Geojit Finance Sub Broker / Franchise / Partner Review

Geojit Finance Sub Broker Program is known for its exponential sub broker franchise growth in 2017. In this article, we will go through in-depth analysis of Geojit Finance Franchise Cost, Geojit Finance Sub Broker commission & more.

Geojit Finance Sub BrokerGeojit finance is a fast growing financing services providing company. It has its offices located both in India and in Middle East. The broking house is based out of Mumbai.

Geojit Finance Franchise Customer Ratings

Geojit Finance Franchise
Trading Platforms3.2/5
Revenue Sharing Model3.0/5
Security Deposit2.9/5
Market Share3.0/5

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Types of Geojit Finance Sub Broker

  • Sub broker or AP
  • Remisier

Become a Sub Broker with Geojit Finance – Just Fill up the form

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Geojit Finance Sub Broker

Geojit is well known for being very satisfactory for its partners. The sub broker or partner will have to invest to set up an office and will have to handle a social circle. Geojit Finance Partner Program has a brokerage sharing starting with 60:40 & requires a security deposit in the range of Rs.50,000 – Rs.100,000.

Geojit Finance offers various facilities to the sub brokers, these offers are discussed in detail below.

Geojit Finance Remisier

Being a remisier will not cost one much. It will just involve bringing potential client and customers to the company. The Geojit Finance Remisier Model will require only Rs.25,000 security deposit & commission sharing is 25:75.

Geojit Finance Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

Geojit employs a flexible revenue sharing model for sub brokers. The share of revenue generated that goes to the sub broker will depend on how much is the sub broker making in a month, which displays one’s business skills.

If a sub broker is making upto 2 lac per month then sub broker will get 60% of it and the geojit finance will get to keep the rest 40%. If amount generated goes up between 2-5 lakh, then the ratio becomes be 75:25 and if more than 5 lacs it may go upto 85:15.

However for a remisier, ratio is 25:75 only. The broking house will get 75% of the generated income.

Geojit Finance CommissionGeojit Finance Commission
Geojit Finance Sub Broker15%-40%85%-60%
Geojit Finance Remisier25%75%

Geojit Financial Services Franchise Offers

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Geojit Finance Franchise Cost or Security Deposit Amount

The initial investment of Rs.50,000 has to be made by the sub broker, but, the total security deposit demanded by the company is Rs.1.5 lacs. Also for NSE and other related registrations a total of non refundable investment of around Rs.15000 will have to be done by the sub broker.

Other cost will include electricity bills, broadband connection, technological infrastructure,etc. Geojit may sometimes bear 50% cost of the investment in cases if the partner is generating a good revenue.

For Remisier program the security deposit requires is Rs.25,000 only.

Geojit Finance Franchise Cost
Geojit Finance Sub BrokerRs.50,000 – Rs.1.5 Lakh
Geojit Finance RemisierRs.25,000

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Geojit Finance Sub Broker Offer

Geojit Franchise makes an enticing opportunity to invest in because of the underlying reasons

  • A whole range of financial services like equity,commodity, mutual funds, IPO, custody accounts
  • Online services : various online payment gateways
  • Flexible revenue sharing models
  • Spread across the country
  • Training and investment to the partners whenever necessary

How to become Sub Broker of Geojit Finance?

Step 1 – Fill in your details in the lead form.

Step 2 – Verify your interests by receiving a call from Call Centre.

Step 3 – Fix an appointment with Sales Representative when there is a call from them.

Step 4 – Make sure to get detailed information by meeting uo with sales representative.

Step 5 – Submit the initial security deposit amount and all the documents required for verification.

Step 6 – The documents will be verified.

Step 7 – After verification, an account ID will be provided.

The procedure gets completed in almost 7-10 days.

Documents Required for Geojit Finance Partner Registration

  • Educational degree certificate
  • DOB verification- 21 years and above
  • 2 photograohs
  • Cancelled bank cheque
  • Rent Agreement for Office space
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Address Proof

Why Partner with Geojit Finance?

  • First company to go for online payment and multiple gateways, to launch through mobile phone etc.
  • Esteemed personalities are shareholders of this company
  • An experienced player in the field of trading
  • Low brokerage tariffs
  • Excellent research and technological facilities like emails,newsletters,reports

Support provided by Geojit Finance Partner Program

  • The company assigns relationship manager to a particular Franchise for training them for client acquisition and business skills.
  • There is also back office support provided by the company where the company may contribute 50% to the investment.
  • There is a provision of emergency help to the sub broker in case sub broker encounters a new challenge or unfamiliar situation.
  • The personnel are also trained for handling online services.
  • The company also provides marketing support for events organised by the sub broker.

Become a Sub Broker with Geojit Finance – Just Fill up the form

Become a Sub Broker
  1. Become Sub BrokerOpen Demat Account

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