ALB Stock Broking Sub Broker / Franchise / Authorised Person / Partner Review

Renowned and celebrated stock broking house, ALB Stock Broking provides a house full of diverse financial solutions, including the ALB Stock Broking Franchise. One stop shop of the financial solutions is provided by this stock broking house, through its network of ALB Stock Broking Sub Broker

Top Business Model Sub Broker
Revenue Sharing 50% – 75%
Security Deposit Rs.50,000 – Rs.200,000
Become Sub Broker in 21 Days
Receive Payout in 31 Days
Founder Ashik Jagjivandas Patel
Established Year 2009

The franchise is a worthy investment option, and this company has the sub-broker model as its best model. Every minute and statistical detail of this company is featured in a clear and precise pattern here. Client’s charges are as well included, toward the end of the article.

Franchise Review

ALB Stock Broking Franchise – Customer Ratings

Rating from all the customers and stock brokers provides a useful phenomenon of quality measurement. Customer ratings are for sure included, but you will as well find the ALB Stock Broking Sub Broker rating, probably featured in the top few rows.

Customer Ratings
Experience 2.5/5
Services 2.6/5
Products 2.7/5
Trading Platforms 2.3/5
Support 2.4/5
Revenue Sharing Model 2.5/5
Security Deposit 2.5/5
Offers 2.6/5
Market Share 2.3/5
Overall Ratings 2.5/5
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

Assurance of high-quality products can be extracted from the table, as it has 2.7-star rating. ALB Stock Broking Customer Rating overall rating is 2.5, somehow average in a lot of terms.

Overview of ALB Stock Broking Franchise / Sub Broker

Sighting the overview of the company, this is a privately owned stock broking house, which was set up on the year 2009. ALB Stock Broking Franchise models of this company have been in the market for a while, and they have created a ground for stabilized networking.

ALB Stock Broking Overview
Company Type Private
Broker type Full Service Broker
Headquarters Ahmedabad
Founder Ashik Jagjivandas Patel
Established Year 2009
SB Code Activation Time 21 Days
Payout Time 31 Days

Sub brokers however have to go through a time frame of 21 days as the Sub Broker Code Activation Time. After the code is received, the next Payout Time is expected to be 31 days. Almost all the financial solutions are provided at the company’s doorstep, as it is a full-service broker, headquartered at Ahmedabad.

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    ALB Stock Broking Sub Broker – Business Models

    Notably, there are two business models provided by the company, and both of them offer a lot of active participation and returns. One of the models is meant for business-oriented people, while the other model is for clients.

    Business Models
    Master Franchise No
    Sub Broker Yes
    Remisier No
    Referral Program Yes

    The best offering, this stock broking house could make is the ALB Stock Broking Sub Broker Business Model. The referral model is great as well, in its own terms.

    ALB Stock Broking Sub Broker / Authorised Person Model

    Getting started with this model is a benefit for entities, which are looking for a franchise program to invest in. Dealership rights of the company will be delegated to the sub broker, who they can trade under the trademark of the franchiser. Revenue for them will be a higher portion of the business they show.

    ALB Stock Broking Referral Program Model

    This program can be commonly opted for by any other account holder of the company. They will only have to refer the people they know, who are interested to get associated with the company, and also trading. Each successful conversion will be paid for.

    ALB Stock Broking Sub broker Commission / Revenue Sharing

    Revenue made from the business services rendered by the sub brokers is subject to division among both the franchiser and the franchisee. ALB Stock Broking Franchise Revenue Sharing Model determined the share in which the profits shall be divided.

    Revenue Sharing
    Master Franchise NA
    Sub Broker 50% – 75%
    Remisier NA
    Referral Program 10%

    Work and business done by the sub-brokers are excessive in caparison with the referral program. Therefore, they are as well entitled to a greater share in the revenue, i.e. between the percentage 50% – 75%. For the referral program, the percentage is rather fixed at 10%.

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    ALB Stock Broking Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

    The ALB Stock Broking Franchise Cost is the security deposit, which goes to the franchiser, as a part of the agreement thereby formed. Such a deposit is necessary to make, as the name signifies itself, which is pointed toward security.

    Security Deposit
    Master Franchise NA
    Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.200,000
    Remisier NA
    Referral Program Zero

    From the referral program side, no amount as a security deposit is required. Sub brokers, who are the franchisee of the deal, have to contribute around Rs.50,000 – Rs.200,000. The lesser amount contributors will be signed with a lesser share in revenue and vice versa.

