Sharekhan Sub Broker / Franchise / Partner Review

Sharekhan Sub broker Program is known to be the largest sub broker franchise business in the country. They have more than 3500 sub brokers across the country & growing at a very fast rate.

Top Business ModelSub Broker
Revenue Sharing50% – 70%
Security DepositRs.70,000 – Rs.100,000
Become Sub Broker in15 Days
Receive Payout in33 Days
FounderJaideep Arora
Established Year2000

Here we will be discussing in detail regarding Sharekhan Sub brokership review & then we will do in-depth analysis of Sharekhan Sub Broker commission models, Sharekhan Partner Offers, Sharkhan Franchise cost or security deposit amount & other important features.

Sharekhan Sub Broker

Sharekhan Franchise Customer Ratings

Sharekhan Franchise
Trading Platforms3.80
Revenue Sharing Model3.60
Security Deposit3.50
Market Share3.50

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Types of Sharekhan Franchise

  • Sharekhan Power Brokers or Sharekhan Sub Broker
  • Sharekhan Remiseir
  • Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)

Become a Sub Broker with Sharekhan – Just Fill up the form

    Become a Sub Broker
    1. Become Sub Broker

    Sharekhan Power Brokers or Sharekhan Sub Broker

    Sharekhan Powerbroker is a setup is an actual sharekhan franchise setup. In this setup sharekhan provides all sorts of services to its client & make sure they deliver these services. The broking house Franchise program provides all forms of support to the sub broker to be able to grow their business multiple folds.

    Sharekhan Remiseir

    Sharekhan Remiseir set-up is similar to any other remiseir business where the client act as an agent of the company. The objective of the remiseir is to acquire clients for sharekhan & get their revenue share.

    Sharekhan Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)

    Sharekhan IFA is a program where a Partner acts as a sub broker of sharekhan only for mutual fund distribution. They also work on commission model where they et certain part of revenue as commission.

    Sharekhan Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

    Sharekhan Franchise program works on a flexible commission model. In this case the revenue sharing differs from client to client based on following grounds:

    1. Amount of Security Deposit
    2. Volume of Revenue Generation

    The Sub brokers revenue sharing ranges from 50% & goes to as high as 70%. If the franchise owner is depositing a higher security deposit then he/she can negotiate upto 70% commission or revenue cut.

    Again, if a Sharekhan partner is generating very good business then he/she can negotiate of revenue sharing upto 70%.

    Sharekhan Franchise Offers

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    Sharekhan Franchise Cost or Security Deposit Amount

    Sharekhan Sub BrokerSharekhan Security Deposit amount or initial investment amount, one can all any of the two. To become a sub broker of sharekhan one needs to deposit an initial investment amount of minimum Rs.70,000.

    This initial investment amount is completely refundable. This amount is refunded back to a partner once the goes out of sharekhan’s franchise system.

    Sharekhan Franchise cost or Sharekhan Franchise price ranges from INR 70,000 to upto Rs.1 Lakh. The higher the initial investment amount higher is the revenue sharing.

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    Sharekhan Sub Broker Offers

    Sharekhan being one of the largest broking franchise business offers great deal to its clients. Here is the list of offers provided by sharkhan:

    • Low initial Investment amount of Rs.70,000
    • Very High revenue sharing of upto 70%
    • Fast & online KYC process for sub broker clients
    • Free Demat account to sub broker clients
    • Zero Margin account opening for sub broker clients
    • Trading Platforms available for across devices & browsers
    • Allows investment in multiple asset classes

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    How to become Sub Broker of Sharekhan?

    Here is the process listed for becoming a sharekhan Sub Broker.

    1st Step – Fill the lead Form

    2nd Step – Call Centre executive with call back

    3rd Step – Post appointment fix, Sales representative will call

    4th Step – Sales representative will give all details & understanding of the franchise

    5th Step -Submission of required documents & security deposit cheque

    6th Step – Documents will be sent for verification

    7th Step – Post verification of documents, Account ID will be provided

    This entire process takes 3 to 5 days to complete.

    List of Documents needed for Sharekhan Franchise Registration

    • Degree Certificates for verification of Educational Qualification
    • DOB Verification – Must be 21 years plus
    • Cancelled Cheque or Bank Statement
    • 2 Photos
    • Rent Agreement of office premises
    • PAN Card
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Address Proof

    Why Partner with Sharekhan?

    Sharekhan is definitely one of the largest brand in stock market space. Let’s understand the reason behind Sharekhan’s success in Sub Brokership program.

