Allwin Securities Sub Broker / Franchise / Authorised Person / Partner Review

Work pattern involved in the Allwin Securities Sub Broker chain of business, is admirable. The introduction of the Allwin Securities Franchise has been a game changer for this organization, and it has headed into the growth pattern where expansion and development has been highly witnessed.

Top Business ModelSub Broker
Revenue Sharing50% – 80%
Security DepositRs.50,000 – Rs.150,000
Become Sub Broker in31 Days
Receive Payout in33 Days
FounderPawankumar Mallawat Nathmal
Established Year1995

This article is a call out for all the people who wish to get associated with this company in a way or two. Either a client, or as a sub broker, the company provides it all and this article will fetch you the information for effective implementation of the same.

Sub Broker Offers

Allwin Securities Franchise – Customer Ratings

Peeking into the customer review for the Allwin Securities Sub Broker and the services and products rendered, is always a great plan. Unpredictable become predictable here, and a likewise course of action can be taken on various measure.

Customer Ratings
Trading Platforms2.3/5
Revenue Sharing Model2.5/5
Security Deposit2.5/5
Market Share2.3/5
Overall Ratings2.5/5
Star Ratings★★★☆☆

Let us round up all the Allwin Securities Customer Rating collectively, in order to determine how well the company is performing on an overall basis. The overall rating is of 2.5 star, well enough to be termed as a well performing company, which falls in the average category.

Overview of Allwin Securities Franchise / Sub Broker

Immense appreciation goes out for the company, which constructed an exceedingly effective model. Particularly, the sub broker model, which has witnessed a tremendous growth in recent times and is very much in demand. Allwin Securities Franchise is a part of this public stock broking company.

Allwin Securities Overview
Company TypePublic
Broker typeFull Service Broker
FounderPawankumar Mallawat Nathmal
Established Year1995
SB Code Activation Time31 Days
Payout Time33 Days

1995 was the year when this stock broking house had been set up as a full service broker. The plan of the firm goes out with a Sub Broker Code Activation Time of 31 days, followed by the Payout Time of 33 days. It was set up by Pawankumar Mallawat Nathmal, and the headquarters is located at Mumbai.

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    Allwin Securities Sub Broker – Business Models

    Expansion often comes at a cost, where customized and a more relative services rendering becomes difficult. This is exactly why stock broking companies start with the business models for franchise. Allwin Securities reportedly provides two models.

    Business Models
    Master FranchiseNo
    Sub BrokerYes
    Referral ProgramYes

    Of the two models, the most sought after is the Allwin Securities Sub Broker Business Model, whereas the referral program is as well a pretty great option.

    Allwin Securities Sub Broker / Authorised Person Model

    Sub brokers will have to take care of the stock broking house’s transactions and operations. They will have to basically increase the franchiser’s operations and sales. A percentage of share in revenue is agreed upon based on which the sub brokers earn their revenue.

    Allwin Securities Referral Program Model

    This can be opted for by anyone, who are the existing clients of the company, or wish to be the future clients. Apply for an account with the company, set up for the program, and then refer people you know to the company. Refers who successfully transform into the company’s clients will be paid for.

    Allwin Securities Sub broker Commission / Revenue Sharing

    Fine construction of the Allwin Securities Franchise Revenue Sharing Model has been done and the good part is that it ranges. So, a sub broker can go for a significantly higher share in the business undertaken by him/her. But there are some criteria’s which need to be fulfilled successfully.

    Revenue Sharing
    Master FranchiseNA
    Sub Broker50% – 80%
    Referral ProgramRs.1000 per Refer

    Before we go on with the criteria’s to be fulfil, which would grant the higher revenue share, let us check what the percentage actually is. The least, but assured amount percentage of profit one can make in sub brokership ranges in between 50% – 80%.

    As for the referral program, the reward, or the revenue is rather fixed. Expect a share of Rs.1000 based on per refer which is made.

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    Allwin Securities Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

    Without a contribution of security deposit, as in the Allwin Securities Franchise Cost, no contract is general formed. So, Allwin Securities as well has a security deposit requirement, which also is the determinant of the revenue sharing percentage of the sub broker.