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    ALB Stock Broking Partner Infrastructure Requirement

    Any business establishment requires a certain kind of investment, apart from the capital contribution. The first of requirement here is the ALB Stock Broking Infrastructure Requirement, followed by a couple of other requirements as demanded by the company.

    Infrastructure Requirement
    Office Area Minimum 100 Sq Ft
    Employee Strength Not Mandatory
    Research Services Yes
    Internet Connection Yes
    Trading Terminals Yes
    Telephone Lines No

    Though the employee strength has not been put up as mandatory, there is an infrastructure requirement of a Minimum of 100 Sq Ft. There are additional three requirements, and should one fulfill them, will be termed applicable to apply for the sub brokership. They are research services, internet connection, and trading terminals.

    ALB Stock Broking Sub Broker Offers

    Mark up a few of the ALB Stock Broking Sub Broker Offers you will be provided to avail for. The company counts on you and hence, it provides three offers that can be used as per the business model you opt for.

    Zero Deposit Yes
    10k Initial Deposit Yes
    Flexible Revenue Sharing Yes
    Flat Revenue Sharing No
    Zero Revenue Sharing with Prepaid No

    The first offer i.e. of zero deposit is directed towards the referral program availed individuals, who are not required to invest any money into the stock broking house. Other offers sub brokers can count on our 10k initial deposit and also flexible revenue-sharing model.

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    ALB Stock Broking Franchise Support

    Keeping the sub-brokers supported at different intervals, especially the time when the contract is formed. ALB Stock Broking Franchise Support ensures the same and provides support in its own way, for a number of categories.

    Marketing Support No
    Back-Office Support Yes
    Trading Support No
    Advisory Support Yes
    Dealing Training Yes
    Acquisition Training No
    Product Training No

    Three kinds of support can be expected from this company and they are back office for the first thing and then advisory support. The company ensures to provide dealing support as well to make the sub-brokers accustomed to the rightful ways of customer dealing.

    ALB Stock Broking Authorised Person – Brokerage Charges to Clients

    Starting with the most availed financial instrument; the Equity Delivery has an ALB Stock Broking Brokerage Charges of 0.15%. Other charges are as well featured in the below-mentioned table. Opt for one or more than one asset class and you will have to pay charges on all of them individually.

    Brokerage Charges to Clients
    Equity Delivery 0.15%
    Equity Intraday 0.02%
    Equity Futures 0.02%
    Equity Options Rs.15 per Lot
    Currency Futures 0.02%
    Currency Options Rs.10 per Lot
    Commodity 0.02%

    Brokerage charges have been designed to be lowered by the company. As you can see there are four financial instruments that have the same charges of 0.02%, and they are Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Currency Futures, and Commodity. Finally, the Equity Options charge is Rs.15 per Lot and the Currency Options Charge is Rs.10 per Lot.

    ALB Stock Broking Partner – Account Opening Charges to Clients

    Clients, irrespective of the stock broking house they choose to go for, have to pay an account opening charge, for availing of their services. Paying an amount is constant; however, the charges are not constant for all the companies out there. So, here are the ALB Stock Broking Account Opening Charges.

    Account Opening Charges to Clients
    Demat AMC Percentage of Transaction
    Trading AMC Rs.250 per Annum
    Account Opening Charges Rs.330
    Transaction Charges 0.00325%
    Margin Money Minimum Rs.10,000

    The first expense to be borne for availing an account is the opening charges i.e. of Rs.330. The next charges which come into the scenario are the AMC, the Percentage of Transaction for the demat account, and Rs.250 per Annum for the trading account. Additionally, a transaction charge of 0.00325%, is as well levied.

    Benefits of ALB Stock Broking Partner Program

    Everyone counts on the benefits provided by the concerned thing, and a similar kind of fashion is observed in the behavior of this company’s clients and also the sub brokers.

    • Worth mentioned phenomenon for the clients, in the extremely low brokerage charges which are applicable to all the asset classes provided by the company.
    • Clients are also provided with the referral program option, where they can make some additional money.
    • Offers and support provided by the company are phenomenal and a great option to prosper for all the stock brokers out there.
    • The revenue model set for the sub-broker is flexible and this is the perk, where the sub-brokers can make money according to their own wishes and capacity.Sub Broker Offers

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