GCL Securities Sub Broker / Franchise / Authorised Person / Partner Review

GCL Securities is a key player in the stock market with hundreds of GCL Securities Sub Broker working under them across India.

Top Business ModelSub Broker
Revenue Sharing60% – 75%
Security DepositRs.25,000 – Rs.100,000
Become Sub Broker in31 Days
Receive Payout in33 Days
FounderHoney Sharma
Established Year2005

GCL Securities offer a wide range of service in trading, general insurance, and Life Insurance. For all purposes and including trade, investment, and hedging, the GCL Securities provide a trading platform, whether offline or online. They deal service in exchanges like MCX, NCDEX, BSE, NSE, among others.

Mobile app- Elite Trader allows its customer to trade anywhere and anytime. We discussed sub broker, franchise, authorized person, partner Review and many more details about GCL securities in the following article.

Gcl Securities

GCL Securities Franchise – Customer Ratings

Find below table to know Customer Ratings of GCL Securities Sub Broker:

Trading Platforms2.3/5
Revenue Sharing Model2.5/5
Security Deposit2.4/5
Market Share2.1/5
Overall Ratings2.3/5
Star Ratings★★★☆☆

GCL capital stockbroker is average rated by their consumer. Overall ratings on the base of Revenue Sharing Model, Trading Platforms, etc are 2.3 out of 5.

The crucial factor customer select GCL capital stockbroker is for their research, back office, and operations support and trading platforms. They are lagging with Trading Platforms, support service, and minimum market share.

Overview of GCL Securities Franchise / Sub Broker

Details about GCL Securities Franchise is given in the below table:

Company TypePrivate
Broker typeFull Service Broker
HeadquartersGanganagar, Rajasthan
FounderHoney Sharma
Established Year2005
SB Code Activation Time31 Days
Payout Time33 Days

GCL Securities Sub BrokerGCL Securities is a private broker company based in Rajasthan. On 2005 Honey Sharma was the founder of GCL Securities. Their branches in Ganganagar and Jaipur are located on Rajasthan, in Ahmedabad and Mehsana and in Delhi. They offer the Elite Trader-mobile app to customers for trade. Ganganagar is the headquarter of GCL security.

As “full – service” GCL Securities do more than facilitating the purchase and sales of stocks or bonds. These agents provide a wide range of services and products, including financial planning and retirement, investment and tax advice as well as regular portfolio updates.

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    GCL Securities Sub Broker – Business Models

    Find below table for details:

    Master FranchiseNo
    Sub BrokerYes
    Referral ProgramYes


    GCL Securities Sub Brokership

    Sub broker is a business model for the vision to grow big GCL broker help to expand in the industry. Building a partnership with GCL broking as a sub broker, they help for the growth of the business. Sub broker is essential to have your own office space and staff to cater to a larger set of clients.

    GCL Securities Remisier 

    Remisier will be liable for consequent rewards in meeting the following conditions:

    • The deposit of the client is credited into the client’s trading account
    • Any client that remisier refer under this program must not already be an existing client of the company or your direct family member
    • The client’s initial deposit is equal to or more than RS. 5000
    • The client should pay at least RS. 500 brokerage in the first three months
    • The client should maintain a trading account for a minimum of three months after initial deposits are made, and should not request for a full payout in the meantime

    GCL Securities Sub Broker Commission / GCL Broking Revenue Sharing

    Find below table to know GCL Broking Franchise Commission Models and Revenue Sharing Models:

    Master FranchiseNA
    Sub Broker60% – 75%
    Referral ProgramRs.2,000 per Refer

    The commission is an ongoing service fee, payable to GCL Securities. It is a kind of continuing fee variation from franchise to franchise. Commissions are a form of variable pay compensation for sold services.

    GCL Broking Franchise appoints-

    • Sub Broker on a variant range of minimum 60% to 75% sharing model.
    • As per referral program get Rs. 2,000 per refer as per commission.

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    GCL Securities Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

    Below Tables gives a good understanding of GCL Securities Securities Franchise Cost:

    Master FranchiseNA
    Sub BrokerRs.25,000 – Rs.100,000
    Referral ProgramZero

    Franchise Cost is the initial amount business partner provide to GCL for partnership. It is an initial fee paid for becoming a franchisor.

    In return, both party sign is written the contract, included in the FDD, which sketch the responsibilities of equally the franchisor and the franchise. Security Deposit is an amount of money given to GCL to stand as security in the event of something happen.

    Sub Broker deposit security amount of minimum Rs.25,000 to Rs.100,000.