    Security Deposit
    Master FranchiseNA
    Sub BrokerRs.50,000 – Rs.150,000
    Referral ProgramZero

    The enclosed bracket of amount, in between which the contribution of security deposit has to be made is Rs.50,000 – Rs.150,000. The least amount can be contributed, but so will the percentage in revenue be reduced. If the higher enclosed figure of deposit is made, the higher revenue percentage can be availed for.

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    Allwin Securities Partner Infrastructure Requirement

    Operations are well conducted and watched over, if the Allwin Securities Infrastructure Requirement is fulfilled, however, this is common for all the stock broking firms. Some of the stock broking firms term it as compulsory, while the other fewer ones provide an exception.

    Infrastructure Requirement
    Office AreaNot Mandatory
    Employee StrengthMinimum 1
    Research ServicesYes
    Internet ConnectionNo
    Trading TerminalsYes
    Telephone LinesYes

    So, as for Allwin Securities it is an exception, where the office area requirement is termed as not mandatory. Given this, there is a requirement of employee strength of 1 is applicable. Other applicable requirements or the criteria’s to be met are research services, trading terminals and telephone lines.

    Allwin Securities Sub Broker Offers

    Allwin Securities Sub Broker Offers line up is great and is another reason why individuals and entities can invest with this stock broking house.

    Zero DepositYes
    10k Initial DepositNo
    Flexible Revenue SharingYes
    Flat Revenue SharingNo
    Zero Revenue Sharing with PrepaidYes

    Offers provided by this stock broking house are three in number and they are zero deposit, flexible revenue sharing and also zero revenue sharing with prepaid. The offer and terms are mentioned by the company in advance, and so you will be able to signify how the offers would help you out.

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    Allwin Securities Franchise Support

    You might be expecting some kind of help from the franchiser while availing for the business models. It is facilitated by the house through the Allwin Securities Franchise Support services. There are a number of services which are provided by this stock broking house.

    Marketing SupportYes
    Back-Office SupportYes
    Trading SupportYes
    Advisory SupportNo
    Dealing TrainingYes
    Acquisition TrainingNo
    Product TrainingNo

    Keep up with the pace of the market competition as the stock broking house provides four kinds of support services. The first few services are marketing support, back office support, trading support. The company also provides dealing training where customer handling is taught.

    Allwin Securities Authorised Person – Brokerage Charges to Clients

    You may by expecting all diverse kind of charges, or on the contrary same range of charges for all the asset classes. However, they strongly, differ based on the nature of the particular asset class. Here are the Allwin Securities Brokerage Charges.

    Brokerage Charges to Clients
    Equity Delivery0.15%
    Equity Intraday0.02%
    Equity Futures0.02%
    Equity OptionsRs.15 per Lot
    Currency Futures0.02%
    Currency OptionsRs.10 per Lot

    The four asset classes which have the same brokerage charges are Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Currency Futures and also commodity with 0.02% charge. Next lot is the equity options and currency options, which have charges of Rs.15 per Lot and Rs.10 per Lot. Final is the Equity Delivery, having a charge of 0.15%.

    Allwin Securities Partner – Account Opening Charges to Clients

    Getting an account is nowadays quite feasible as it can also be done online. What stays constant is the Allwin Securities Account Opening Charges which have to be paid at the time of account opening. They amount to a mere sum of Rs.229.

    Account Opening Charges to Clients
    Demat AMCPercentage of Transaction
    Trading AMCRs.259 per Annum
    Account Opening ChargesRs.229
    Transaction Charges0.00317%
    Margin MoneyMinimum Rs.1,000

    Excluding the opening charges, there are host of other charges to be paid, and they include the AMC for demat of Percentage of Transaction and trading of Rs.259 per Annum. Account margin to be maintained is Rs.1,000 always and the transaction charges to be paid are at 0.00317%.

    Benefits of Allwin Securities Partner Program

    Accountable firms, which aim at being customers centric, provide ample of benefits for the clients. In this case, the company also is determined to provide benefits to the sub brokers:

    • The brokerage charges to be paid by the customers are quite low and thus, deducting on the total expenses.
    • One such remarkable benefit provided to the customers of the company is the low margin requirements. There is no valid burden of high amount maintenance for the clients here.
    • Taking on the benefits provided to the sub brokers, their revenue sharing models is go flexible, that the sub brokers can avail for the percentage they want to.
    • Finally a bouquet of support services and training is rendered to the sub brokers of the company, so the execution of quality services is efficiently endorsed too.

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