Motilal Oswal Sub Broker / Franchise / Partner Review

Motilal Oswal Sub Broker Program is a very unique & elite partner program. They are not the largest but they own some of the high-yielding sub brokers who generate a high volume of trades.

Let’s have a detailed understanding of Motilal Oswal Franchise Review. We will do an in-depth analysis of its offers, revenue-sharing models, initial investment amount & other important features.

Top Business Model Sub Broker
Revenue Sharing Best in the Industry
Security Deposit INR 10,000 to INR 10 lacs
Become Sub Broker in 14 Days
Receive Payout in 31 Days
Founder Ramdeo Agarwal
Established Year 1987


Motilal Oswal Franchise Customer Ratings

Motilal Oswal Franchise
Experience 3.50
Services 3.80
Products 4.00
Trading Platforms 3.30
Support 4.00
Revenue Sharing Model 3.50
Security Deposit 2.20
Offers 2.50
Market Share 2.10
Overall 3.21

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Types of Motilal Oswal Franchise Business

Despite all the digitization and advancements, the belief investors may develop in a human being cannot be underestimated, especially in India. The people tend to place bonds between and trust each other regarding critical decision-making, proving the importance of sub-brokers in the financial market chain.

Motilal Oswal is placed among the most experienced and diversified entities, and so are its Sub-broker plans. The company has the highest number of franchise programs to choose from for interested parties.

Let’s look at the names first and then dig into the details:

  • Sub Broker or Elite Partner
  • Remisier
  • Employee to Entrepreneur Program
  • Channel Partner

Become a Sub Broker with Motilal Oswal – Just Fill up the form

    Become a Sub Broker
    1. Become Sub Broker

    Motilal Oswal Sub Broker or Elite Partner

    A Motilal Oswal elite partner model or Sub Broker model has some very unique eligibility criteria. These eligibility criteria make sure that the sub-broker is highly experienced & ready to deliver trades. Here are their eligibility criteria for Motilal Oswal Franchise program:

    • A Sub Broker with more than 100+ client base
    • Initial investment amount varies from Rs.5-10 lakh
    • Must have a very good network in the financial market

    Motilal Oswal Remisier

    Motial’s Remisier program also looks for very elite quality registers. This register can work as an agent of Motilal Oswal if they can deliver on the following criteria:

    • Motilal Oswal remisier should have 2-3 years of stock market experience
    • The initial investment amount is Rs.1 lakh
    • Should have a very good track record in the financial market

    Motilal Oswal Employee to Entrepreneur Program

    In this program, anyone who has worked in any stock broking company can start sub broker business. This program is felicitated by Motilal as they firmly believe that employees working in the stock market sector can make a better broking franchise.

    Motilal Oswal Channel Partner

    Motilal’s channel partner business is where any small or medium size business that has less knowledge of the stock market can enter. This channel partner program is available to those who have a very good network & need not be in the financial market.

    Motilal Oswal Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

    Motilal Oswal Sub BrokerMotilal Oswal has a very encouraging revenue-sharing model. It remunerates the sub-brokers with appropriate returns as compared to the other major players in the market.

    The revenue-sharing ratio is the best in the industry in the case of the Franchise model and channel partner model. The range mentioned herein is indicative and might change from case to case depending upon various parameters like the volume of trade, negotiation skills, clientele, quality of clients, etc.

    For the remisier model and the Employee to Entrepreneur model, the ratio may range from 30% to 40% depending upon the number of clients fetched, the number of deals struck, the quality of clients pitched, etc.

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    Motilal Oswal Franchise cost or Security Deposit Amount

    As with any other business organization, even the main brokers charge a certain deposit in return for the association being lent by them.

    Motilal Oswal adopts a very disciplined and strict approach when it comes to security deposits. This is nothing but an initial investment that the sub-brokers are expected to put in to start their business i.e. it is similar to a capital fund.

    In the paras above, the initial amount expected for each of the models has been discussed already. However, the same is provided here for ready reference.

    For a sub-broker model, one is expected to be a full-fledged business person and hence the initial investment is as high as a net set-up fund. The investment amount ranges from INR 10,000 to INR 10 lacs. The said amount may be called in form of infrastructure investment or in form of a deposit, depending upon various parameters.

    For a Remisier model, the candidate needs to only make a deposit of INR 1 lacs. This is because the model does not call for attending clients for trading etc. Rather in this model, one merely needs to connect a potential client with Motilal Oswal, hence, no fancy setups are needed.

    For channel partners and the Employee to Entrepreneur models, the investments range from INR 50,000 to INR 2 lacs depending upon various factors. Again, the said fund can be bifurcated into deposit amount and infrastructure/investment amount depending upon the model/scheme chosen by the candidate.

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    Motilal Oswal Sub broker offers

    The offers that this broking company floats for its sub-brokers are similar to the ones that are majorly available with all stock brokers:

    • Brokerage discounts;
    • Reduced margin deposits;
    • Brokerage cashback;
    • Part funding in investments;
    • Unlimited access to advisory support

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    How to become Sub Broker of Motilal Oswal?

