Espresso Sub Broker / Franchise / Partner Review

Espresso is an outlet of Sharekhan, a widely known full-service broking company. Espresso attained an impressive customer growth of over 97,000 within the first two years of its incorporation. The company offers exemplary and effortless services to its customers.

A big contribution made to this success is by the Espresso Partners. These partners work tirelessly for the growth of both themselves and the company.

Through these partners, Espresso is able to reach every part and every type of investor wondering in the market. The partners extend the products and services to these customers, and in return, they receive a share of the revenue from these customers.

Top Business Model Sub Broker
Revenue Sharing 50%-70%
Security Deposit Zero Deposit
Become Sub Broker in 30 Days
Receive Payout in 1 month
Founder R Kalyanaraman Iyer
Established Year 2021

Espresso Sub Broker

Espresso Limited Sub Broker Customer Ratings:

Espresso Franchise
Experience 3.10
Services 3.00
Products 3.20
Trading Platforms 3.10
Support 3.20
Revenue Sharing Model 3.10
Security Deposit 3.30
Offers 3.20
Market Share 3.50
Overall 3.17

Espresso has earned a high rating on most of the parameters, whether it is the client base, experience, market share, products & services, overall rating, etc. The entity is thriving to gain more and more attention from the public and rise in position.

The customers of Espresso are highly satisfied with the features, services, variety of products, and the lower and considerate brokerage charges on the trades.

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Types of Espresso Model Franchise

Franchise business has taken over the current era; most large-scale businesses believe that an effective means of outreaching out to the audience is through the people among them. This leads to the evolution of the franchise program. Whether a food chain, school, or the trading industry, the Franchise or Partner Program model can be evidenced everywhere.

Espresso has also designed its partner program for uninterrupted growth and prosperity to the business. Currently, you can evidence the following partner models with Espresso:

  • Espresso Partner Program
  • Espresso Referral Program

Espresso Partner Program: Interested in setting up your own business and accelerating the journey of an entrepreneur, Espresso partner program is your starting point. It comes with exciting features like:

  • High Earning opportunities
  • Lower investment requirements
  • Timely payments of revenue
  • Dedicated support system

Espresso Referral Program: This is an even simpler means to add some additional income to your regular income.

  • Zero investment requirement
  • No strict eligibility criteria
  • Easy earning source

Become a Sub Broker with Espresso Limited – Just fill up the form

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    Espresso Sub Broker or Espresso Partner & benefits

    Espresso is one of the entities that stay ahead with technological advancements and the most appealing offers for customers.

    The partners of this organization are also given optimistic opportunities to create wealth for themselves while contributing to Espresso’s growth and success.

    The Espresso Partner Program does not have a large amount of investment in the establishment of working space or maintaining delicate machines and equipment. The costs are low, but this program’s earning capacities are limitless.

    The partners offer features like ZERO brokerage on loss-making trades and easy account opening to their clients. They can retain a large number of existing clients by offering them a varied variety of products.

    Espresso Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

    Recognizing the efforts of a partner is foremost for Espresso, and hence they offer them a higher portion of the revenue from their clients.

    The revenue sharing between the partners and Espresso can range anywhere from 50:50 to 70:30. Here, the major portion remains with the partners as they take the investment risks and work on locating new clients for the entity.

    The revenue in the case of the referral program of Espresso is different from the partner program. The referrer gets to earn by referring to unique customers, and on the account opening, they earn Rs. 400.

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    Espresso Partner Program Fees or Cost

    The initial cost of the Espresso Partner Program is very low; you don’t have to set up much infrastructure for your business and can earn handsome income levels.

    This low-cost earning opportunity will bring you closer to your success goals in life. You can manage and maintain your operations from one place and don’t need to run through multiple places.

    Infrastructure Investment by Espresso Sub Brokers / Authorized Person

    The basic infrastructure requirements for starting an Espresso Franchise depend largely on the area you operate in and the kind of customers you serve.

    The company does not demand any mandatory security deposit, so your initial investment is in control to a large extent. Also, you do not require office space to carry your work as a Sub-Broker of Espresso.

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    Espresso Franchise Eligibility Criteria

    The espresso Partner Program can help you achieve all the success in your career, but first, you need to be eligible to become a partner.

