Sharekhan Franchise vs Edelweiss Franchise – Compare Business Models, Revenue Sharing and more

Find 1st of its kind Comparison of Sharekhan Franchise vs Edelweiss Franchise. In this comparison, you will find a detailed view of all the features of respecting sub broker or franchise brands.

Sharekhan & Edelweiss are both Broking houses & provide sub brokership to their partners. Both of them have varied Business Models which we will discuss here.Sharekhan Franchise vs Edelweiss Franchise - Comparison-min

Compare Sub Broker Franchise


In this comparison, we will dig deep into all the aspects of both broking franchise brands. The major aspects that we will discuss are:

  • Overview
  • Customer Ratings
  • Business Models
  • Security Deposit or Initial Investment
  • Revenue Sharing or Commission
  • Infrastructure Requirement
  • Offers
  • Support
  • Brokerage Charges to Clients
  • Other Charges & Margin to Clients

With this detailed comparison, we will have a clear understanding of which Sub Brokership is better: Sharekhan Sub Broker Program or Edelweiss Sub Broker Program.

Start this amazing comparison between Sharekhan Sub Broker &  Edelweiss Sub Broker:

Sharekhan Franchise vs Edelweiss Franchise – An Overview

Overview Sharekhan Franchise Edelweiss Franchise
Company Type Private Public
Broker type Full Service Broker Full Service Broker
Headquarters Mumbai, India ‎Mumbai, India
Founder Jaideep Arora Anil Ambani Reliance Capital
Established Year 2000 2008
SB Code Activation Time 15 Days 14 Days
Payout Time 33 Days 31 Days

Customer Ratings of Sharekhan Sub Broker & Edelweiss Sub Broker

Customer Ratings Sharekhan Franchise Edelweiss Franchise
Experience 4.00 / 5 3.6/5
Services 3.80 / 5 3.3/5
Products 3.80 / 5 3.5/5
Trading Platforms 3.80 / 5 3.3/5
Support 3.40 / 5 3.4/5
Revenue Sharing Model 3.60 / 5 3.5/5
Security Deposit 3.50 / 5 3.2/5
Offers 4.00 / 5 3.5/5
Market Share 3.50 / 5 3.1/5
Overll Ratings 3.71 / 5 3.7/5
Star Ratings ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆

Compare Business Models of Sharekhan Franchise & Edelweiss Franchise

Business Models Sharekhan Franchise Edelweiss Franchise
Master Franchise S R
Sub Broker R R
Remisier S R
Referral Program S R

Sharekhan Franchise vs Edelweiss Franchise Security Deposit Comparison

Security Deposit Sharekhan Franchise Edelweiss Franchise
Master Franchise NA 5 Lakhs – 11 Lakhs
Sub Broker 70000 – 100000 Rs. 1 Lakh – 4 Lakhs
Remisier NA R
Referral Program NA R

Edelweiss Franchise vs Sharekhan Franchise Revenue Sharing Comparison

Revenue Sharing Sharekhan Franchise Edelweiss Franchise
Master Franchise NA 60% – 75%
Sub Broker 50% – 75% 55% – 70%
Remisier NA 0.3
Referral Program NA Gift Voucher

Edelweiss Sub Broker vs Sharekhan Sub Broker Infra Requirement

Infrastructure Requirement Sharekhan Franchise Edelweiss Franchise
Office Area Minimum 150 Sq Ft Minimum 200 Sq Ft
Employee Strength Minimum 3 Minimum 3
Research Services S R
Internet Connection R R
Trading Terminals R R
Telephone Lines R R

Compare Sharekhan Partner & Edelweiss Partner Offers

Offers Sharekhan Franchise Edelweiss Franchise
Zero Deposit S S
10k Initial Deposit S R
Flexible Revenue Sharing R R
Flat Revenue Sharing S S
Zero Revenue Sharing with Prepaid S S

Edelweiss Authorised Person vs Sharekhan Authorised Person Support

Support Sharekhan Franchise Edelweiss Franchise
Marketing Support R R
Back-Office Support R R
Trading Support R R
Advisory Support R R
Dealing Training S R
Acquisition Training S R
Product Training R R

Compare Brokerage Charges of Sharekhan Franchise & Edelweiss Franchise

Brokerage Charges to Clients Sharekhan Franchise Edelweiss Franchise
Equity Delivery 0.50% 0.20% – 0.60%
Equity Intraday 0.10% 0.03% – 0.05%
Equity Futures 0.10% 0.03% – 0.05%
Equity Options Rs.100 per Lot Rs.120 per Lot
Currency Futures 0.10% 0.03% – 0.05%
Currency Options Rs.30 per Lot Rs.30 per Lot
Commodity 0.10% NA

Sharekhan Partners & Edelweiss Partners Charges Comparison

Charges to Clients Sharekhan Franchise Edelweiss Franchise
Demat AMC Rs.300 per Annum Rs. 500
Trading AMC Zero Rs. 750
Account Opening Charges Zero Zero
Transaction Charges 0.00275% Zero
Margin Money Rs.5000 Rs.25,000

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