    Motilal Oswal has a very easy and simplified procedure for enrolling into a business partnership. The procedure has been discussed below:

    • 1st Step – Fill in the lead form provided herein
    • 2nd Step – Accept the call from our representative to connect with you to discuss your plans and interests
    • 3rd Step – Attend a call from the Sales executive of Motilal Oswal to understand the plans in brief and to decide whether to move ahead or not. Thereafter, fix up a meeting with the executive.
    • 4th Step – A personal meeting with the salesperson from Motilal Oswal for a detailed discussion
    • 5th Step – Submit Documents & deposit the margin money/security deposit
    • 6th Step – Document verification by Motilal Oswal
    • 7th Step – Account authorization and activation

    This may take up to 5-10 working days depending upon the turnaround of events.

    Documents Required for Motilal Oswal sub-broker registration

    • Identity Proof
    • Date of Birth proof
    • Address proof
    • Academic qualification Certificate
    • Canceled cheque or Bank statement
    • Registration certificate with SEBI/Stock exchange
    • Passport size photos
    • Infrastructure proof
    • PAN Card
    • Aadhaar Card

    Why Partner with Motilal Oswal?

    Some of the highlights of associating with Motilal Oswal are:

    • The brand name;
    • The trusted name
    • The strong advisory team
    • Large product profile
    • Innovative trading platforms
    • User-friendly customer support team
    • Solid history
    • Varied models to choose from

    Support provided by Motilal Oswal to sub-brokers

    • Marketing support;
    • Client acquisition support;
    • Technical training
    • Onsite customer support service arrangements
    • Training on using trading platforms
    • Advisory & research support

    Infrastructure Investment by Motilal Oswal Sub Brokers / Authorized Person

    For some of the Motilal Oswal Sub Broker models, the aspiring sub-broker will require an office space to execute their functions in the capacity. The broker does not demand a large office premise consisting of any luxury amenities.

    • To start as a sub-broker with Motilal Oswal, an office space of about 200 sq. ft carpet will be sufficient.
    • Thereon, you will need a minimum of 2 employees to manage your office operations.
    • Other necessary amenities like Computer systems, Workstations, Internet Connection, Telephone connection, etc., should be available on the premise.

    Motilal Oswal Franchise Eligibility Criteria

    The Motilal Oswal franchise wishes to serve its customers with highly skilled and eligible personnel driven to appeal their products to a large number of new investors.

    • The very first and foremost requirement to imagine your business venture with Motilal Oswal as a Motilal Oswal Franchise is that you have attained the age of maturity, i.e., 18 years.
    • Thereafter, Motilal Oswal expected its sub-broker to have passed 10+2. This is given under regulations as well. Additionally, the entity feels that graduation would be even ideal to start off as a franchise.
    • A financially literate person would be able to perform their duties more credibly, so the sub-broker should have knowledge of the financial market, whether it is through academic information or gains via experience, both hold value.
    • Skills like knowledge of computers, communication skills, management skills, and having the knowledge of latest economic, political, and environmental areas are also highly appreciated by MO.
    • Lastly, one of the important eligibility parameters is the clearance of NISM modules.

    Motilal Oswal Franchise – Pros & Cons

    Taking on the role of a Sub-broker requires complete involvement as it is going to become your full-time career path; hence it is elemental to understand every bit of the offerings, features, earnings, risks, cooperation, Support, and such other aspects that shall influence your decision. For now, let’s visit the benefits and probable risks of Motilal Oswal Partner:


    • Motilal Oswal comes with a reputation of decades established with supreme offerings and services.
    • Variety of sub-broker programs to choose from and start the journey.
    • A repetitive earning source for life.
    • Entering into a professionally led and managed working environment with robust Support.
    • Comprehensive research and advisory services


    • The initial investment quantum might come out as a bummer for many individuals.
    • Brokerage fees are comparatively high, which might put off prospective clients.

    Motilal Oswal Franchise Registration

    Motilal Oswal has prescribed the entire process of becoming a Motilal Oswal Sub Broker. Let us go through all the steps.

    • It all starts from the Motilal Oswal website only. The company has facilitated a specific section – SUB BROKER, from where a sub-broker aspirant can register easily.
    • In the registration, you will be asked very primary details about yourself, like your full name, mobile number, email ID, city, state, pin code, and the type of partnership you wish to take on.
    • Once you have filled in all the details, click on BECOME PARTNER. And now your details will be registered.
    • On successful registration, the representative of Motilal Oswal will connect with you over a call to understand your requirements and eligibility.
    • When you decide to move ahead with the partner program, the representative will set an in-person meeting to undertake the further process of transforming you into a Motilal Oswal Partner.

    Earning the potential of a Motilal Oswal Partner / ROI

    On becoming a Motilal Oswal Business Partner, your earnings can rise exceedingly. From earning slice of referral income through registration of your finds and family to earning out of the trade brokerages out of your created client chain.

    With the Motilal Oswal sub-broker program, your earning quantum can range between 50% to 70%.

