Systematix Shares Sub Broker / Franchise / Authorised Person / Partner Review

Systematix Shares is a key player in the stock market with hundreds of Systematix Shares Sub Broker working under them across India.

Top Business ModelSub Broker
Revenue Sharing60% – 80%
Security DepositRs.50,000 – Rs.150,000
Become Sub Broker in3-5 Weeks
Receive Payout in33 Days
FounderC. P. Khandelwal
Established Year2000

Systematix Shares is known for its excellent service to the investors and the business partners it has. The company is a gem in the share marker business and here in this article, you will get to know a lot about this company which would help you in making wise decisions, in case you are looking to start investing with the company or want to join hands as a business partner.

The Systematix Shares sub-brokers are an integral part of the company and this article will focus on the revenue sharing models with sub-brokers and other business partners, the amount they need to invest to start the business, the eligibility criteria they need to meet, and many other such intricate details.

About the customers, this article will elaborately discuss the brokerage plans, account opening and maintenance charges and all other details that you are searching for.

Systematix Shares

Systematix Shares Franchise – Customer Ratings

Given table has Customer Ratings of Systematix Shares Sub Broker:

Trading Platforms2.3/5
Revenue Sharing Model2.5/5
Security Deposit2.4/5
Market Share2.1/5
Overall Ratings2.3/5
Star Ratings★★★☆☆

To begin with, let us see the customer ratings of Systematix Shares which can suggest a lot about the company’s working formula. The company seems to maintain a cordial relationship with the customers as it seems from the 2.3 rating. The services and the products are liked by the customers and they seem happy as they have rated both at 2.4 and 2.5, respectively.

Next up is the trading platforms which needs to be really good so that the trading can take place smoothly and without a delay of a sec and the trading platforms seems average with the 2.3 rating. The sub-brokers seem to be really happy with the revenue sharing structure and the amount of deposit they keep with the company.

The company also has a great rating in the support column which makes us assume that the business partners are satisfied with the amount and kind of support they get from the company. The offers must also be lucrative enough to get a rating of 2.4.

All these make the overall rating to stand at 2.3 which is an averagely good rating according to the industry average.

Overview of Systematix Shares Franchise / Sub Broker

Details about Systematix Shares Franchise is given in this table:

Company TypePublic
Broker typeFull Service Broker
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
FounderC. P. Khandelwal
Established Year2000
SB Code Activation Time3-5 Weeks
Payout Time33 Days

Systematix Shares Sub Broker

Being established in the year 2000, it has already completed a journey of almost 2 decades standing in 2019 and it has a long way to go as seems from its current operations and services. The company was established by C. P. Khandelwal as a public limited company which serves all kind of share market investors.

This means that the company is a full-service broker and it also has an array of sub-brokers working under it. The company has it’s headquartered in the financial city of the country that is Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company generally takes around 3-5 weeks for activating the code of sub-brokers and that is the sub-brokers code activation time of Systematix Shares. The maximum time it takes to pay the sub-brokers is around 33 days and that is the payout time of Systematix Shares.

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    Systematix Shares Sub Broker – Business Models

    Find below table for details:

    Master FranchiseNo
    Sub BrokerYes
    Referral ProgramYes


    Systematix Shares Sub Brokership

    The most preferred business model in this industry is a sub-brokership model as it is a comparatively low investment and high-profit model. The sub-brokers of Systematix Shares have to acquire their own clients and then pitch and sell the products to them. The revenue generated from that gets divided between the company and the sub-brokers in a certain ratio.

    Systematix Shares Referral Program

    People who want to join the share broking business but do not want to invest anything, this business model suits them the best. They can refer anyone in the world who is interested in buying the products and services of the company and if the company can generate revenue from the lead, then the company pays a flat or a percentage of the revenue to the person who referred the customer.

    Systematix Shares Sub Broker Commission / Revenue Sharing

    Find below table to know Systematix Shares Franchise Commission Models and Revenue Sharing Models:

    Master FranchiseNA
    Sub Broker60% – 80%
    Referral Program11%

    According to the Systematix Shares revenue sharing models, the sub-brokers who keep the minimum amount of deposit with the company gets 60% of the revenue they generate and the sub-brokers who keep a maximum amount of deposit, he or she gets 80%.

