Paytm Money Sub Broker / Franchise / Partner Review

Paytm Money Affiliate Partner program was launched only recently. Paytm Money is a digital stock broking platform where investors can trade in various types of financial securities like equity and mutual funds.

To accelerate the growth and increase the involvement of investors on the platform, the company initiated the Referral program as a division. In this program, anyone can participate and become an Affiliate partner of Paytm Money. They just need to be 18 years or above and are eligible for the role.

The registration and addition process of the new partners is online, which is another extension of the ease provided by Paytm Money.

Top Business Model Sub Broker
Revenue Sharing 60%-80%
Security Deposit Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 2,00,000
Become Sub Broker in 30 Days
Receive Payout in 1 month
Founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma
Established Year 2019

Paytm Money Franchise Offers

Paytm Money Limited Sub Broker Customer Ratings:

Paytm Money Franchise
Experience 3.10
Services 3.00
Products 3.20
Trading Platforms 3.10
Support 3.20
Revenue Sharing Model 3.10
Security Deposit 3.30
Offers 3.20
Market Share 3.50
Overall 3.17

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Types of Paytm Money Model Franchise

Paytm Money has been emerged recently in 2017 and its Paytm Money Partner Program is even newer which was started from 2020.

Paytm Money is the brainchild of the same entity as Paytm, the pioneer in the online payments and cashless transactions in India. The entity offers products like Mutual Funds, Stocks, NPS Retirements and many other securities.

Currently, Paytm Money has formed only one form of Partner Program, i.e., Paytm Money Affiliate Partner Program. Through this one model, the entity is offering numerous prospects and opportunities. Some of the features and advantages of this program are:

  • No infrastructure requirement
  • Lesser regulatory and mandatory requirements
  • Additional earning source
  • Training and marketing support
  • Access to partner dashboard
  • Comprehensive Platform to monitor and track

Become a Sub Broker with Paytm Money Limited – Just fill up the form

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    1. Become Sub Broker

    Paytm Money Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

    Under the Affiliate Program of Paytm Money, the referrer gets to earn on the successful account opening for a customer. The referred customer should be unique every time to become eligible for the reward under the program.

    When a partner refers Paytm Money to a unique ID, they receive 20% of the revenue generated from the account opening. The remaining 80% share remains with Paytm Money.

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    Paytm Money Franchise cost or Security Deposit Amount

    Here is the best part of partnering with Paytm Money through the Paytm Money Affiliate Program. It does not require any type of initial investment or cost.

    The company does not demand that you spend thousands and lakhs on infrastructure or maintaining a polished office space.

    There is no requirement for a security deposit. So, this program is not only a great opportunity for earning but is also highly pocket friendly.

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    Paytm Money Sub broker offers

    Paytm Money Affiliate Program is a sub-broker program proposed by the company in 2020 only. The program aims at giving the opportunity to anyone, say a finance enthusiast, a social influencer, a people person, or anyone with a large database of clients.

    Under this program, you get the support of a well-known brand Paytm Money.

    The program brings you an ultimate opportunity to have an additional source of income without much work.

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    How to become Sub Broker of Paytm Money Limited?

    If you are a finance enthusiast, a social influencer, or any person over 18 years, you can start as a Paytm Money Affiliate Partner.

    The steps are simple; you can start anytime, as it will all be online. You don’t have to worry about taking rounds to multiple offices. The website of Paytm Money itself provides the facility to register under the program.

    You register with basic details like your full name, mobile number, email address, and your city. When you have filled in these details in the given field, click on JOIN US, and there you go. The journey has started.

    After the registration, Paytm Money will get in contact with you and will, answer all your questions, and will provide you with thorough knowledge of the program and its aspects.

    Documents Required for Paytm Money sub-broker registration:

    Basic documents, which are generally required while registering for a Demat Account, are demanded when registering under the Paytm Money Affiliate Program. Let’s take a look at these:

    • Identity Proof like an Aadhar card
    • Proof of address – Driver’s license.
    • Academic Certificates
    • Aadhar Card
    • Passport size recent photographs
    • Canceled cheque

    Why Partner with Paytm Money?