    The Motilal Oswal franchise program is offering a very high proportion of the revenue, and now it’s on your efforts and how you keep your side of the bid. Simply put, your earnings can go higher and higher when your customers’ number increases.

    Motilal Oswal Franchise Referral Program

    Likewise many other stock broking companies in India, Motilal Oswal has also led a referral program to benefit the customers even more. This way, the investors and traders connected with Motilal Oswal are rewarded every time they refer to their contacts and help MO expand its customer base.

    It’s so simple. Just tell your friends, family members, and other contacts about the cool products of Motilal Oswal. When they register themselves, you will share the referral revenue with the stock broking house.

    Brokerage Charges were levied on the clients of Motilal Oswal Partners

    Motilal Oswal has framed a very simple and sorted structure for its brokerage charges. They are either based on a certain percentage of the trade volume.

    Now let’s take a quick peek at the charges rates:

    • For Intraday and Futures (Equity and Commodity), the entity charges 0.02%
    • For Options (Equity and Currency), Rs. 20 per executed order
    • For Delivery trading, 0.20% is charged

    Motilal Oswal Authorised Person – Products Offered

    Motilal Oswal is definitely a financial product entity offering possibly every type of financial security. The product offerings are extensive and cater to every type of investor, whether it is a Busy investor, Cautious investor, informed investor, or Technical investor.

    So, Motilal Oswal Partner will have something in store whatever type of investor the client is.

    Dividing the offerings will be easier for summarizing, so let’s take a look at all of them briefly:

    Accounts and Offerings

    • Demat Account
    • Trading Account
    • Intraday Trading Account
    • IPO Account
    • Equity Trading Account
    • Currency Trading Account
    • Commodity Trading Account
    • Futures & Options Trading
    • Margin Trading


    • Equity
    • Derivatives
    • Commodities
    • Currency
    • Small cases
    • IPO/Bonds/FD
    • PMS
    • Mutual Funds
    • US Equities


    • Portfolio Restructuring
    • ICICI Bank Loan Services
    • Financial Calculators
    • Concrete Advisory

    Motilal Oswal Franchise Conclusion

    Motilal Oswal Franchise shall be the preferred choice for individuals gearing up to transmute their career path, emerge as full-time sub-broker, and extend their services to newbies.

    It can lead your career growth from putting forth the most convenient franchise setup process to providing attractive revenue-sharing rates.

    Motilal Oswal requires a sizeable initial investment on the end of the prospective franchise owner in the form of the security deposit and registration fees, so it can be a bit entangling for cautious individuals.

    Motilal Oswal Sub Broker or Partner Program FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Motilal Oswal Franchise:

    Is Motilal Oswal a full-service broker or a discount broker?

    Motilal Oswal is a full-service broker and operates actively in India. The company is one of the oldest stockbroking entities in the industry. It had an active client base of over 9 lakh till August 2022.

    What are the types of Sub broker programs of Motilal Oswal?

    Motilal Oswal provides a variety of options for the sub-brokers to choose from and start their career. These types include – Franchisee, Employee to Entrepreneur Program, Remisier, Channel Partner, and Digi Partner.

    Can Motilal Oswal Franchise be opened online?

    Yes, the Motilal Oswal Franchise opening process starts online itself. You can register for opening your franchise from the company’s website from the application given in the partner section. Once you have put all the details in the form, click on BECOME PARTNER.

    Is Support provided to Motilal Oswal Franchise by the company?

    Yes, Motilal Oswal offers full Support to its franchisees in the manner of training, material, a dedicated platform for partners, research advisory, and many other helpful resources.

    Does Motilal Oswal have sub-broker programs?

    Yes, Motilal Oswal has sub-broker programs, and with the help of the same, new sub-brokers can join and proceed with a new career. The entity has created various forms of franchise models for the convenience and preference of prospective sub-brokers.

    Is there any preliminary training program for the Motilal Oswal Partner?

    Motilal Oswal Franchise Program provides initial training to the newly joined sub-brokers so that they understand their role and contribution to the entity’s operations. Also, after the set-up as well, the company offers features like research, advice, and advisory to the sub-brokers.

    What is the revenue sharing for the sub-brokers?

    There are basically two main ways by which a sub-broker makes its earnings through referrals and the repetitive trades by the referred clients. The revenue sharing is 50%-70%.

    Does Motilal Oswal have a dedicated platform for Motilal Oswal Partners?

    Yes, Motilal Oswal has designed a dedicated platform for the sub-broker from where they can manage their operations and take advantage of the tools and features of MO.

    Is the Motilal Oswal Sub broker free of cost?

    No, Motilal Oswal Franchise is not free of cost. The candidates are required to make an initial investment, pay in the form of a security deposit, and established office space in some of the models proposed by the company.

    Does Motilal Oswal offer a referral program to the customers?

    Yes, Motilal Oswal offers a referral program where the customers can participate and invite their friends to register and open an account with Motilal Oswal. On every successful account opening, the referrer gets rewards. The Referrals should be unique.

    Speak to Company’s Franchise Manager – Just Fill up the form

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