    Though there are not many mandatory regulations related to the eligibility criteria, you shall comply with the ones given:

    1. The Espresso Partner applicants shall have attained the age of majority in India, i.e., 18 years.
    2. To possess the role of Sub-broker, the applicant will need registration with BSE or NSE as a sub-broker.
    3. Further, the Espresso Partner shall have a graduate degree from a recognized university. This graduate can be in any field.
    4. The candidate shall have knowledge of the stock market and the basic terms related to it.
    5. Additionally, any prior experience or qualification of the applicant will add more value to the application.

    Espresso Sub broker Offers

    Espresso – A Sharekhan company engaged in the stock broking business offers fascinating features to its Espresso Sub-Brokers so that they are all driven for the business and have ample prospects for earnings in the long run.

    They can participate through the Partner Program or the Referral program and make forward-looking earnings.

    They can:

    • Make High Earnings
    • Access research features
    • Offer multiple types of products and services

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    Documents required to become Espresso Partner

    The espresso Partner Program is a regulated form of business that gives you recognition as a sub-broker. It required compliance with some of the document requirements, which the aspiring partner shall understand and cooperate with.

    The partner will need to submit the following documents with Espresso:

    • Identity Proof – Aadhar Card, Driving License, PAN Card
    • Address Proof – Rent Agreement, Aadhar Card
    • Academic certificates
    • SEBI Registration Certificate
    • Experience Certificate

    Espresso Franchise Registration

    Now, what we will do is give you the step to step process of setting up and becoming an Espresso Authorized Person:

    The main form from where it all starts is given on the website itself. You provide them with very basic specifics like your Full Name, Email ID, and Mobile Number. Once you have entered these columns, Click on SUBMIT.

    Upon receiving the request, the Espresso team will call you and brief you about the program. The executive will open your trading account with Espresso and will help you set up your unique link for sharing.

    Once the link is created, you can start referring to your friends and start earning.

    Espresso Sub Broker Support / Advisory

    Taking on the role of an Espresso Sub-Broker is a big step. Something that can make this huge step easier is the support and assistance from the stock broking company.

    Espresso provides up top support to its partners from their setup to the regular operations.

    The partners can reach out to the dedicated relationship managers for operational confusion. They are there to ensure the smooth functioning of the partners.

    Earning the potential of a Espresso Partner / ROI

    The earnings of an Espresso Affiliate Partner are basically dependent on the number of clients they bring to the client map of Espresso. The larger the number, the higher the income of the partner.

    All the partner needs to do is Refer to their contacts, which can be their family members, friends, office colleagues, or any contact who is interested in starting investing and trading in a variety of securities.

    Further, the revenue sharing between Espresso and the partners is flexible, and it can rise on the partners’ end according to their growth in the number of clients. It can range anywhere between 30%-60%.

    How to become an Espresso Partner or Sub Broker?

    Becoming an Espresso Affiliate Partner is a piece of old tackles. Anyone with good financial knowledge and a strong contact base can start.

    The eligibility criteria are also effortless, and most importantly, this partner program does not bind you to an office space. You can comfortably work from anywhere at your comfort.

    You can directly apply for the Espresso Affiliate Program from the online portal in a few simple steps. The representative from Espresso will get in touch with you and elaborate on the entire process.

    Espresso Franchise – Pros & Cons

    The espresso Franchise is a potential journey toward success and continuous growth. But it is not necessary that every adventure suits every person.

    So, let’s go through the pros and cons of the Espresso Sub-broker program and examine if this is your niche:


    • Comprehensive business setup opportunity
    • Reputed brand backing
    • Lower investment requirement
    • No mandatory infrastructure
    • Passive income source


    • Newer bud in the industry
    • Fewer partner program options

    Why Partner with Espresso?

    Espresso started its operations not long ago, but as it emerged as a part of Sharekhan, it quickly gained popularity. The entity proffers sorted and unambiguous tools and products to the users.

    The company competes with some of the top online brokers whose operations majorly run on the web or through mobile apps.

    Espresso is a new-age stock broking company offering a variety of resources to invest and trade with customers. It lays out the following:

    • Amazing Offers
    • Offers marketing support
    • Convenient trading platform
    • Dedicated relationship managers

    Espresso Franchise Referral Program

    Espresso offers its customers to refer to their friends who are not using Espresso yet, and earn up to Rs. 400. The steps are pretty simple; if you are a customer of Espresso, you can participate in this referral program.

    You will share the link with your friends. The referee will have to open an account through the link.

    On successful account opening and making a trade whose brokerage is at least Rs. 20, the referrer gets Rs. 400 in the form of a reward.