    Paytm Money is an innovative and digital-first platform engaged in offering to trade and investing opportunities to customers in the form of Equity, IPO, Mutual Funds, and NPS Retirement Funds.

    A majority portion of the company-related operations can be executed online, whether it is an account opening for a Paytm Money Affiliate Partner or their operations.

    The partners get access to the dedicated partner dashboard from where they can manage and track all their referrals and their status.

    Paytm Money Affiliate Partner is an easy-to-start franchise model where you can earn easily. This program is for everyone; there are no many stringent rules and eligibility requirements. It does not require any office space or other infrastructure equipment. It’s a good choice for additional Money.

    Infrastructure Investment by Paytm Money Sub Brokers / Authorized Person

    Infrastructure is the availability of a permanent space to execute all business related operations. Generally, stock brokers demand some minimum infrastructure from there sub-broker in order to ensure their functioning.

    In case of Paytm Money Sub Broker, there is no infrastructure requirement or regulation. The partners can work from their comfort space. They do not need any office place, no employee recruitment, Air conditioners, CCTV set-up, etc.

    All you need is a database of contacts who might turn as customers of Paytm Money and would like to invest and trade in various securities.

    Paytm Money Franchise Eligibility Criteria

    Paytm Money Franchise is one of the simplest and uncomplicated sub broker plans among all the stock brokers. Anyone, whether you are an influencer, a people person, a financial enthusiast, etc., you can become a Paytm Money Partner.

    The eligibility criteria are also nothing strict or bounding:

    1. The candidate shall be of at least 18 years or above.
    2. The candidate should have basic education in order to be able to perform their functions.
    3. Prior experience in the financial market or of the financial securities will work as a surplus for the sub brokers.

    Paytm Money Franchise – Pros & Cons

    Paytm Money is a newly formed stock broking company, yet it is gradually rising in the position with the innovative features and with the help of Paytm Money partners. These partners help in spreading the name of the company and pacing its growth by adding more and more new customers.

    If you are also looking to become a part of this program, then you should know the following pros and cons of it:


    • Easy to set-up and manage
    • Only requires a large database of clients
    • Additional source of income
    • No mandatory infrastructure requirements
    • Robust trading platform
    • Training and marketing support


    • There is no Franchise or Master Franchise program
    • The earning sources of the program are very limited
    • Lower income generation opportunities

    Paytm Money Franchise Registration

    Paytm Money Sub Broker Program lets the interested parties to join the team through online mode. There are broadly two means where an individual can apply.

    • One can start by registering on the /affiliate page
    • Or, by mailing the company in this regard at

    Once, the registration is completed, an executive from Paytm Money will reach you over call and further guide you through the succeeding steps.

    The candidate will be required to submit certain documents with the entity for KyC like PAN, POA, Photo, Cancelled Cheque, GST Registrations, etc.

    When the verification of documents is completed, your account will be generated, and you will be given access to the partner dashboard.

    Earning the potential of a Paytm Money Partner / ROI

    Paytm Money has brought a broad site of opportunities and possibilities to the customers. They can trade and make long term investments in products like stocks, mutual funds, NPS, and so on.

    And in case, any person is interesting in taking this journey to another level by contributing towards the growth of Paytm Money themselves, they can join the Paytm Money Business Partner Program.

    This is a trouble-free well-equipped source for making some extra money in a very short time.

    In this program, the earning source is from the referrals to the contacts, whether they are your family members, friends, office colleagues, or any other known person who are interesting in investing.

    Paytm Money share 30-50 percent of the sum collected on account opening of your referral. The revenue sharing percentage is flexible, so as you work, this percent can be enhanced to higher level.

    Paytm Money Franchise Referral Program

    Paytm Money Authorized Person earn by way of referral income. They refer to their contacts and earn some portion of the account opening sum. This is an easy and effortless means to make more money.

