Arham Share Sub Broker / Franchise / Authorised Person Review

Arham Share is a key player in the stock market with hundreds of Arham Share Sub Brokers working under them across India.

It has a full range of investment services covering equity, debt, mutual fund, wealth management, equity derivatives, derivatives of currency, commodity derivatives, and repositories.

In this article, we have discussed Arham Share  Sub Broker,  Franchise,  Authorized Person, and Partner Review.

Top Business Model Sub Broker
Revenue Sharing 50% – 80%
Security Deposit Rs.50,000 – Rs.300,000
Become Sub Broker in 31 Days
Receive Payout in 33 Days
Founder Priyank Mehta
Established Year 2010

Arham Share Consultants offers

Arham Share Franchise – Customer Ratings

Find the below table to know the Customer Ratings of Arham Share Sub Broker:

Experience 2.3/5
Services 2.4/5
Products 2.5/5
Trading Platforms 2.3/5
Support 2.4/5
Revenue Sharing Model 2.5/5
Security Deposit 2.4/5
Offers 2.4/5
Market Share 2.1/5
Overall Ratings 2.3/5
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

Arham Share is rated average overall. Business partners are satisfied with their Revenue Sharing Model and products.

Many Ares like providing customer services to clients, trading platforms,s and security Deposits for a business need to be reviewed for improving customer satisfaction. Arham Capital Sub Broker is overall rated 2.3 out of 5.

Overview of Arham Share Franchise / Sub Broker

Details about Arham Share Franchise are given in the below table:

Company Type Private
Broker type Full-Service Broker
Headquarters Surat, Gujarat
Founder Priyank Mehta
Established Year 2010
SB Code Activation Time 31 Days
Payout Time 33 Days

Arham Share Sub Broker Arham Share is a Full-Service Broker. Priyank Mehta is the founder of the organization. It is a Private entity firm. It was established in 2010. Its headquarter is in Surat, Gujarat.

Arham Share has memberships of BSE, NSE, MCX, MCX-SX (NSE CURRENCY) and DP of CDSL. Arham Share  Franchise has memberships in all 3 segments; cash, derivative and foreign currency.

Arham Share  Franchise company has a presence in multiple Indian cities through its form-collection centers. For SB Code Activation they take 31 Days and take 33 Days for Payout.

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    Arham Share Sub Broker – Business Models

    Find below table for details:

    Master Franchise No
    Sub Broker Yes
    Remisier Yes
    Referral Program No

    Arham Share provides sub-brokership to individuals and entities who want to work along with them. The Arham Share Sub Brokers business model is described below –

    Arham Share provides business opportunities for others to become their business partner.

    There are two different business models available with the Arham Share  Share Sub Broker which are:

    1. Sub Broker
    2. Remisier

    Arham Share Sub Broker:

    A sub-broker is a subsidiary broker as a person who is enrolled with an affiliated to an accepted stock exchange member of SEBI as such.

    Arham Share Remisier:

    A remisier is an agent of a stock brokering company that advises and executes trade executions for customers on inventories and share trading. It is an easy method of partnership as it does not require any infrastructure.

    Arham Share Sub broker Commission / Revenue Sharing

    Find below table to know Arham Share Securities Franchise Commission Models and Revenue Sharing Models:

    Master Franchise NA
    Sub Broker 50% – 80%
    Remisier 20%
    Referral Program NA

    In the Revenue Sharing Model, Arham Share charges a fee that is merely payment for joining the franchise system under the terms included by the Arham Share and agreed to by the broker in the franchise agreement.

    It is traditionally the initial payment that the franchise makes to the Arham Share when they sign their franchise agreement and become a franchise.

    Sub Broker shares a minimum of 50% of commotion that exceeds a maximum of 80%.

    Remisier gives a commission of a minimum flat 20% of revenue.

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    Arham Share Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

    The below Tables gives a good understanding of Arham Share Securities Franchise Cost:

    Master Franchise NA
    Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.300,000
    Remisier Rs.5,000
    Referral Program NA

    Security  Deposits are collected by Arham Share prior to inward bound into a full franchise agreement.

    • Security Deposit is the full initial franchise fee amount deposited to Arham Share.
    • On the occasion a franchise agreement goes through the deposit is credited towards the amounts owing.
    • Sub Brokers are charged a minimum of Rs.50,000 to a maximum of Rs.300,000 for the Franchise of Arham Share.
    • For the Remisier partnership, Rs.5,000 is a Security Deposit amount.