    So, the percentage of revenue depends on the amount of deposit the sub-brokers keep with the company. If you keep more deposit, you will be entitled to receive more percentage of the revenue you generate.

    For the Referral program partners, they get a flat 11% on every referral however only if the referred person becomes a customer of the company.

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    Systematix Shares Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

    Below Tables gives a good understanding of Systematix Shares Franchise Cost:

    Master FranchiseNA
    Sub BrokerRs.50,000 – Rs.150,000
    Referral ProgramZero

    There is a solid reason behind the high rating in this column above as we have seen and discussed. The minimum amount of security deposit is Rs. 50000 for the sub-brokers and the maximum amount is Rs. 150000. So, the range is quite short and that makes the investment of the sub-brokers also lower against which they get a whopping amount of return.

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    Systematix Shares Partner Infrastructure Requirement

    Check the table to know Systematix Shares Partner Infrastructure Requirement:

    Office AreaMinimum 100 Sq Ft
    Employee StrengthMinimum 1
    Research ServicesNo
    Internet ConnectionYes
    Trading TerminalsYes
    Telephone LinesNo
    • A minimum area of 100 square feet in the office where the sub-broker carry out the business from.
    • The office must not have less than 1 employee and there is no limit on the maximum number of of employees.
    • The trading terminals of the company must be there in the office of the sub-brokers
    • The internet connection has to be in the office and that must be a high-speed connection.

    Systematix Shares Sub Broker Offers

    Find below various The Systematix Shares Sub Broker Offers:

    Zero DepositNo
    10k Initial DepositYes
    Flexible Revenue SharingYes
    Flat Revenue SharingNo
    Zero Revenue Sharing with PrepaidYes

    The offers of Systematix Shares are –

    • The business partners (sub-brokers) can start with the initial deposit of Rs. 10000
    • The revenue can be shared as per the requirement of the partners (flexible)
    • If you make payment in the advance then you can get the whole of the revenue
    • The investment requirement is too low
    • The earning potential is very high and lucrative

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    Systematix Shares Franchise Support

    Below table consist of various support provided by Systematix Shares Authorised Person program:

    Marketing SupportNo
    Back-Office SupportYes
    Trading SupportNo
    Advisory SupportYes
    Dealing TrainingYes
    Acquisition TrainingYes
    Product TrainingNo

    The business partners of Systematix Shares gets back-office support for the official work and another similar requirement. Advisory support is also provided by the end of the company. Apart from this support, the company trains the sub-brokers and the partners on how to deal and acquire clients and customers for the business.

    Systematix Shares Authorised Person – Brokerage Charges to Clients

    The table gives proper information of Systematix Shares Brokerage charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    Equity Delivery0.35%
    Equity Intraday0.04%
    Equity Futures0.04%
    Equity OptionsRs.35 per Lot
    Currency Futures0.04%
    Currency OptionsRs.15 per Lot
    • For equity delivery, it is 0.35%
    • For the equity intraday, futures, currency futures, commodities it is 0.04%.
    • For the equity options – Rs. 35 per lot and for the currency options, it is Rs. 15 per lot.

    Systematix Shares Partner – Account Opening Charges to Clients

    The table gives proper information of Systematix Shares Account opening charges levied to its Franchise Clients:

    Demat AMCRs.250 per Annum
    Trading AMCFree
    Account Opening ChargesRs.250
    Transaction Charges0.00299%
    Margin MoneyMinimum Rs.5,100

    The charges for opening account with Systematix Shares is Rs. 250 and the annual maintenance charge for the Demat account is also the same that is Rs. 250. The minimum margin requirement is Rs. 5100. The trading account is maintained for free and there is no charge annual on the same.

    The transaction charges are 0.00299%.

