4A Securities Sub Broker / Franchise / Authorised Person / Partner Review

The addition to the full-time stock brokers is 4A Securities which has managed to cater its network of 4A Securities Sub Brokers, to execute business strategies, across the country. With a decade of experience in servicing clients with all kinds of financial solutions, the company can definitely be a consideration for its 4A Securities Franchise program.

Top Business Model Sub Broker
Revenue Sharing 55% – 75%
Security Deposit Rs.100,000 – Rs.300,000
Become Sub Broker in 14 Days
Receive Payout in 31 Days
Founder Kundan Menda
Established Year 2008

Trying to keep up with the pace of competition which dwells in the industry, 4A Securities has contributed a lot and has now held up a position for itself. There is a wide range of information about the company we tried to figure out, and have included it in this article. You will basically find all about the program here.

Franchise Review

4A Securities Franchise – Customer Ratings

We have enclosed the rating granted to the 4A Securities Sub Broker, in the below-mentioned table.

Customer Ratings
Experience 3.1/5
Services 2.9/5
Products 3.0/5
Trading Platforms 3.2/5
Support 3.1/5
Revenue Sharing Model 3.5/5
Security Deposit 3.3/5
Offers 2.5/5
Market Share 2.0/5
Overall Ratings 2.9/5
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

Eyeing upon the overall rating for the first thing, 2.9 is a good average and worthy of consideration. For the next thing, let us stick to the best aspect of the company, with a rating of 3.1. Customers are so very much in love with the experience and support the company provides.

As far as the best rating from the sub-brokers goes into consideration, they absolutely love the revenue share model and the security deposit demanded from them. It is because each of the aspects has a rating of 3.5 stars and 3.3 stars, the highest and the second highest rating. Think, worth giving a shot now?

Overview of 4A Securities Franchise / Sub Broker

Know about the company, before you think of the 4A Securities Franchise, for a clear concept.

4A Securities Overview
Company Type Public
Broker type Full Service Broker
Headquarters New Delhi
Founder Kundan Menda
Established Year 2008
SB Code Activation Time 14 Days
Payout Time 31 Days

Competition is real, and it prevails everywhere. So does it in a franchise or sub broker program? To form partnerships with the top tier companies you need insights on the same. 4A Securities was founded by Kundan Menda, well-developed and functional which now is a Public established company.

Sub-brokers and partners are great contributors to the company, which has been a part of the full-service broker market, since 2008. Speaking of the SB Code Activation Time, it can be done in 14 days for this company, while it grants a payout time of 31 days.

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    4A Securities Sub Broker – Business Models

    Do you plan at getting associated with 4A Securities, here are the business options you can go for.

    Business Models
    Master Franchise No
    Sub Broker Yes
    Remisier No
    Referral Program No

    Stock broking houses usually let individual persons and also entities opt for a business plan and become their franchisees. 4A Securities Business Model comprises only a single option, which is of Sub Broker. No other programs or business models are offered by the company.

    4A Securities Sub Broker / Authorised Person Model

    Any corporate or entity can get associated with the company and choose to become its sub broker. The company very well carries out the program, where the business entities are meant to form their own client base and sell the broker house, i.e. the franchiser’s products and services.

    A pact can be formed after careful evaluation of a certain set of criteria, and the pact will be approved after a certain deposit is done with the franchiser. The support services provision of the company is further discussed.

    4A Securities Sub broker Commission / Revenue Sharing

    Commission being ruled out because of no authorized person-related business model, here is the 4A Securities Revenue Sharing.

    Revenue Sharing
    Master Franchise NA
    Sub Broker 55% – 75%
    Remisier NA
    Referral Program NA

    A rigid percentage scheme is not followed by the company as 4A Securities Revenue Sharing Models. However, the price ranges between 55% to 75%. The subject to change depends upon the agreement or the amount of deposit that is kept with the franchiser.

    The minimum earning possible for a firm that undertakes the company’s sub broking activities is 55%. The maximum percentage of profit provided for consumption is 75%.

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    4A Securities Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

    Security deposits are the norms of forming a sub brokership, here is the insight on the 4A Securities Franchise Cost.

    Security Deposit
    Master Franchise NA
    Sub Broker Rs.100,000 – Rs.300,000
    Remisier NA
    Referral Program NA

    In order to become a stockbroker with the company, an entity has to deposit somewhere near Rs.100,000 – Rs.300,000 to the franchiser. This change in the deposited amount is a result of the agreement formed. The contract formed thereafter also results in the profit-sharing percentage.

    With the only availability of the sub-broker model, that is all one needs to know about.