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    Arham Share Partner Infrastructure Requirement

    Check the table to know Arham Share Partner Infrastructure Requirement:

    Office Area Minimum 100 SqFt
    Employee Strength Minimum 1
    Research Services No
    Internet Connection No
    Trading Terminals Yes
    Telephone Lines No

    Arham Share provides an important code to follow to run the business according to its standards.

    • The Arham Share assists the franchisee in the Infrastructure Requirements. And the franchisor will provide ongoing support and assistance to the franchise.
    • For Arham Share Partner it is required to have a Minimum 100 Sq Ft Office Area.
    • Arham broker needs to appoint a Minimum of 1 employee.
    • Providing Trading Terminals is mandatory on the premises.
    • Providing Research Services to clients is not mandatory, it depends on clients’ requirements for trading.
    • Internet Connection and Telephone Lines are not important to present in the office, it is optional to the broker.

    Arham Share Sub Broker Offers

    Find below various The Arham Share Capital Share Sub Broker Offers:

    Zero Deposit No
    10k Initial Deposit Yes
    Flexible Revenue Sharing Yes
    Flat Revenue Sharing No
    Zero Revenue Sharing with Prepaid No

    There are various offers available for the Sub brokers of the Arham Share which are as follows –

    • A zero deposit is not offered for the Sub brokers.
    • The initial deposit of Rs 10,000 is compulsory.
    • Arham Share Sub Broker allows Flexible Revenue Sharing to Sub Broker.
    • Flat revenue share is not allowed to sub-broker.
    • Zero Revenue Sharing with Prepaid is not permitted.

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    Arham Share Franchise Support

    The below table consist of various support provided by the Arham Share Authorised Person program:

    Marketing Support No
    Back-Office Support Yes
    Trading Support Yes
    Advisory Support Yes
    Dealing Training No
    Acquisition Training No
    Product Training No
    • Arham Share Support by providing ongoing support and assistance to the franchise.
    • The Arham Share is obligated to provide you with the Back office support and services provided for the development and expand their business.
    • It also provides pre-training modules hosted on its Intranet by conducting initial training.
    • The Arham Share provides advisory support to the franchise.

    Arham Share Authorised Person – Brokerage Charges to Clients

    The table gives proper information on Arham Share Brokerage charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    Equity Delivery 0.25%
    Equity Intraday 0.03%
    Equity Futures 0.03%
    Equity Options Rs.25 per Lot
    Currency Futures 0.03%
    Currency Options Rs.15 per Lot
    Commodity NA

    The brokerage fee applies each time you place a trade and is usually a nominal amount, but could be higher based on the size of the transaction.

    • Arham Share Franchise charges 0.25 % for equity delivery trading.
    • Arham Share Franchise charge 0.03% for the intraday equity trading
    •  A flat 0.03% is charged for trading equity futures, currency futures, and also for commodities.
    • For the equity options, the charge is flat Rs.25 per lot and for currency options, it is Rs. 15 per lot is charged as brokerage.

    Arham Share Partner – Account Opening Charges to Clients

    The table gives proper information on Arham Share Account opening charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    Demat AMC Rs.200 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Account Opening Charges Rs.400
    Transaction Charges 0.00290%
    Margin Money Minimum Rs.15,000

    Clients need a separate account for trading to perform the buy or sale of securities from the stock market.

    • This account is referred to as the trading account and Arham Share is provided for it. This is the demat account.
    • The Arham Share Share Demat Account opening charge is Rs.200 for the clients per year.
    • For the Demat Trading Account opening Rs 400 is charged.
    • The trading account is Free.
    • The transaction charges are 0.00290%
    • 10,000 minimum margin money that the client has to maintain in demat account.

    Benefits of Arham Share Partner Program

    The Arham Share Sub-brokers program is beneficial for the sub-brokers as –

    • Arham Share franchise service is quite well-organized.
    • The Franchise serves customers the updated technology.
    • This Sub-broker has web-enabled is on their back-office.
    • It keeps the overall investment and trading process simple and unhumbled for clients which is the main factor.
    • The commission is the payment of the franchise fee with the initial services and support provided by the Arham Share is very low.

    Become a Sub Broker with Arham Share – Just Fill up the form

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      List of Top Arham Share Partners/ Business Partners

      Company List Remisiers Name Trade Name Remisiers Registration No.
      ARHAM SHARE Bhavinbhai Jayantilal Kalathiya Bhavinbhai Jayantilal Kalathiya R/6405/41241/11/11/2011
      ARHAM SHARE Hiren Shantilal Desai Hiren Shantilal Desai R/6405/41288/30/11/2011
      ARHAM SHARE Kalpesh Vinodchandra Parekh Kalpesh Vinodchandra Parekh R/6405/41757/13/04/2012