Zuari Finserv Sub Broker / Franchise / Authorised Person / Partner Review

Zuari Finserv is a key player in the stock market with hundreds of Zuari Finserv Sub Broker working under them across India.

Top Business ModelSub Broker
Revenue Sharing60% – 80%
Security DepositRs.25,000 – Rs.100,000
Become Sub Broker in31 Days
Receive Payout in3-4 Weeks
FounderL C Madhyagowder
Established Year1995

It also known as Zuari money has subsidiaries company named Zuari Insurance Brokers Limited (ZIBL) and Zuari Commodity Trading Limited (ZCTL), having a PAN India presence in the business of investments and financial services e.g. stock and commodity broking, depository participant services, portfolio management, registrar and share transfer agent, distribution of mutual fund products, Insurance Broking.

This is currently $ 3 Billion Company and it is partnered by various sectors of the economy. They have marked their significant presence in Agriculture, Engineering and Infrastructure, Emerging Lifestyles and Services.

In following article you will get all detail about franchisee and trading.

Zuari Finserv Franchise

Zuari Finserv Sub Broker – Customer Ratings

Find below table to know Customer Ratings of Zuari Finserv Sub Broker:

Trading Platforms2.5/5
Revenue Sharing Model2.4/5
Security Deposit2.4/5
Market Share2.4/5
Overall Ratings2.5/5
Star Ratings★★★☆☆

Zuari Finserv Sub Broker

Zuari Finserv is fairly rated as ‘Good’ stockbroker company. Customers have a fairly good experience.

Customer faces the little issue that needs improvement like the phone app, indirect costs, etc. but you can see to it that your demands or preferences are understood and judged.

Consumers have rated them 2.5 out of 5.

About Zuari Finserv Franchise

Details about Zuari Finserv Franchise is given in the below table:

Company TypePrivate
Broker typeFull-Service Broker
HeadquartersNew Delhi
FounderL C Madhyagowder
Established Year1995
SB Code Activation Time31 Days
Payout Time3-4 Weeks

Zuari Finserv Limited offers a variety of products and services in order to fulfill the financial requirements of its customers and to maintain a strong financial services presence.

The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zuari Global Limited and was founded by L C Madhyagowder. It is a full service broker a private entity firm.

The company obtained its operations from Zuari Investments Limited (a fellow subsidiary; was operating in financial services since 1995) through corporate restructuring; wherein the operations of Zuari Investments Limited were transferred to Zuari Finserv Limited pursuant to the NCLT, Mumbai bench order dated November 09, 2017 approving the Scheme of arrangement.

They take 31 days for SB code activation and 3-4 weeks for PayOut time.

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    Zuari Finserv Sub Broker – Business Models

    Find below table for details:

    Master FranchiseNo
    Sub BrokerYes
    Referral ProgramYes

    Below business strategy of Zuari Finserv is discussed.

    Business models are designed to develop a business strategy through association with partners as a franchising company. Franchising is a very different business model and very different from a conventional company. The major difference is that franchise owners are self – employed, not employees.

    In the formulation and implementation of franchise policies the considered model of investment management, strategic plan and research can be used.

    They offer the following business model.

    • Sub Broker
    • Referral Program

    Zuari Finserv Sub broker model

    Sub-broker is a person who makes exchanges between the purchaser and the seller when the deal has been executed. Sales commission is the basis of a stockbroker income.

    To make a larger paycheck, a starting stock broker needs to build a customer base and a successful reputation. It is necessary to be registered with SEBI.

    Zuari Finserv Referral Program model

    At the security market individual recommendations is incredibly high. If you refer an individual to them who successfully trade with them, as a gesture of appreciation to Zuari Finserv will pay referral amount.

    There are few conditions like; the referred should not be an existing client and they should at least open a Demat account with a minimum trading balance.

    Zuari Finserv Franchise Commission Models / Revenue Sharing Models

    Find below table to know Zuari Finserv Franchise Commission Models and Revenue Sharing Models:

    Master FranchiseNA
    Sub Broker60% – 80%
    Referral Program20%

    Below commission is discussed in brief:

    This is a frequent form of commissions is a revenue sharing commission. Under this model, sales professionals receive a set percentage of all the revenue they sell.  Commissions paid on gross profit, revenue commissions are often used in combination with other compensation forms.

    Zuari Finserv provides commission on the following basis.

    Sub Broker: They are provided 60% – 80% of revenue sharing.

    Referral Program: They are provided 20% of revenue sharing of every trading by traders.

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    Zuari Finserv Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

    Below Tables gives a good understanding of Zuari Finserv Franchise Cost:

    Master FranchiseNA
    Sub BrokerRs.25,000 – Rs.100,000
    Referral ProgramZero

    Below Tables show good comprehension of the Zuari Finserv Franchise Cost:

    Zuari Finserv is widely recognized for the level of service it operates.

    The full initial franchise fee deposited with CD Zuari Finserv is a security deposit. A franchise contract is credited for amounts of money owing when entering into the deposit.

    • Sub Broker needs to deposit a security amount of minimum Rs. 25,000 to maximum Rs. 100,000 for Franchise.
    • The referral Program business partnership deposition is ZERO.

