Profitmart Sub Broker / Franchise / Partner Review

Profitmart Sub Broker program is known for franchise broking business. Lets have a detailed Profitmart Sub Broker review. Here in this article we will also go through in detail about Profitmart Franchise offers, Profitmart Partner revenue sharing models & other features.

Profitmart Sub BrokerThe broking house Profitmart is a new entrant into the franchising business. It has recently stepped into this field. Considering that it the broking house is also a new member of the broking business, it has quickly recognized the need of strengthening its client base and widening its client network.

It has also realized that a rapid development is possible only by having local bases in various cities and parts on the country. Thus, it launched a franchise program for this purpose.

Profitmart Franchise Customer Ratings

Profitmart Franchise
Trading Platforms2.30
Revenue Sharing Model3.50
Security Deposit3.00
Market Share1.90

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Type of Profitmart Franchise

Profitmart offers only one of kind of a business association which is a typical sub-broker or franchise model. Since it is a beginning phase for it, it appears a reasonable step from their side to have only one kind of business model. They may choose to float multiple models in future once the sub-broker business is well set.

Become a Sub Broker with Profitmart – Just Fill up the form

Become a Sub Broker
  1. Become Sub BrokerOpen Demat Account

Profitmart Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

As mentioned above, Profitmart has recognized the dire need of widening its network and hence has opted for sub broker model. It appreciates that the quick way to spread the network is by having local camps and bases so as to obtain more of local visibility which adds on to the trust by the clients and helps in adding on to the client base.

The broking house also understands the efforts that these sub-brokers put in and the results that they fetch for the main broker and hence it follows a very motivating revenue sharing model. The revenue sharing ranges from 40% to 70%. In fact in some cases, it also offers 100% revenue sharing for a limited time period.  The revenue sharing ratio is certainly a negotiable one.

Profitmart Securities Franchise Offers

Profitmart Franchise Cost or Security Deposit Amount

The broking house also follows a liberal infrastructure and deposit policy. It does not call for any major infrasturtuce from its sub-brokers thereby demonstrating that it believes in delivering the work and the targets. Nonetheless, it does require a sub broker to have a workstation and a decent internet connectivity so as to execute the trade orders.

With respect to the deposit, it is a refundable deposit and may range from INR 20,000 to INR 50,000. The deposit again is a negotiable item and may vary depending upon case to case.

Profitmart Sub Broker Offers

While it is new in business, it certainly understands the need of floating offers to attract the sub-broker candidates:

  • Brokerage cashback
  • Dynamic brokerage plans
  • Extended credit period
  • Reduced margin money requirements
  • Free DEMAT Accounts

How to become Sub Broker of Profitmart?

The steps for associating with Profitmart are provided below:

1st Step – Provide the details in this lead form available on this site

2nd Step – Our representative will connect with you to confirm your interest and your qualifications

3rd Step – The Profitmart representative will connect with you along with our representative to take the matter forward.

4th Step – Meeting with Sales Representative for detailed discussion on the terms and conditions of the arrangement, the ratio, the deposit amount, the products etc.

5th Step – Furnish the requisite Documents & deposit cheque

6th Step – Profitmart will conduct a background check and verify the documents

7th Step – Activation of account

This may take up 5-10 working days depending upon the turnaround of these events.

Documents Required for Profitmart sub-broker registration –

  • Proof of identity
  • DOB proof
  • Address proof
  • Academic Certificate
  • Cancelled cheque or Bank statement
  • Registration certificate with SEBI/Stock exchnage
  • Passport size photos
  • Infrastructure proof
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card

Why Partner with Profitmart?

  • New organisation and hence a chance to become an integral part
  • Encourages business thorugh sub-broking
  • Attractive revenue ratio
  • Least security deposit
  • Assists in setting up of office space
  • Provides a break even period relaxation
  • Large product base

Support provided by ICICI Direct Partner Program

  • Financial assistance in needed
  • Assists in obtaining registration from stock exchanges
  • Training on marketing and acquiring clients
  • Training on selling of products
  • Trading platforms training
  • Research advisory

Become a Sub Broker with Profitmart – Just Fill up the form

Become a Sub Broker
  1. Become Sub BrokerOpen Demat Account

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