allow Flexible Revenue Sharing to Sub Broker.
    • Flat revenue share is not required to sub broker.

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    Jhaveri Securities Franchise Support

    Get Support details in below table:

    Marketing SupportYes
    Back-Office SupportYes
    Trading SupportNo
    Advisory SupportYes
    Dealing TrainingYes
    Acquisition TrainingNo
    Product TrainingYes

    Jhaveri Securities supports thoroughly to their business affiliates in all aspects of the trading business.

    • Provide Marketing Support, Brand Support and Back-Office Support.
    • Advisory Support is provided to help retain clients.
    • The training of Dealing and Product is provided which helps them to perform better with clients.
    • Provide Online Risk Monitor
    • Modernized and Mechanized terminal

    Jhaveri Securities Authorised Person – Brokerage Charges to Clients

    Below table gives understanding on Brokerage charges levied by Jhaveri Securities to their Sub Brokers Clients:

    Brokerage Charges to Clients
    Equity Delivery0.20%
    Equity Intraday0.03%
    Equity Futures0.03%
    Equity OptionsRs.50 per Lot
    Currency Futures0.03%
    Currency OptionsRs.20 per Lot

    The brokerage charges of the Jhaveri Securities franchise are fairly easy and at par with the market charges. They charge 0.20% for equity delivery.

    Then they charge 0.03% for the intraday trading of the equities and also for equity futures, currency futures and also for commodities. For the equity options, the charge is flat Rs. 50 per lot and for currency options, it is Rs. 20 per lot.

    Jhaveri Securities Partner – Account Opening Charges to Clients

    The table gives proper information of Jhaveri Securities Account opening charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    Account Opening Charges to Clients
    Demat AMCRs.400
    Trading AMCRs.300
    Account Opening ChargesRs.199
    Transaction Charges0.00325%
    Margin MoneyRs.10,000 Minimum

    The Jhaveri Securities Share Demat Account opening charge is Rs. 400 for the clients per year. For the De-mat Account the trading account is opened for Rs 300.

    The transaction charges are 0.00% and Rs. 10,000 minimum margin money that the client has to maintain.

     Benefits of Jhaveri Securities Partner Program

    • Strong research teams, their expert opinion and the trading analysis report help business partners and customers to make good profit from those research reports.
    • Trading platforms like Jetrade help investors to gain a better understanding of and opportunities in stock markets.
    • The online software of Jhaveri Securities services helps the clients to do trading via mobile.
    • The broker provides its customers and business partners with various products and services. So they don’t need to move for any product to any other broking home.

    Become a Sub Broker with Jhaveri Securities – Just Fill up the form

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      List of Top Jhaveri Securities Consultants  Partners/ Business Partners

      Company ListRemisiers NameTrade NameRemisiers Registration No.
      JHAVERI SECURITIESAlpesh Rameshbhai AroraAlpesh Rameshbhai AroraR/3015/35807/15/03/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESAmisha Tejalkumar PatelAmisha Tejalkumar PatelR/3015/30598/28/07/2009
      JHAVERI SECURITIESAnamika A ShahAnamika A ShahR/3015/26696/06/01/2009
      JHAVERI SECURITIESAshok R. ShahAshok R. ShahR/3015/24922/20/10/2008
      JHAVERI SECURITIESAshwin Krishnakant ShuklaAshwin Krishnakant ShuklaR/3015/35380/18/02/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESAshwin S. ShahAshwin S. ShahR/3015/22938/09/07/2008
      JHAVERI SECURITIESAtul V. DesaiAtul V. DesaiR/3015/23815/26/08/2008
      JHAVERI SECURITIESBharat D. MotavarBharat D. MotavarR/3015/18185/30/11/2007
      JHAVERI SECURITIESBhupendra M PurohitBhupendra M PurohitR/3015/35493/24/02/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESChandrakant Amritlal ShahChandrakant Amritlal ShahR/3015/38038/30/07/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESChandrakant J PrajapatiChandrakant J PrajapatiR/3015/36141/30/03/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESChinubhai J. PatelChinubhai J. PatelR/3015/13973/09/03/2007
      JHAVERI SECURITIESDarshana D. VyasDarshana D. VyasR/3015/21865/23/05/2008
      JHAVERI SECURITIESDilip V RathodDilip V RathodR/3015/33749/04/12/2009
      JHAVERI SECURITIESDivyesh A PanhalkarDivyesh A PanhalkarR/3015/32673/21/10/2009
      JHAVERI SECURITIESGanna InvestmentsGanna InvestmentsR/3015/19572/30/01/2008
      JHAVERI SECURITIESGaurang Devkumar KarpadaGaurang Devkumar KarpadaR/3015/36633/29/04/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESGaurang K ShahGaurang K ShahR/3015/38036/30/07/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESGauravkumar R SolankiGauravkumar R SolankiR/3015/38458/13/09/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESKalpesh C. NayakKalpesh C. NayakR/3015/23021/21/07/2008
      JHAVERI SECURITIESKalpna Ajay DoshiKalpna Ajay DoshiR/3015/15235/01/06/2007
      JHAVERI SECURITIESKamleshwar ChaturvediKameshwar ChaturvediR/3015/21712/12/05/2008
      JHAVERI SECURITIESKantilal A. ModiKantilal A. ModiR/3015/23796/26/08/2008
      JHAVERI SECURITIESKashmira V. SoniKashmira V. SoniR/3015/19062/09/01/2008
      JHAVERI SECURITIESKavita G. KhatriKavita G. KhatriR/3015/14437/12/04/2007
      JHAVERI SECURITIESKetnaben S GoreshKetnaben S GoreshR/3015/31126/17/08/2009
      JHAVERI SECURITIESLaxmi InvestmentLaxmi InvestmentR/3015/19280/17/01/2008
      JHAVERI SECURITIESM/S N M InvestmentM/S N M InvestmentR/3015/36903/12/05/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESM/S Nihit K PatelM/S Nihit K PatelR/3015/34821/18/01/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESM/S Rakesh Pravinchandra ShahM/S Rakesh Pravinchandra ShahR/3015/37417/21/06/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESM/s. Drashti InvestmentM/s. Drashti InvestmentR/3015/23080/21/07/2008
      JHAVERI SECURITIESMadhavji V BhanusaliMadhavji V BhanusaliR/3015/28293/18/03/2009
      JHAVERI SECURITIESMahendra T ThakkarMahendra T ThakkarR/3015/35808/15/03/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESManishkumar R PrajapatiManishkumar R PrajapatiR/3015/34819/18/01/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESManjubala P SharmaManjubala P SharmaR/3015/27816/20/02/2009
      JHAVERI SECURITIESMeera Hardik SompuraMeera Hardik SompuraR/3015/38431/13/09/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESMehul Bhupendrabhai SoniMehul Bhupendrabhai SoniR/3015/37599/06/07/2010
      JHAVERI SECURITIESVimal J PatelVimal J PatelR/3015/25192/24/10/2008
      JHAVERI SECURITIESVinodchandra H. DaveVinodchandra H. DaveR/3015/23832/04/09/2008
      JHAVERI SECURITIESZakir R MansuriZakir R MansuriR/3015/36422/15/04/2010