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    4A Securities Partner Infrastructure Requirement

    The wide extension of business activities has infrastructure and manpower requirements. Refer to the table to know about the 4A Securities Partner Infrastructure Requirement criteria.

    Infrastructure Requirement
    Office Area Minimum 300 Sq Ft
    Employee Strength Minimum 5
    Research Services No
    Internet Connection Yes
    Trading Terminals Yes
    Telephone Lines Yes

    4A Securities finds a partner who can fulfill the following requirement.

    • The first and foremost requirement is an office is a requirement of Minimum 300 Sq Ft, while the second requirement is a manpower strength of a Minimum of 5.
    • Apart from the major infrastructure requirements, there is no fixed criterion for providing the research services to the clients by the sub broker.
    • Among the secondary requirement, sub-brokers need to have a good working plan for internet connection and telephone lines.

    4A Securities Sub Broker Offers

    The Offers provided to the 4A Securities Sub Broker are as per the table given below:

    Zero Deposit No
    10k Initial Deposit Yes
    Flexible Revenue Sharing Yes
    Flat Revenue Sharing No
    Zero Revenue Sharing with Prepaid No

    Offers to be enjoyed by the sub brokers are not limited to one set, and here are the same:

    • 4A Securities allows the sub-brokers to start with a minimum initial deposit of Rs.10,000.
    • Rigid revenue-sharing models are not the norm, as the company provides a range of flexibility in percentage, as discussed before.

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    4A Securities Franchise Support

    Support provided by the franchiser allows businesses to boost and there are a lot of options provided as 4A Securities Franchise Support.

    Marketing Support Yes
    Back-Office Support Yes
    Trading Support Yes
    Advisory Support No
    Dealing Training Yes
    Acquisition Training No
    Product Training Yes

    Almost all the perks are granted to the sub brokers, apart from a couple of them. Being barred from advisory support and Acquisition training, the sub-brokers are entitled to a diverse set of benefits, in the form of Franchise support. This is to give the business a push to ace it in the market.

    It is a yes for marketing, back office, and trading support. The company looks after its sub-brokers helping them through the process. In an attempt to take the company and its products forward, it also provides dealing training where the member of the sub broker team is trained on the rightful ways of dealing with the clients. Product training is the final support provided.

    4A Securities Authorised Person – Brokerage Charges to Clients

    A list of brokerage charges the clients will owe to the sub-brokers are displayed below, i.e. the 4A Securities Brokerage charges.

    Brokerage Charges to Clients
    Equity Delivery 0.20%
    Equity Intraday 0.02%
    Equity Futures 0.02%
    Equity Options Rs.20 per Lot
    Currency Futures 0.02%
    Currency Options Rs.20 per Lot
    Commodity 0.02%

    The brokerage plans of the various asset classes provided by the company are as follows.

    • Four of the asset classes have the same brokerage fee, which is 02%, and the asset classes are Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Currency Futures, and Commodity.
    • On the other end, the Equity delivery has a designated fee of 0.20%.
    • A final couple of asset classes, i.e. the Equity Options, and Currency Options have the same brokerage fee, which is Rs.20 per Lot.

    4A Securities Partner – Account Opening Charges to Clients

    Find the list of charges the clients of the sub-brokers need to incur in the form of 4A Securities Account Opening Charges.

    Account Opening Charges to Clients
    Demat AMC Percentage of Transaction
    Trading AMC Rs.300 per Annum
    Account Opening Charges Rs.200
    Transaction Charges 0.00315%
    Margin Money Minimum Rs.10,000

    Starting with the account opening charges, the clients need to pay a small amount of fee, a one-time payment of Rs.200. this amount will be enough to provide the clients with an account with the company. Demat AMC is based on the percentage of transactions and is subject to differ.

    Likewise, the AMC for the trading account is fixed at Rs.300 per Annum. Margin maintenance is a norm followed as well, and some of the companies provide relaxation, 4A Securities stuck up to a Minimum of Rs.10,000. Also, the transaction charge to be levied is 0.00315%.

    Benefits of 4A Securities Partner Program

    Benefits tagged with 4A Securities Partner Program are not meant only for the customers but for also the sub-brokers.

    • Brokerage plans are kept at a minimal and low end, which is beneficial for the customers and the investors.
    • The revenue-sharing model which offers a pretty good range of choices for the sub-brokers, is commendable as a favorable pact can be formed.
    • The system of support provided to the sub-broker is great, in terms of where no sub-broker will be left alone to deal with the issues.
    • A low account opening charge is attractive as well, which would encourage people to invest with the sub brokers.

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