    Benefits of Systematix Shares Partner Program

    The Systematix Shares Sub-brokers program is beneficial for the sub-brokers as –

    • Low investment –high-profit business models
    • Low margin money requirement
    • Supportive and friendly customer care

    Become a Sub Broker with Systematix Shares – Just Fill up the form

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      List of Top Systematix Shares Partners/ Business Partners

      Company ListRemisiers NameTrade NameRemisiers Registration No.
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESBsanjoy Kumar SahuBsanjoy Kumar SahuR/0182/43963/28/10/2016
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESAlok TewariAlok TewariR/0182/40193/19/04/2011
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESRajendra KumarRajendra KumarR/0182/39878/24/02/2011
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESHitesh Harshadrai VadodariaHitesh Harshadrai VadodariaR/0182/39592/31/01/2011
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESVijay Shankar SoniVijay Shankar SoniR/0182/39508/05/01/2011
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESRam Autar Singh YadavRam Autar Singh YadavR/0182/39468/05/01/2011
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESNRV Shares And InvestmentsNRV Shares And InvestmentsR/0182/39378/21/12/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESSouren DasSouren DasR/0182/39366/21/12/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESSakaleshpur Devraj JnaneshSakaleshpur Devraj JnaneshR/0182/39257/13/12/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESSharda Vijay LathiSharda Vijay LathiR/0182/39040/22/11/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESSyed Mohd Hasnain RazaSyed Mohd Hasnain RazaR/0182/38917/01/11/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESNarendra Omprakash DograNarendra Omprakash DograR/0182/38708/13/10/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESAvinash MaheshwariAvinash MaheshwariR/0182/38690/13/10/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESSanjeev Kumar AgarwalSanjeev Kumar AgarwalR/0182/38686/30/09/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESSuman BanikSuman BanikR/0182/38622/30/09/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESVikash KumarVikash KumarR/0182/38616/30/09/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESTeli Anant ShantaramTeli Anant ShantaramR/0182/38615/30/09/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESOmi SukhraniOmi SukhraniR/0182/38591/30/09/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESRajib GhoshRajib GhoshR/0182/38587/30/09/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESKohil Jagpreet Singh MKohil Jagpreet Singh MR/0182/38573/21/09/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESRathi Sarvaish GopalRathi Sarvaish GopalR/0182/38521/13/09/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESSudhish K VSudhish K VR/0182/38518/13/09/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESPriyanka ParakhPriyanka ParakhR/0182/38218/17/08/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESVaibhav Vijay AmbukarVaibhav Vijay AmbukarR/0182/38172/17/08/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESSatya Murthy BhatSatyamurthy BhatR/0182/38171/17/08/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESAjay Kumar SinghAjay Kumar SinghR/0182/38093/12/08/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESVinay SinghVinay SinghR/0182/38049/30/07/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESDiwaker TiwariDiwaker TiwariR/0182/38048/30/07/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESBharat GuptaBharat GuptaR/0182/38002/30/07/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESRajkumar RunwalRajkumar RunwalR/0182/37924/26/07/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESKothari Abhijit VijayKothari Abhijit VijayR/0182/37899/26/07/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESSanjay Suresh BodheSanjay Suresh BodheR/0182/37800/19/07/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESAbhilash Suresh ShahAbhilash Suresh ShahR/0182/37799/19/07/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESAmar SinghAmar SinghR/0182/37736/08/07/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESPralay Pravin SinghPralay Pravin SinghR/0182/37675/08/07/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESSudhir Kumar ChouhanSudhir Kumar ChouhanR/0182/37621/06/07/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESMegha SrivastavaMegha SrivastavaR/0182/37585/06/07/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESMadhabi DebnathMadhabi DebnathR/0182/37480/25/06/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESSaraswati Devi AgarwalSaraswati Devi AgarwalR/0182/37427/21/06/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESRavindra KadamRavindra KadamR/0182/37335/21/06/2010
      SYSTEMATIX SHARESBharti ChoukseBharti ChoukseR/0182/37321/11/06/2010