    For referral program there is not required of any security deposit, It is free.

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    GCL Broking Partner Infrastructure Requirement

    Check the table to know GCL Broking Partner Infrastructure Requirement:

    Office AreaMinimum 100 Sq Ft
    Employee StrengthNot Mandatory
    Research ServicesYes
    Internet ConnectionYes
    Trading TerminalsYes
    Telephone LinesNo

    GCL Securities pose their business partners to maintain infrastructure requirement for business. Franchisees need to invest their own fund in premises, equipment, fixtures, furnishings, inventory and the working capital necessary to establish a franchise unit.

    • GCL securities impose the requirement of office premises of minimum 100 Sq Ft.
    • GCL securities provide research and mobile trading platform services to clients, which help them in trading. It is mandatory to provide clients.
    • They send trading information to clients, if customers use these reports, the recommendations they have made in the past should be examined and the accuracy of these should be assessed.
    • The GCL securities full stock broker offers a different range of services to trade.
    • Providing Telephone line are not compulsory to clients.
    • High-Speed Internet connection should be facilitating to perform trading and maintain back office.

    GCL Securities Sub Broker Offers

    Find below various The GCL Securities Capital Share Sub Broker Offers:

    Zero DepositYes
    10k Initial DepositNo
    Flexible Revenue SharingYes
    Flat Revenue SharingNo
    Zero Revenue Sharing with PrepaidNo

    There are various offers available for the Sub-brokers of the GCL Securities which are as follows –

    • Zero deposit is offered for the Sub-brokers of the GCL securities.
    • The initial deposit of Rs 10,000 is not attained.
    • GCL securities let Flexible Revenue Sharing to Sub Broker.
    • Flat revenue share is not necessitated to sub broker.
    • Zero Revenue Sharing with Prepaid is not authorized.

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    GCL Securities Franchise Support

    Below table consist of various support provided by GCL Securities Authorised Person program:

    Marketing SupportNo
    Back-Office SupportYes
    Trading SupportYes
    Advisory SupportYes
    Dealing TrainingYes
    Acquisition TrainingNo
    Product TrainingNo

    Franchise Support by GCL Securities is enlightened below.

    • A robust and user friendly trading platform.
    • Franchise are provided the facility to manage client accounts online, with functions like online account opening, voucher entry, direct information to clients, as well as direct contract notes.
    • Fast pay-in and pay-out facilities, based on the exchange rules and regulations.
    • Free Demat accounts for the clients can easily be maintained at our depository.
    • Speed, convenience, and risk management on the trading platform.
    • Back office support to help make dealing with the company and clients very efficient.
    • Overall support.

    GCL Securities Authorised Person – Brokerage Charges to Clients

    The table gives proper information of GCL Securities Brokerage charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    Equity Delivery0.35%
    Equity Intraday0.04%
    Equity Futures0.04%
    Equity OptionsRs.75 per Lot
    Currency Futures0.04%
    Currency OptionsRs.50 per Lot

    GCL securities charge a variant fee structure for using their trading platform. GCL securities sub broker charge 0.35% for trading in equity delivery. They charge 0.04% for trading in Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, and Currency Futures.

    GCL securities brokers charge flat 75/- per executed order for trading on Equity Options. Trading in Currency Options is charged Rs.50 per Lot.

    GCL Securities Partner – Account Opening Charges to Clients

    The table gives proper information of GCL Securities Account opening charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    Demat AMCRs.300 per Annum
    Trading AMCFree
    Account Opening ChargesZero
    Transaction Charges0.00315%
    Margin MoneyZero Margin

    GCL securities charge a fixed fee for using their trading platform.

    • GCL securities sub-broker charge for yearly maintenance, call & trade charges etc.
    • The broker charges a fixed amount per traded order.
    • GCL securities brokers charge Rs.300 per Annum for demat.
    • Trading maintenance charge is Free.
    • Account Opening Charges for trading is Zero.
    • For trading transaction charges are 0.00315%.
    • Margin amount in the account can be Zero, no minimum amount is required to maintain.

    Benefits of GCL Securities Partner Program

    The GCL Securities Sub-brokers program is beneficial for the sub-brokers as –

    • GCL offers you comprehensive business development initiatives as well as mentorship.
    • GCL offers robust infrastructure, including back-office and operations support.
    • Franchisee can get access to the database of dependable research and advice
    • GCL offer franchisee the use of our innovative and modern technology and products
    • The brand goodwill helps franchisee to increase business standing

    Become a Sub Broker with GCL Securities – Just Fill up the form

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