    • Largest Brand in Stock Market & known to everyone
    • Full-fledged marketing support like flex, banners etc.
    • Award winning Advisory & Stock Recommendations
    • Regular Training sessions for Sub Brokers
    • Client Acquisition Support
    • Fast account opening process for clients
    • Free Demat Account Opening
    • Zero Margin amount for Client
    • Trading across platforms like Mobile, Desktop & Tablet
    • Flexible Commission Structure upto 70%
    • Low Initial Investment amount of Rs.75,000
    • High Exposure or limits to Clients

    Support provided by Sharekhan Partner Program

    • 24*7 Customer Support
    • Marketing Support across the board
    • Training Support related to stock market
    • Advisory & Stock Tips Support
    • Online Demat account opening support
    • Dealer Support
    • Relationship Manager Support

    Become a Sub Broker with Sharekhan – Just Fill up the form

      Become a Sub Broker
      1. Become Sub Broker

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      List of Top Sharekhan Partners / Business Partners

      Company ListRemisiers NameTrade NameRemisiers Registration No.
      SharekhanMs. Monica C. ZaveriMonica C. ZaveriR/0748/02177/18/03/2004
      SharekhanMs. Rupa V. ShahRupa V. ShahR/0748/02664/07/05/2004
      SharekhanMs. Manisha A DarjiManisha A DarjiR/0748/02670/07/05/2004
      SharekhanMs. Mamta GargMamta GargR/0748/03329/15/07/2004
      SharekhanMs. Prema PrabhakarPrema PrabhakarR/0748/03330/15/07/2004
      SharekhanMs. Dhrupal NagarshethDhrupal NagarshethR/0748/04103/19/10/2004
      SharekhanMs. Hemlataben M. DesaiHemlataben M. DesaiR/0748/04782/19/01/2005
      SharekhanMs.Sangita SinoliaSangita SinoliaR/0748/05531/31/03/2005
      SharekhanTirlochan KaurTirlochan KaurR/0748/07122/17/08/2005
      SharekhanParthasarathy ThiruvenkatasamyParthasarathy ThiruvenkatasamyR/0748/07512/17/09/2005
      SharekhanOnkarnath KhandelwalOnkarnath KhandelwalR/0748/07605/21/09/2005
      SharekhanJain Yuvraj JawanmalJain Yuvraj JawanmalR/0748/08294/17/11/2005
      SharekhanGopakumar PillaiGopakumar PillaiR/0748/08298/17/11/2005
      SharekhanVenugopal D.Venugopal D.R/0748/08305/17/11/2005
      SharekhanJitendra RindaniJitendra RindaniR/0748/08630/29/11/2005
      SharekhanOcean Fiscal ServicesOcean Fiscal ServicesR/0748/08795/12/12/2005
      SharekhanAnita Babu IyerAnita Babu IyerR/0748/09006/06/01/2006
      SharekhanSarla JainSarla JainR/0748/09320/25/01/2006
      SharekhanAlpha AssociatesAlpha AssociatesR/0748/09978/17/03/2006
      SharekhanAshok L. GalaAshok L. GalaR/0748/10099/04/04/2006
      SharekhanVijay KumarVijay KumarR/0748/10417/21/04/2006
      SharekhanKantilal K. NahataKantilal K. NahataR/0748/10671/23/05/2006
      SharekhanThomas MathewThomas MathewR/0748/11291/04/07/2006
      SharekhanJoginderlal AroraJoginderlal AroraR/0748/11293/04/07/2006
      SharekhanPatel P. AmbalalPatel P. AmbalalR/0748/11910/11/09/2006
      SharekhanJasmine J. ShroffJasmine J. ShroffR/0748/11952/11/09/2006
      SharekhanShubhan FoodsShubhan FoodsR/0748/11953/11/09/2006
      SharekhanShubhan FoodsShubhan FoodsR/0748/11953/11/09/2006
      SharekhanS. Iftikhar AhmedS. Iftikhar AhmedR/0748/12067/18/09/2006
      SharekhanVijaya S. PatilVijaya S. PatilR/0748/12303/23/10/2006
      SharekhanSunita SomaniSunita SomaniR/0748/12354/23/10/2006
      SharekhanRajesh JainRajesh JainR/0748/12952/12/12/2006
      SharekhanRajesh JainRajesh JainR/0748/12952/12/12/2006
      SharekhanAmol L. KambleAmol L. KambleR/0748/12976/12/12/2006
      SharekhanChadalawada AnuradhaChadalawada AnuradhaR/0748/13430/29/01/2007
      SharekhanKamalsingh S. ThakurKamalsingh S. ThakurR/0748/13588/08/02/2007
      SharekhanJayesh ShahJayesh ShahR/0748/13635/08/02/2007
      SharekhanSantosh M. PhadkeSantosh M. PhadkeR/0748/13641/08/02/2007
      SharekhanMalvika G. VazalwarMalvika G. VazalwarR/0748/13934/27/02/2007