    The work load and involvement is also very low, and any one from any industry or segment can join this referral program. The joining steps are very easy. It requires zero investment for setup or security deposit.

    Brokerage Charges were levied on the clients of Paytm Money Partners

    Paytm Money is an easy going and convenient store for buying and selling financial securities. The Paytm Money Partners working with the entity get to offer the services to the end customers at very affordable brokerage charges which does not hurt the profits too much.

    The brokerage charges are levied on trading in different segments like delivery, intraday, Derivatives (future & options), etc.

    On trading in securities in the delivery segment, Paytm Money does not charge any brokerage from the customers, so they can trade as much as they want and hold the shares for long periods.

    Further, intraday trading too, the brokerage of Rs. 20 per trade is charge, which again is a very nominal charge.

    For the Futures, and Options trading, the charges is Rs. 20 only.

    Paytm Money Authorised Person – Products Offered

    Paytm Money Partner are offered a wide-ranging scale of products to appeal to their clients. They can diversify their income into different kinds of securities and form a strong portfolio. The products by the entity are:

    • Mutual Funds
    • Stock Market
    • NPS Retirement Funds
    • IPO

    Paytm Money Franchise Conclusion

    Paytm Money is a newly founded stock broking company. They offer stock broking services online and proffer multiple types of securities to deal in from a single platform window.

    Expanding its horizon, Paytm Money started its Paytm Money Franchise Program in 2020 where with the help of enthusiastic individuals, the company is building on a bigger customer base.

    Through the partner program, many people are coming along and earning additional income just by referring to new customers and getting them open an account with the entity.

    Paytm Money is another outlet of One97 Communications Limited after the success of Paytm. The operations of this company are majorly online and digitally connected only and is known for its lowest brokerage and very easy processes.

    Paytm Money Sub Broker or Partner Program FAQs

    Here are few Frequently Asked Questions regarding Paytm Money Partner Program:

    What is NPS in Paytm Money?

    NPS stands for National Pension System and is a wealth creation program for planning your retirement. One can invest in this fund through Paytm Money.

    What are the investment products offered by Paytm Money Franchise?

    Though, Paytm Money is in its initial years of establishment, it has formed a wide product portfolio comprises of securities like:



    Mutual Funds

    NPS Retirement Funds

    Is there any referral program of Paytm Money?

    Yes, Paytm Money provide a referral program in which any trader or investor can participate easily and earn. All what they have to do is refer to friends and family. On account opening, the referrer get to earn.

    What is Paytm Money Sub-broker program called?

    Paytm Money launched its sub broker program in 2020 and is known as Paytm Money Affiliate Program. In this program, the sub brokers only have to refer to their customers through a referral link and on successful account opening, they get earnings.

    How to become Paytm Money Partner?

    Interested candidates can apply from the website of Paytm Money or mail them on their ID. And thereafter, the registration process will be started.

    Is there any eligibility criteria for Paytm Money Franchise?

    Anyone can start and become a Paytm Money Sub-Broker. The basic requirement is that applicant must have attained the age of 18 years.

    Does Paytm Money Franchise require infrastructure or office setup?

    No, to work with Paytm Money as its sub-broker, you don’t need any office space or such other facility. They give you the freedom to work from anywhere as per your convenience.

    How many partner program are there of Paytm Money?

    Paytm Money is still new in the industry and has currently developed only one model of franchise program which is known as Paytm Money Affiliate Program.

    What are the support facilities offered to Paytm Money Partners?

    The company Paytm Money provides the following support and advantages to the Franchise:

    Support of Paytm Money brand

    Access to Paytm Wealth Community

    Research facility

    Easy registration and setup

    Back-office Support

    Training Material

    Does Paytm Money provide Advisory support to the partners?

    No, Paytm Money does not offer advisory facility to the partners, but they provide marketing support, training manual, operation manual, business management software support.

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