PCS Securities Sub Broker / Franchise / Authorised Person / Partner Review

PCS Securities is a key player in the stock market with hundreds of PCS Securities Sub Broker working under them across India.

Top Business ModelSub Broker
Revenue Sharing50% – 75%
Security DepositRs.40,000 – Rs.200,000
Become Sub Broker in31 Days
Receive Payout in3-4 Weeks
FounderParesh Shah
Established Year1989

PCS is one of Indian’s top 100 4th generation stock broking national brokerage house and has served thousands of investors in the last six decades.

PCS Securities has become a leading CDSL participant in South India, and now has more than 340 locations across the nation. They are one of the Largest CDSL DP in South India.

It has completed more than 67 Year in this market of security firm. Every details of PCS securities sub broker, franchise, authorized person and partner review.

Pcs Securities

PCS Securities Franchise – Customer Ratings

Find below table to know Customer Ratings of PCS Securities Sub Broker:

Trading Platforms2.5/5
Revenue Sharing Model2.4/5
Security Deposit2.4/5
Market Share2.4/5
Overall Ratings2.5/5
Star Ratings★★★☆☆

Customers have reviewed PCS Capital Broker  as ‘Good’ experience. They have rated over all PCS capital 2.5 out of 5 on basis of their experience. They have out rated because of their excellent services like follows:

  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) – Same day payout to RTGS bank A/C and e-transfer.
  • Instant Payout within 2 hours of Payout to PCS Demat A/C without shares being held back.
  • Local Backup support in case of Emergency.
  • Back-office access via LIDHA-DIDHA – the software.
  • SMS Alerts to customers notifying balances and confirmations of daily trade by end of day.

Overview of PCS Securities Franchise / Sub Broker

Details about PCS Securities Franchise is given in the below table:

Company TypePublic
Broker typeFull Service Broker
HeadquartersVisakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh,
FounderParesh Shah
Established Year1989
SB Code Activation Time31 Days
Payout Time3-4 Weeks

PCS Securities Sub BrokerPCS Securities Franchise is a Full Service Broker firm. It was founded by Paresh Shah. The company has has public entity firm. It was founded by Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, on year 1989. Its has its headquater in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

They have their presence of over 340 location and and 1200 + terminal approx the nation. In 2005 they became membership with NSE. On 2007 they started association of portfolio management.  As a Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh they serve range of product to cater customers.

They are among Top CDSL Participant. They provide daily basis of News Letters and research reports to their customers. They take 31 Days for activating SB code and 3-4 Weeks of time for payout.

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    PCS Securities Sub Broker – Business Models

    Find below table for details:

    Master FranchiseNo
    Sub BrokerYes
    Referral ProgramNo

    PCS Securities Sub Brokership

    As agent of stock broker, Sub Broker provides access to an security As agent of an stock broker, Sub Broker provides access to an inventory platform. The Sub-Broker is the primary middleman for the capital market segment between stock broker and customer.

    Members of the Trading Exchange may appoint agents to help investors acquire, sell or handle securities to act as agents to their business member.

    PCS Securities Remisier

    Remisier are the representative of the commissioned Dealer. In stock broking company they act as advisor and receives a commission for each payment processed.

    PCS Securities Sub Broker Commission / Revenue Sharing

    Find below table to know PCS Securities Securities Franchise Commission Models and Revenue Sharing Models:

    Master FranchiseNA
    Sub Broker50% – 75%
    Referral ProgramNA

    PCS Securities compensates their business partners on based of the revenue they create by their client .Franchise receive a percentage of commission of the gross  trading of their customer as revenue sharing. Therefore, the higher the volume of trade, the more commission franchise earns.

    • Sub Broker: Sub broker are compensated with commission of 50% – 75%.
    • Remisier: Revenue sharing of flat 15% is provided to remisier.

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    PCS Securities Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

    Below Tables gives a good understanding of PCS Securities Securities Franchise Cost:

    Master FranchiseNA
    Sub BrokerRs.40,000 – Rs.200,000
    Referral ProgramNA

    Business associates need to deposit the initial amount as a security deposit for partnership. In return franchisee deed is signed between both and responsibility is discussed.

    • For Sub-brokership under PCS Securities, need to deposit a security amount of Rs. 40,000 and goes up to Rs.200,000.
    • Remisiers do not need to deposit any amount for becoming a business associate.