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    Zuari Finserv Partner Infrastructure Requirement

    Check the table to know Zuari Finserv Partner Infrastructure Requirement:

    Office AreaMinimum 100 SqFt
    Employee StrengthMinimum 1
    Research ServicesYes
    Internet ConnectionNo
    Trading TerminalsYes
    Telephone LinesNo

    Check the table to know Zuari Finserv partner infrastructure requirement:

    Zuari Finserv provides an important code to follow to run the business according to its standards.

    • The Zuari Finserv assists the franchise in the Infrastructure Requirements and the franchisor will provide ongoing support and assistance to the franchise.
    • Zuari Finserv broker has compelled on the presence of at least one employee to deal with a customer.
    • Providing Trading Terminals is mandatory in operation premises.
    • Providing Research Services to clients is compulsory.
    • Telephone Lines are not important to present in the office, it is optional to the broker.
    • Internet connection not required unless business needs.

    Zuari Finserv Sub Broker Offers

    Find below various The Zuari Finserv Sub Broker Offers:

    Zero DepositYes
    10k Initial DepositNo
    Flexible Revenue SharingYes
    Flat Revenue SharingYes
    Zero Revenue Sharing with PrepaidNo

    Below offers by broker Zuari Finserv is discussed.

    Zuari Finserv offers franchisees in many respects an easy business. They provide tools to support business and trading for their customers.

    1. Tools Financial Tools:

    This tool kit helps you to determine various financial goals that you have in your mind. This helps to analyze and understand options, create a plan, and perform a wide range of calculations.

    1. Portfolio Tracker:

    It helps customer to track their trading records anytime and help to analyze.

    1. Wealth Tracker Wealth Tracker:

    Wealth Tracker is a tool that is designed to overcome the complexity of an individual has to face while maintaining their portfolio. It will track all your investments, cash flows & assets. You can have a consolidated view of multiple stocks, mutual funds, Demat Holding, bullion investments along-with track of your borrowings.


    Daily Scrip Files, Depository, Investor Relations, Mutual Fund, Policies – ZCTL, Policies – ZFPL, Software & Updates, ZUARI DeX Trading Software, ZUARI NeX Trading Software

    1. Daily update:

    Company Daily updates of reports that also help as fundamental techniques.

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    Zuari Finserv Franchise Support

    Below table consist of various support provided by Zuari Finserv Authorised Person program:

    Marketing SupportNo
    Back-Office SupportYes
    Trading SupportNo
    Advisory SupportNo
    Dealing TrainingYes
    Acquisition TrainingYes
    Product TrainingYes

    These are the offer by Zuari Finserv.

    • The distinctive way to ensure customers take the best strategic decisions with their money is to customer-centric features such as ‘ Ask the Expert ‘ or ‘ Chat with the expert live.
    • Decent research team
    • Availability of multiple trading and investment products
    • A vast network of branches and franchises providing immense offline support to clients across the country
    • Product Training is a product or service knowledge training – training sales and other professionals about products or services of a company.
    • Acquisition training and dealing training are important training provided to the franchisee.

    Zuari Finserv Franchise – Brokerage Charges to Clients

    The table gives proper information of Zuari Finserv Brokerage charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    Equity Delivery0.25%
    Equity Intraday0.03%
    Equity Futures0.03%
    Equity OptionsRs.25 per Lot
    Currency Futures0.03%
    Currency OptionsRs.25 per Lot

    The table gives proper information of Zuari Finserv Account opening charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    • Brokerage charges are low-priced as a contrast to other stock brokers.
    • The brokerage fee applies each time you place a trade and is usually a nominal amount, but could be higher based on the size of the transaction.
    • Zuari Finserv charges 0.25 % for equity delivery trading.
    • Charge brokerage of 0.03% for the intraday equity trading
    • Flat 0.03% is charged for trading equity futures, currency futures and also for commodities.
    • For the equity options, the charge is flat Rs.25 per lot and for currency options.
    • Commodity trading levied brokerage of 0.03%.

    Zuari Finserv Sub Broker – Account Opening Charges to Clients

    The table gives proper information of Zuari Finserv Account opening charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    Demat AMCRs.250 per Annum
    Trading AMCRs.250 per Annum
    Account Opening ChargesZero
    Transaction Charges0.00300%
    Margin MoneyZero Margin

    The table gives proper information of Zuari Finserv Account opening charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    • Account opening charges for trading, Demat, is zero. Customers no need to pay anything.
    • Zuari Finserv open of Demat account for Rs. 250 per Annum.
    • For the trading account annual maintenance charge is Rs 250.
    • Trading in Zuari Finserv no need to maintain any marginal amount is minimum Zero
    • Transaction Charges are 0.00300% for trading with Arcadia Securities franchisee.

    Benefits of Zuari Finserv Share Franchise or Sub-brokership

    • They facilitate investment advisory & offers financial products & services from leading Banks / NBFCs / Mutual Funds / Insurance companies / Stock Exchanges / Realtors, all under one roof, such that employees need not deal with multiple people for meeting their financial requirements.
    • Zuari Finserv is among the leading full-service brokers without a doubt. Zuari Finserv broker is known for decent research, customer service, and fairly costly exposure.
    • It has little weak spots like other companies, for example, the phone app, indirect costs, etc. but you can see to it that your demands or preferences are understood and judged.
    • However, if you are actually looking for cost-effective alternatives, there is a fair amount of discount stockbrokers available. However, Zuari Finserv can be preferred if you choose a full – service broker.

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