Tradebulls Sub Broker / Franchise / Partner Review

Tradebulls Sub Broker Program is rapidly expanding its franchise network. This article is about understanding the Tradebulls sub-broker business model, Tradebulls sub-broker revenue sharing model, investment, deposits and other details.

Tradebulls Sub BrokerTradebulls was set up in 2009 and within a decade it has expanded its presence in over 9 cities and is currently having a workforce of 1000+ employees. They have over 1500 broking franchise & more than 1 lakh active retail client base.

Tradebulls Franchise Customer Ratings

Tradebulls Franchise
Trading Platforms3.2/5
Revenue Sharing Model4.0/5
Security Deposit4.0/5
Market Share2.5/5

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Types of Tradebulls Sub Broker

  • Sub broker
  • Remisier

Become a Sub Broker with Tradebulls – Just Fill up the form

Become a Sub Broker
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Tradebulls Sub Broker

Tradebulls is a growing company and hence it values the contributions that any sub-broker makes to its business. It supports and motivates the entrepreneur spirit. It demonstrates this support by sharing revenue to the extent of 80% with the sub-brokers which can be among the highest in this industry.

In return, it demands a deposit of Rs.25,000 and a decent set of clients and revenue. This combination of high revenue sharing and low deposit is quite an attraction.

The subsequent paras discuss the features of this model in detail.

Tradebulls Remisier

Tradebulls also offers a remisier model wherein a customer of Tradebulls can earn commission by referring his/her friends and families to Tradebulls for business. A remisier, thus, gets to leverage on his/her social circle and can earn extra income from such references. Other features of this model also have been discussed below.

Tradebulls Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

Tradebulls has been set up on 2009 and has achieved a good repute within a small span of 9 years. It seeks to expand the horizons further and for expanding its reach, it relies on the sub-brokers who can act as face of this company in their own local cities and towns.

Since its a comparative new set-up, it is giving some early bird or early association benefits by way of high revenue sharing ratio – the ratio that it generally offers is 80% i.e. the sub-broker receives 80% of the brokerage revenue that is paid by its customers and 20% is passed on to Tradebulls.  This rate may further increase depending upon the revenue generated – in case the revenue from sub-broker is exceptional, he is rewarded with 90% of revenue as well.

For the remisier model, Tradebulls pays a commission to an extent of 30% of revenue generated from the customers referred to in by the remisier.

Tradebulls Securities Franchise Offers

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Tradebulls Franchise Cost or Security Deposit Amount

Tradebulls follows a policy of fixed security deposit of Rs. 25,000 i.e. the amount of deposit does not vary depending upon factors like the revenue generated or revenue sharing ratio etc. This is usually followed by other broking companies but Tradebulls does not follow this policy.

The deposit amount is fixed at Rs. 25,000 which is quite low compared to the industry standards. Further, this amount is refundable – it is repaid when the sub-brokership agreement/contract is terminated.

For remisier, the security deposit is fixed Rs. 10,000. This amount is also refundable.

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Tradebulls Sub Broker Offer

Tradebulls, being a comparatively new entrant , has following offers for its sub-brokers to encourage them to partner with Tradebulls at an early stage:

  • High revenue sharing ratio
  • Low security deposit
  • Super-quick sub-broker ID generation process
  • Online account opening services
  • Free DEMAT account – i.e. no annual maintenance charges
  • Brokerage cashback/reversal of up to Rs. 1 lac
  • Premium advisory calls

How to become Sub Broker of Tradebulls?

Step 1 – Provide the details in the lead form available herein.

Step 2 – Confirm your basic details and your interest upon receiving a call from our representative

Step 3 – Schedule an appointment with Tradebulls Sales Representative upon receiving call from them.

Step 4 – Discuss in detail the proposal and the offers with the sales team of Tradebulls.

Step 5 – Provide the required documents (as listed below) for verification and pay the security deposit

Step 6 – Tradebulls team will verify the documents and provide confirmation

Step 7 – Once verification is completed, a sub-broker ID is generated.

The procedure gets completed in almost 4-5 days.

Documents Required for Tradebulls Sub Broker Registration

  • ID proof
  • Address proof
  • Date of birth proof
  • Academic qualification proof
  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN card
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Cancelled bank cheque
  • Details of office space and documents like Rent Agreement etc.

Why Partner with Tradebulls?

  • Fastest growing broking company
  • Provides attractive offers
  • Award winning advisory services
  • Strong research team
  • Quick account opening services

Support provided by Tradebulls Sub Broker Program

Tradebulls provides the following kinds of services to its sub-brokers:

  • Tradebulls assigns a dedicated relationship manager to a sub-broker to assist in acquiring new clients and maintaining relation with existing clients
  • Sets up trading terminal at sub-broker premises
  • Provides marketing support to sub-broker like the marketing material and marketing strategy
  • Customer care for the sub-brokers and their clients
  • Organizes technical and conceptual workshops for sub brokers and their clients

Become a Sub Broker with Tradebulls – Just Fill up the form

Become a Sub Broker
  1. Become Sub BrokerOpen Demat Account

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