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    PCS Securities Partner Infrastructure Requirement

    Check the table to know PCS Securities Partner Infrastructure Requirement:

    Office AreaNot Mandatory
    Employee StrengthNot Mandatory
    Research ServicesNo
    Internet ConnectionYes
    Trading TerminalsYes
    Telephone LinesYes

    PCS Securities demands a certain standard of infrastructure maintenance principles. The standards are relevant in the context of maintaining PCS Securities.

    • The office area size is not mentioned by PCS Securities to maintained.
    • They did not make it compulsory of maintaining employee in the office.
    • Providing research Services is not required, provided it is needed.
    • Internet connection is required to operate office work.
    • Trading terminals should be maintained in the office.
    • Working telephone line should be provided in the office to receive trading calls from clients.

    PCS Securities Sub Broker Offers

    Find below various PCS Securities Capital Share Sub Broker Offers:

    Zero DepositYes
    10k Initial DepositNo
    Flexible Revenue SharingYes
    Flat Revenue SharingNo
    Zero Revenue Sharing with PrepaidNo

    For sub brokers of PCS securities, there are different offerings available.

    • Revenue Sharing Implements Flexible Prices.
    • A minimum deposit of the initial Rs 10,000 is not required.
    • Low investment or zero deposit for the sub-brokers is not allowed.
    • Allocation of zero revenue sharing with Prepaid is not availed.
    • They do not allow flexible Revenue Sharing with clients.

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    PCS Securities Franchise Support

    Below table consist of various support provided by PCS Securities Authorised Person program:

    Marketing SupportNo
    Back-Office SupportYes
    Trading SupportYes
    Advisory SupportNo
    Dealing TrainingNo
    Acquisition TrainingNo
    Product TrainingYes

    PCS Securities commit to supporting their franchisee and business partners.

    • PCS Securities provides product training to their franchisees.
    • Control Trade- Provide the Line Online Trading Software
    • Power Comm- Helps to trade in Commodities.
    • Power Access- 24 /7 internet access to client back office.
    • Power Watch- Watch live rates & graphs of NSE right on your mobile.
    • Power Alerts- SMS based alerts to their customers.
    • Power Funds- Apply for mutual funds, IPOs, etc.
    • Power Wealth- Portfolio Management Services. To their customers.
    • Power Money- One of the first to launch Currency Trading – help to buy and sell currency futures in a jiffy or use the currency to hedge your forex risks.

    PCS Securities Authorised Person – Brokerage Charges to Clients

    The table gives proper information of PCS Securities Brokerage charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    Equity Delivery0.2% – 0.5%
    Equity Intraday0.02% – 0.05%
    Equity Futures0.02% – 0.05%
    Equity OptionsRs.20 – Rs.50 per Lot
    Currency Futures0.02% – 0.05%
    Currency OptionsRs.10 – Rs.25 per Lot
    Commodity0.02% – 0.05%

    Below brokerage charges for trading is discussed.

    PCS Securities charges brokerage as compensation on every trade placed by the trader. Brokerage is charged on both sides of the transaction of trading. The range of brokerage depends on the volume of trade.

    • Brokerage charge for Equity Delivery, stock intraday trading, and Equity Futures is 0.2% to 0.5%.
    • Brokerage for derivative options is Rs.20 to Rs.50 per Lot.
    • Trading in forex Options is Rs.10 to Rs.25 per Lot.
    • Brokerage for forex derivative futures is 0.02% to 0.05%.
    • Commodity or MCX trading is charged 0.02% to 0.05%.

    PCS Securities Partner – Account Opening Charges to Clients

    The table gives proper information of PCS Securities Account opening charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    Demat AMCFree
    Trading AMCFree
    Account Opening ChargesZero
    Transaction Charges0.00315%
    Margin MoneyZero Margin

    Below charges to open account and maintenance cost are discussed.

    • The PCS security charge is Zero for Demat Account.
    • For trading annual cost charges are free.
    • It is free for annual maintenance of Demat.
    • The transaction charges for each trading is 0.00315%.
    • A trader can maintain Zero amount as a marginal amount in the account.

    Benefits of PCS Securities Partner Program

    The PCS Securities Sub-brokers program is beneficial for the sub-brokers as –

    • PCS Securities updates latest technologies to amplify efficiencies to provide software like SMS Alerts to customers notifying balances.
    • They provide “Market In Your Pocket” – Live quotes and charts delivered directly to customer mobile phone.
    • A robust Intranet based software for PCS dealers to enable instant communication and accurate information to their existent customers.
    • Localized Risk Management System providing trading limits immediately.

    Become a Sub Broker with PCS Securities – Just Fill up the form

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