    Brokerage Charges were levied on the clients of Espresso Partners

    Espresso Partners do not find it much difficult to find new clients as the tools, products, and low brokerage features are enough to attract new clients.

    In addition to that, Espresso also promises not to levy any brokerage on loss-making trades. This means that the traders are only liable to pay brokerage when they make profits from their trades.

    Furthermore, Espresso charges Rs. ZERO on Delivery Trades. So, it’s a happy trading for many niche traders and investors who largely put their stakes on delivery or long-term holding investments.

    Espresso Authorised Person – Products Offered

    Espresso has created a large product portfolio so that it has something to offer to each of its clients. Whether you are looking for long-term investments or day trades, you will find the right match here. The products of Espresso include:

    • Commodity
    • Currency
    • Equity
    • Mutual Fund
    • Banking
    • Options
    • Futures
    • Forex
    • SIP

    Espresso Franchise Conclusion

    Espresso Sub-Broker Program is an all-rounder; whether it is the easy setup, attractive revenues, support, tools, etc., it has a lot to offer to the partners.

    The partners can potentially earn high with this Affiliate plan. The entity has many offerings for the end customers and comes with a variety of helpful tools and services.

    The onboarding process of the entity is also very accommodating. Anyone with very few skills and eligibility parameters can engage in this partner program. Espresso extends its utmost help and support to the partner for their constant growth.

    Espresso Sub Broker or Partner Program FAQs

    The most frequently asked question by interested individuals are listed below:

    What are the partner programs of Espresso?

    An aspiring individual can become a partner of Espresso in two forms:

    • By becoming an Espresso Affiliate Partner
    • By participating in Espresso Referral Program

    In both these cases, you need to be a customer of Espresso and have a trading account with the entity.

    What is the revenue sharing for Espresso Sub-Brokers?

    As an Espresso Sub-Broker, the partners get to earn through referring unique clients to the entity. Espresso will help these clients open accounts and start trading. On the successful account opening, partners become eligible for revenue. The revenue sharing can be 30 to 60 percent.

    What are the features of the trading platforms of Espresso Partners?

    Espresso has multiple trading platforms which customers can easily access and take advantage of the offerings. These platforms come with features like:

    • Synchronized Watchlist
    • Dynamic Alert Tool
    • Scanners
    • Quick and easy order placement
    • Quality Charts
    • Free Tools

    What are the benefits of the Espresso Partner Program?

    As an Espresso Partner, you are exposed to a variety of beneficial elements. The partner program was instituted to supplement Espresso’s growth and spread the organization’s operations in diverse states and cities of India. Espresso is attaining its objective with the help of its partners.

    The Espresso Partners receive a credible share of the revenue generated through their referrals.

    What are the products offered by the Espresso Sub-Brokers?

    Espresso partners help their clients be in the position of the latest security offerings in the market and extend the tools of Espresso to them, which includes:

    • Equity
    • Mutual Fund
    • Currency
    • Commodity
    • SIP
    • Banking
    • Options
    • Futures
    • Forex

    What is Espresso Partner Program?

    Espresso is a modern and fully equipped financial service company competing with some top online brokers. The emergence of this entity helped Sharekhan to erupt into a new dimension and cater to the dynamic investors of today’s times.

    But Espresso, too, cannot achieve it all alone, so it started its partner program and delegates some of its operations to the partners. The partners operate from different parts of the country, and they come along with the company to be a part of Espresso and make growth in their careers.

    What are the support and assistance provided to Espresso Sub-broker?

    Espresso offers assistance to the partners from the start in their setup and their day-to-day operations too.

    The relationship managers assist the partners in understanding their role and their work. Further, they also support their regular operations.

    What are the features and tools offered to customers by Espresso partners?

    Espresso partners can impart services like Watchlists, Options Chains, Order report, Order Placement, Detail quotes, Price alerts, and so on to the customers through the various trading platforms designed by Espresso.

    What are the trading platforms of Espresso?

    Traders and investors can place their trades and keep their Watchlist in one place from the various trading platforms of Espresso, namely –

    • Mobile App – Espresso
    • Website –
    • Trading Platform for Desktops – Binge

    What are the steps for Espresso Partner Program?

    Becoming an Espresso Partner is a very simple process that starts as-

    Step 1 – Enter your details in the website form

    Step 2 – The espresso Representative will get in touch with you to discuss this briefly

    Step 3 – Open a Trading account and create a unique link

    Step 4 – Share the link with friends and earn

    Start your business with Espresso Sub Broker – Just Fill up the form

      Become a Sub Broker
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